Scotty Dureau


Ben Kennedy
Very touching. So sad with the family being so young too. I was actually flicking through some photos last night and came across the Manly vs Knights game at Central Coast in 07. Never knew it was Scotty’s debut until he mentioned it in the clip. Everything crossed for that tough bugger to pull through.

Was this the one where we were terrible for like 65 mins and down 0-12 and then somehow won 13-12 with a Dureau field goal in GP? Against Manly

I definitely know that was a game but can’t remember if it was that year or if it was his debut


Ben Kennedy
Yeah that would have been after all the scrub players were told they weren’t wanted by Smith and then they stopped trying.

I had thought Walsh was the halfback then because I remember Mullen was shut down for the remainder of the season

I believe the match I had in mind then was rd 2 2008 and that was at home


Ben Kennedy

Scott Dureau spoke to Lara Pitt from Foxsports about the latest on his cancer.

Basically said around last Christmas based on how quickly the cancer had been spreading and growing back that there was no cure being unable to stop it and they are giving him two years to live.

He will continue to do his coaching duties in the mean time. And I guess keep fighting it best it can.

Eff Cancer, crap prognosis but hopefully he fights it as long as possible.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
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Scott Dureau provides health update

Newcastle Knights
Fri 16 Aug 2019, 07:01 AM

Scott Dureau has opened up on his health.

Having completed chemotherapy and moved onto a targeted therapy, the Jersey Flegg coach is fighting.

Speaking to the Our Town Our Team podcast, Dureau provided an update on how he’s tracking.

“I feel really good, the new treatment I’m on, I’ve been on treatment now for just over two months which is a targeted therapy they call it, which basically targets the cancerous cells in your body and not all the cells in your body as the chemo that I first had, did,” Dureau explained.

“I tolerate it really well at the moment, some pretty positive early signs after only a couple of months, they think that it is doing a pretty good job and doing some good work at the moment.”

With his hair back, Dureau is looking and feeling well but will have another check up in 12 weeks’ time.

It’s a solid position to be in after a torrid 10 months.

The 33-year-old went for a routine MRI scan last year only to find six small tumors on his brain. Having successfully had surgery to remove them, it was discovered the cancer had spread.

“Go for another scan in three months time to see where we’re at and keep continuing on as I am at the moment,” he said.

“I had yearly scans after the 2013 surgery I had to remove the tumor.

“November last year I found out that it had grown back in my brain, so had surgery again to remove it.

“Unfortunately, we found it a week before Christmas we had found out it had spread to my liver.

“The targeted therapy seems to be working, we think we’ve got them (all the tumors) under control and the most recent scan has shown some slight improvement.

“The good thing about the treatment I’m on now is I can stay on that as long as possible so if it takes a year, five years, 10 years it doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s working and I can tolerate it.”

As often is the case, in troubling times, the best in people is brought out.

This was the case when the Men of League Foundation and the hosted a fundraiser.

Matty Johns, Trent Robinson and several of his former Knights teammates were in attendance to help raise funds for Scott and his family.

“To have the continued support from people all across the world and the ruby league community with the Mark Hughes Beanies for Brain Cancer Round, was an amazing to be inundated with more support,” he said.

“It really does make you appreciate what you have in your life with your family and friends and all the great memories I have.”


Ben Kennedy
Yep really happy that he's continuing to fight such a terrible disease not just for the Knights and the fans but as an NRL player and for the rest of the NRL. Hope we can continue to see positive updates, although as much as I like to believe no news is good news I'd rather hear about it either way, good or not so good...