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Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
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Welcome to the Newcastle Knights Archive forums!

The forum has been going since 2005, and is a place you can come and discuss anything whatsoever to do with the Knights, or rugby league in general. As well as this it is a very friendly forum - known by some as "The Forum of Love".

New and existing members are asked to follow these guidelines and keep it that way!

1) Topics

There are several different sub-forums within the site. They are pretty self-explanatory. Please just have a look around and check you're putting your topic in the correct place. :)

2) Behaviour

At present all users show respect for each other and this creates a good atmosphere, new users are requested to show the same respect. Of course this doesn't mean you can't strongly disagree with someone!

We ask that you don't discriminate against other members or anybody you're talking about by race, sexuality, gender or appearance. We also don't allow insults towards other members, and we ask that you avoid swearing.

3) Spelling and punctuation

Good use of spelling, capitalisation and punctuation is encouraged. It doesn't hurt to take a few seconds checking your posts, as other people will be taking their time to read them.

4) Usernames

These can be changed by request (send me a pm), however there needs to be a good reason provided. Just as a tip, you are not allowed to have a username with "Knight" or "Gidley" in it anymore (for example). This is because a lot of very similar usernames were being created, and it helps other users remember you better if you use an original name! :)

To put up your banner and/or avatar on the forum:

- Avatar : Choose a great avatar from our gallery by clicking here or going to Settings > Edit Avatar.

- Signature: Most people have signatures (banners under their posts) and you can too! Just go to Settings > Edit Signature or click here to upload yours. If you don't know how to make one of your own, then request one in our Fan Corner forum.

User Settings are located top right-hand corner of the forum, you cant miss it!

Lastly, please introduce yourself to everyone else in this thread.

Any other questions, please contact one of the following staff members, we are your friendly admin and mods:


I hope you enjoy your time here,

Not open for further replies.