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Count me in, by the way can you please forward all the winners to me, round by round will do, the cheque is in the mail
Hey Frank - will see what I can do re winners....but I’d recommend backing the opposite - will likely give a better return

Details below:

NRL Tipping comp: Marathon Stadium Tipping.

comp code: XS3J26X4

Let me know if you have any issues.
Hi rhugh, I can't log into the forum using Tapatalk, are you aware of any problem with it?
Not Daniel Saifiti's profile. This was set up by Pride Petterson-Robati's grandfather Peter Petterson back in 2015.
Hey guys finally back after years away. Question does anyone know what happened to my profile pic and why it says Craig Gower on my profile
Hello willowtree.
We moved over to Xenforo forum software earlier this year and most of the profile photos were lost. Apologies for this. As for Craig Gower you get a player name depending on how many posts you have made. He is just who you are up to.
Thanks and welcome back!