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Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
Ricky lost them the game by not playing him earlier
Ricky wasn't able to take the leap of faith needed to start with Starling.
I can't blame him.
I've been writing stuff on here since 2014 about how hard it is to believe what you are seeing when a kid who looks like he is 12 years old is sitting 120kg props on their backsides.
I remember one of his first games of reserve grade where a much better side than us managed to lose because every time they were in a scoring position one of their props was determined to run over the little guy, and in the end Tommy got penalised for smashing the guy on about his 5th attempt. It was at Cessnock and the crowd actually jeered and laughed at the prop after the ref gave a penalty against the little kid who beat him up.
Anyway, In the future people will know that Starling can hold his own, but even now I have to tell myself that, and not believe my own eyes, so I can't blame Ricky.

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Mark Sargent
Does anyone think lamb had more to offer ? few yrs in superleague could do him some good, don’t think the lay ways of real nrl is the way for him


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
Zeb Taia played his 297th and last top grade game with his second grandfinal win in 2 years for Saint Helens.
He is returning to Australia, but I don't think a 37 year old second row will get an NRL start unless Wayne wants a young fella for the second row.
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Dean Carney
Nathan Ross has lured himself out of retirement and will play for the Kurri Bulldogs again in the Real NRL next year.
Good on him, I hope he does well. Always loved the Ross Dog!
Apparently Tyler Randall and Frank-Paul Nuasala have also signed for the Bulldogs aswell.


Ben Kennedy
Tom Starling being investigated after being charged with assaulting a cop after a brawl in the Central Coast, hmmm, reported by Channel 9, hmmm


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
Nightmare for the avoca beach bowling club.
reading the report, it sounds like they called the cops to eject one bloke, who left before the cops got there, and the cops decided to get heavy with all the young drinkers while they were there, and the most popular kid in town ended up in trouble.
If they could have their time over, you could bet they wouldn't call the cops.


Darren Treacy
Smh reporting Ponga and Jack Johns are talking to the integrity unit about what happened in Avoca. No inference of any wrong doing by either. Apparently they were there to celebrate Connor Watson's brothers 21st.

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Ben Kennedy
Typical POSs Foxsports using their names in headlines to get clicks without revealing the reasons why


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
I expected Ricky to get right behind Starling, but if the quote of him saying he'd be more disappointed in Starling if he didn't try to protect his mother and brother is correct, he might do more harm than good.
He probably should shut up and let the lawyers do the talking.