2018 State of Origin Series: Game 2

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What is your prediction for this game ??

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  1. NSW 13+

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  2. NSW 1-12

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  3. QLD 1-12

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  4. QLD 13+

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  1. Billy

    Billy Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus

    Apr 16, 2008
    It won't surprize me if Qld name him at 5/8 for the next game.
  2. Damo Levy

    Damo Levy Marc Glanville

    Jan 14, 2016
    At least we won’t lose Pearce from now on
  3. rhugh89

    rhugh89 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus Staff Member Admin

    Aug 12, 2012
    Blues Player Ratings from NRL.com

    1 James Tedesco: was handled better by Queensland than in game one but he was still dangerous with the ball and safe at the back. Lovely pass for Mitchell's second-half try. 7/10

    2 Tom Trbojevic: defensive combination with James Roberts was tested early and found wanting. Still deserves plenty of credit for taking a mountain of tough carries in his own end. Was one of the best on ground in a frantic final 10 minutes. 7

    3 Latrell Mitchell: quiet first half but exploded early in the second with powerful try and some big hits. Very poor error from a restart plus a defensive misread to hand Will Chambers a try which would have led to a lower score if his team had lost. 7

    4 James Roberts: still question marks over his defence after the Maroons created plenty of space on his edge. Busier in attack than game one with four busts and nudging 100 metres. Will be remembered for a late professional foul that could have proved more costly than it did. 4.5

    5 Josh Addo-Carr: conceded two costly penalties early. Produced a great try-saver on Gagai before missing the same man for a try shortly after. Wonderful footwork for team's first try. 6.5

    6 James Maloney: not quite as rocks and diamonds as game one. Some lovely kicks including one to create crucial penalty try. Perfect off the tee with two sideline conversions which was crucial in a tight game. His composure in a tumultuous second half was vital. 8

    7 Nathan Cleary: won't be in many more highlight reels than he was in game one but got through his kicks and tackles. Late cover tackle on Valentine Holmes was a thing of beauty. Did his job and should be in the role for a long time. 6.5

    8 David Klemmer: first stint was classic Klemmer with some big charges but injury and sin bin dramas elsewhere in the team prevented coach Brad Fittler being able to get him back on the field. 5.5

    9 Damien Cook: had nothing like the same platform to work from as in game one, particularly in the first half, but still chose his times to run well and did a mountain of defence with a team-high 42 tackles. Queensland had a much better plan for him this time. 7

    10 Matt Prior: just three runs in his opening stint but defended solidly. The Blues lifted after he was replaced by Vaughan. Had an already-short second spell curtailed due to Roberts sin bin with Peachey called in. 5

    11 Boyd Cordner: punched at Queensland's right edge all night. Perfectly timed run to earn a penalty try. Unfortunately concussed late. 7

    12 Tyson Frizell: 30 tackles and none missed, again asked to play wide then middle. Never plays badly. 7

    13 Jack de Belin: stinging tackles, clean-up work around the ruck, fast play-the-balls. Forced the error that led to Blues' early second-half try. Really warming into this whole Origin thing. 8


    14 Paul Vaughan: Blues were blown away early but the game completely changed once Vaughan came on. Enormous impact from his first carry to his last. 7.5

    15 Jake Trbojevic: like game one, was called in early and played out the match.Incredibly reliable in the middle doing plenty of tough stuff. 7.5

    16 Angus Crichton: hardly used in the first half but shored up the right edge with 23 tackles and 52 metres in the second. 6

    17 Tyrone Peachey: Only got a few more minutes than his debut but again did his best to get busy once he got on. 4

  4. rhugh89

    rhugh89 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus Staff Member Admin

    Aug 12, 2012
    Maroons player ratings from NRL.com

    1. Billy Slater: Made a huge difference for the Maroons. Had a hand in the opening try and was at his threatening best. Threw a forward pass in the second half but overall you couldn't fault him. 8/10

    2. Valentine Holmes: Scored the opening try and made two line breaks. Chalked up 224 metres in a fine winger's effort. 7.5

    3. Greg Inglis: Picked up where he left off in Origin I but better utilised in attack with the services of Slater. Finished the game with 199 metres from 19 carries in another fine captain's knock. 7.5

