Jake Clifford


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
They'd be crazy to keep him if they can find literally anyone else who deserves a top 30 spot.
You need half hearted squad members like a hole in the head.


Jason Temu
Good work by the Knights, another poor piece of retention by the Cows

In fairness, we’ve made plenty of blunders over the years as well. Turned our noses up at Inglis and Latrell I believe, then we’ve let Tapine, Hudson Young, Starling, TPJ slip away. Cordner and Josh Jackson too (who have been fading off of late though). Point is, I think all clubs have their good and bad decisions. Except the Tigers and Dragons. They only make poor decisions lol.

Lord of the Skraelings

Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
Valentine Holmes? Josh Maguire? You know just the regular QLD and Australian reps.

LOL Holmes is an embarrassment compared to what he used to be and Maguire has been dropped.

Can't wait to see Morgan wheeled out for his 2-3 games before out for the year again.

And Lolo is starting to get a steady run of niggles as well.