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  • Just checking this one. Seeing as the rules have been made clear, I was just wondering what your thoughts were on GG10? So far GG hasn't been on the 2nd and he has been consistently not on for a few days and then he comes on and makes his pick, do you think it is alright to just give him an instant skip until he comes online? He is probably the only user I believe is consistent enough at getting on a few days later.
    Do you think it is fair that I just have my pick while we wait for Mozza? Doubting very much I will be taking anyone he is after.
    Just checking, do you have ZedFooted's next pick? If you don't, if he back like tomorrow? If not, might just have to skip him.
    Hey James, you seem to be a little bit of a Jimmy Mac fan haha, just out of complete curiosity though, i was wondering who do you rate more out of him & Mad Dog? :think:
    Hey James, I was just wondering what the + signs next to users names mean? I have noticed it on a few people recently.
    Hey James..just a general question, is it just the SMH and Newcastle Herald we arent aloud to post full articles off? :)
    Don't worry about it mate, Faas is a better option anyway, I probably should have known Carney was retired considering he hasn't played for almost 2 years.
    Don't be shocked at the trade I make with NoHayneNoGain, it is a tactical one! Even though I don't like it that much it is more a plan to hopefully lure another player... stay tuned ;)
    Hey mate i dont see why my posts have been blocked you complain about grammer but when i see some of your posts and comments they arent to crash hot i belive i should be able to voice my opinion as a knights fan and i belive you should fix this because you are clearly mistaken it is not right to block me from commenting with fellow knights fans just because you dont like my grammer im pretty sure there is nothing wrong with my grammer. cheers
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