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  • Hmm, I don't think age is that good a way to do it, but yeah, I can't think of any other way.

    Oh btw, I can't seem to go to my user cp at all. It goes to an error page.
    Difficult in what way? As in setting up the sub-forum itself, or differentiating between people? Could have the initial group, and then people can get in on the rep points?
    Should have a forum where the older members of the forum (the ones that doesn't whinge about players constantly) can go to talk about the game. The bagging of players are starting to really annoy me.
    furthermore is there anyway we can install a shoutbox as temporary? I'm happy to follow instructions to install. We need one before the upgrade!

    spoiler tags??? :p ps I tried to look how to install them but the code is on that vbulletin site and requires the paid persons info. So I had no idea...
    James sent you $13.22 via paypal receipt # 4yf34990kh898303e , I will send you some more in the next week or so , thats all I had in my paypal acc and I can't trasfer from my new account
    Hey man, any chance you could point me in the direction of the picture of Wes with no eyebrows ?
    Have you voted in the MS awards? If not, any chance you can? Need a few more votes to make the results more clear.
    Hey James, nothing too important or anything but any chance, you can change the whole counter thing to have Centrebet Stadium rather than CUA?
    Oh ok then. Thats fair enough. He is pretty gun. I am actually surprised he is going around again, I was expecting to see him announce his retirement. Hope he finishes his career off strongly.
    :lol: just out of interest what is with your obsession with him? Is it his hair :tongue:?

    Mad Dog it is.
    Hey James. I was just wondering if you would like the main award for the Draft in your name. It would be something along the lines of the James Gould Medal, it is basically just the award for the best overall team and goes to the actual user rather than the user's draft sides name.
    If you aren't interested, I was just name it after some footballer that deserves his own award such as Darren Lockyer, Peter Sterling or even Andrew Johns.
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