Jake Clifford


Gavin Hanrahan
I believe halfbacks can play on both sides well when needed, and they should.
As long as he plays well for us and takes the opportunity when it comes. Like if your a half and see a chance for a 40/20 on the right are you going to stay on the left??
Yeah and that’s what Clifford will have to do given how busy Mitch & KP are, how much they roam around. The games where Clifford has been given a bit more license to get on the ball, he’s played better in my opinion. Under Payten so far he’s barely touched the ball 30 times a game and the whole spine seems handcuffed by this very slow, rigid structure. There’s players who thrive in a very simple role, playing within specific parameters, and I don’t think Jake is one of them.


Gavin Hanrahan
I guess it helps people sleep at night to pretend there is competition between the highly paid import and the good ole local boy on a pie and coke deal (or no deal at all in Crossland's case).

But the reality is when the club decides to offer someone like Watson or Clifford good money to come to Newcastle it's with a firm plan in mind, and unless Clifford's leg falls off over summer he'll be starting in the halves with Pearce in Round 1 2022 (or hopefully this year in the finals).
The real question is if he turns out like Watson who had his shot but wasn't up to it.

Been said a few times now but that long term planning is fairly obvious to me, in that they want a Brailey/Clifford/KP/Hodgson spine up and running for 2023. They will be 27/25/25/22 in 2023, so many years ahead to play together.
I think you’re right on where the club wants to go. I wouldn’t rule out Hoy, Sasagi or even Watson demanding that 6 jumper instead, but fortunately those three have other positions they can play if it doesn’t work out. Also as we’ve seen with the Laurie/Momorovski swap, if Tex, Simi etc get good enough to start in first grade at another team, but not good enough to break in over our first choice players, you can get yourself some very handy players back in exchange when the time becomes right for them to pursue an opportunity elsewhere.
Yep, I think @HarVeeGee13 actually signed up before Lord's departure, but I didn't realise there was a huge list of new members waiting to be approved, so it predated Lord's sad demise. 😄

How long left now btw? He hasn't missed any epic Knights wins, that's for sure.
We’ve lost since Lord went on holiday!! Literally he’s been gone two weeks and we’ve lost both! Come back early @Lord of the Skraelings !!