TPJ free to look elsewhere


Todd Bates
I personally dislike this habit of signing players for remainder of season, yes we got Clifford but it has to stop, players sign up for ex amount, yes they are unhappy with how it is going, not needed/wanted next year but stick with the side, hopefully your mates, tough it out, hate the coach but respect him, move on next season with approval of all, especially fans you will feel better about yourself if you have honoured the process
Totally agree. The other side of it though is that a player can only be moved on by mutual agreement. So if player and club both agree it’s time to move on, then that should be allowed to happen (before the transfer deadline).


Evan Cochrane
Just a thought on this, I wonder how someone like TPJ or Milford would feel signing a short term contract with a Sydney club if they had to uproot and move down. Atm, they just have to move down the road.