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  • hey mate in your opinon what is a 'thread' ...something reported in the media or can someone post a thread based on opinon or a question...cheers
    James, how come when you go into a thread now it has "Thread viewed" and you have to read posts singularly? Can you change it or no?
    Hey I know it's a bit early but is there any thoughts of getting a super coach thread started soon given there's just over a month until it opens?
    hey mate, yeah just have way way too much stuff lol, yeah actually i started the hobby with nrl cards back in the day 90-95, wasnt really serious with them then tho, i restarted collecting them when select came back in 2000 i think it was, i still have full base sets from 2000-2004 but then they really started targetting kids and its just crap.

    Ive collected nba since 96 and helps that i love bball. yeah some of the autos and patchs are unreal but unfortunately unlike a few years ago theres only 1 manufactuer (panini) and there starting to go the way of select, that sucks.... i definately recommend joining the nba circle if your thinking about it, theres some great blokes in there with awsome collections, let me know if ya wanna joing ill help get ya going ;)
    About the userame change. idk if it is a bit late, I only just realised about the message on my profile about changing my username. I would like it to be 'Joel'. If you can't its all good tho! Your right with the fact it does get a bit confusing with all the Newcastle and Knights words in the usernames.
    Hey not to be rude or anything, but i have no idea what that visitor message you gave me was about haha! Sorry.
    hey james how are you mate, good work on the forum upgrade i like it alot wasnt to keen on it at first but when you added the colour it made it great.

    James i was looking at a thread i think it was favorate knights games and heaps of people were saying that the 97 gf qualifyer against norths was a great game and id love to see it , so i was wondering if you know of anywere that streams the older games or were i could buy it or any info i thought you'd be the right man to ask

    cheers mate
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