    4. Will Chambers: Went over for a try in the second half to keep Queensland in it but was otherwise well contained by the Blues. Came up with a dangerous tackle late in the game then pulled off a terrible kick to kill off momentum. 6.5

    5. Dane Gagai: Missed an early chance to score a try by centimetres but made no mistakes with Queensland's second. Helped get the Maroons out of trouble with every one of his 19 carries. 7

    6. Cameron Munster: At his roaming best but a couple of poor kicking options let him down. 6.5

    7. Ben Hunt: Not his night. Missed a tackle attempt on Josh Addo-Carr's try then backed it up with the penalty try effort on Boyd Cordner. Came up with an error in the second half and kicked the ball dead when Queensland had the Blues on the ropes and down 12 men. 5

    8. Jarrod Wallace: Four runs for 43 metres in another short-stint. Hard to see him retained for game three. 4

    9. Andrew McCullough: A tradesman-like performance with 46 tackles missing just one, but was limited in attack and failing to create anything. 7

    10. Dylan Napa: Stronger performance up front but was only used for 35 minutes, needs to own the game in defence more. 6

    11. Gavin Cooper: Got through plenty of work on the left edge in a typical back-rowers performance but hardly threatened the Blues in attack. 6.5

    12. Felise Kaufusi: Looked dangerous early but could only manage three carries in the second half as the Maroons kept throwing the ball past him. 7

    13. Josh McGuire: Lasted 51 minutes before being replaced. Apart from a few aggressive hits, was not at his usual best. 6


    14. Kalyn Ponga: Oddly used in the middle by Kevin Walters but the move proved costly early with Ponga conceding a penalty and six-again call that led to Blues tries. Almost got Queensland home though with an otherwise promising debut once he was given room to move. 7.5

    15. Josh Papalii: Only three runs in 31 minutes. Needs to produce more as the senior forward in the side. 5

    16. Coen Hess: Poked his nose through the line in limited opportunity. Probably needs to start in game three on the left edge. 5

    17. Jai Arrow: Got through plenty of work in a short spell, needs more minutes to show his ability to offload. 6

  5. Billy

    Billy Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus

    Apr 16, 2008
    The queensland coaching is looking very suspect to me.
    I'll be surprized if they have the same coaching group next year.
    Ponga did the job they asked him to do - but using Ponga as a tackling dummy - what were they thinking?
  6. rhugh89

    rhugh89 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus Staff Member Admin

    Aug 12, 2012

    - Possession was 50-50
    - QLD completed at 83%, NSW at 89%
    - NSW made 1,394m, QLD 1,624m
    - NSW made 489m post contact, QLD 490m
    - Linebreaks were 5-3 to QLD
    - Tacklebreaks were 32-25 to NSW
    - QLD average set distance was 39.6m, NSW 38.7m
    - NSW average play the ball speed was 3.56s, QLD 3.73s
    - Offloads were 11-4 to QLD
    - QLD forced 2 dropouts, NSW 0
    - QLD missed 33 tackles, NSW missed 30
    - NSW made 13 ineffective tackles, QLD made 10
    - NSW tackle efficiency was 88.6%, QLD 89.7%
    - NSW made 7 errors, QLD 9
    - QLD won the penalty count 8-6



    8. David Klemmer - 85m
    9. Damien Cook - 69m
    10. Matt Prior - 30m
    11. Boyd Cordner - 133m
    12. Tyson Frizell - 68m
    13. Jack de Belin - 47m
    14. Paul Vaughan - 86m
    15. Jake Trbojevic - 115m
    16. Angus Crichton - 52m

    Total - 685m


    8. Dylan Napa - 78m
    9. Andrew McCullough - 47m
    10. Jarrod Wallace - 43m
    11. Gavin Cooper - 100m
    12. Felise Kaufusi - 68m
    13. Josh McGuire - 69m
    15. Josh Papalii - 31m
    16. Coen Hess - 50m
    17. Jai Arrow - 75m

    Total - 561m


    Valentine Holmes - 224m
    Greg Inglis - 199m
    Dane Gagai - 161m

    James Tedesco - 144m
    Boyd Cordner - 133m

    Will Chambers - 120m
    Jake Trbojevic - 115m
    Kalyn Ponga - 108m
    James Roberts - 104m
    Billy Slater - 103m
    Latrell Mitchell - 101m
    Gavin Cooper - 100m


