Who is going to Origin this year?


Game on broheim
Going to game 2 with mates then going to Star City to either celebrate or drown the sorrows.


Matthew Gidley
Possibly game 2, depending on what shift I get as I've now picked up casual bar work.

Did try & win a package for the Melbourne game through nbn, didn't win it seems.


Dave Woods
Would've gone tonight with a few mates but it's right in the middle of our uni exams. I know that shouldn't stop us, but it did. In the end I'm actually really sick this week and probably won't even go watch the game with them, instead I'll be on the lounge at home hopped up on medicines.


Paul Rauhihi
I was gunna go because dad always gets seats in the executives boxes but there is no commentary and its all dads mates there so i pretty much sit in silence untill they all turn to me and ask who every player is lol


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
Staff member
Haha, I know the feeling! Sounds like any work meeting I go to (except luckily they never ask me anything. :p )