    Greg Inglis - 82m
    Boyd Cordner - 50m
    Jake Trbojevic - 48m

    Dane Gagai - 44m
    James Tedesco - 41m
    James Roberts - 40m

    Valentine Holmes - 38m
    Gavin Cooper - 37m
    Jai Arrow - 35m

    Josh Addo-Carr - 35m


    Latrell Mitchell - 2
    Valentine Holmes - 2
    Josh Addo-Carr - 1
    Will Chambers - 1
    Dane Gagai - 1
    Kalyn Ponga - 1


    Latrell Mitchell - 6
    James Tedesco - 5
    Nathan Cleary - 5

    Valentine Holmes - 5
    James Roberts - 4
    Josh Addo-Carr - 4

    Dane Gagai - 4
    Angus Crichton - 3
    Will Chambers - 3
    Cameron Munster - 3


    James Maloney - 2
    James Tedesco - 1

    Greg Inglis - 1
    Will Chambers - 1
    Felise Kaufusi - 1


    Billy Slater - 1
    Greg Inglis - 1

    James Maloney - 1
    Boyd Cordner - 1

    Will Chambers - 1
    Felise Kaufusi - 1

    James Tedesco - 1


    Billy Slater - 3
    Angus Crichton - 2
    Kalyn Ponga - 2
    Damien Cook - 1
    Nathan Cleary - 1

    Will Chambers - 1
    Cameron Munster - 1
    Ben Hunt - 1
    Dylan Napa - 1
    Felise Kaufusi - 1
    Jai Arrow - 1


    Andrew McCullough - 49
    Gavin Cooper - 47

    Damien Cook - 42
    Felise Kaufusi - 37
    Jack de Belin - 35
    Jake Trbojevic - 31
    Tyson Frizell - 30

    Kalyn Ponga - 29
    Josh McGuire - 29

    Matt Prior - 27


    Josh Addo-Carr - 5
    Nathan Cleary - 5

    Kalyn Ponga - 5
    Gavin Cooper - 5
    Dane Gagai - 5

    James Maloney - 4
    Cameron Munster - 4
    Ben Hunt - 3
    Dylan Napa - 3
    Will Chambers - 3

    Boyd Cordner - 3
    James Roberts - 3


    Nathan Cleary - 4
    Latrell Mitchell - 2

    Greg Inglis - 2
    Paul Vaughan - 2


    Dane Gagai - 2
    Billy Slater - 2

    Latrell Mitchell - 2
    Valentine Holmes - 1
    Will Chambers - 1
    Ben Hunt - 1

    Tom Trbojevic - 1
    Josh Addo-Carr - 1
    David Klemmer - 1
    Boyd Cordner - 1
    Jake Trbojevic - 1


    Will Chambers - 3
    Latrell Mitchell - 2
    Josh Addo-Carr - 2
    James Roberts - 1
    James Maloney - 1

    Ben Hunt - 1
    Dylan Napa - 1
    Kalyn Ponga - 1
  7. R_A

    R_A Timana Tahu

    Feb 18, 2011
    Not as good as Game 1, but being able to win without playing great is something ill take any day of the week. Especially considering we we've been playing Queensland's game for the past 13 years and hoping to win 6-4 every time. Now I actually feel confident we can score guys if QLD get momentum and score because we are better on paper.

    Standouts for NSW were Maloney, Tedesco, Cordner, do agree with the analysis that blokes like Vaughn coming off the bench made an immediate impact (start him Game 3?). Do not agree at all with Turbo's 7/10, he was closer to a 5. NSW were lucky they did not run at his side more. NSW's entire backrow as a unit was outstanding, can't say anyone played average. Fitler's plan worked to a tee.

    QLD just had too many disappointing players. Hunt and Chambers made questionable decisions, I thought QLD's starting props were missing all game although afterwards I heard Napa only played 30 minutes because of a broken hand? Munster was also not fantastic. Kaufusi was a find for the QLD team, in both games. Arrow I thought deserved more then a 6. Other QLD forwards didn't make as much of an impact but I thought McCullough was better.

    As good as Ponga ended up being that game and totally didn't look out of place, Kevvy butchered the tactics bringing him on. QLD were no where near as dominant.

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