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    [​IMG] VS [​IMG]

    Quarter Finals

    Australia v USA
    Glyndwr Racecourse Stadium - Wrexham, Wales

    LIVE: Channel 7mate

    Sunday 17th November - 12:00 AM (NSW Time)

    Saturday 16th November - 11:00 PM (QLD Time)

    TBA Sideline Referees: TBA Video Referees: TBA





    All discussion on the game in this thread - Pre Match (First Try Scorer, Predictions) Live Scores,
    vBookie Tipping & Post Match Thoughts.
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    Australia vs USA - 2013 World Cup @ GLYNDWR University Racecourse Stadium, Wrexham

    Head to Head

    Played - 0
    Australia - 0
    USA - 0

    In England

    Played - 0
    Australia - 0
    USA- 0

    World Cup Matches

    Played - 0
    Australia - 0
    USA- 0

    Australia's Record in All World Cup Matches

    Played - 69
    Won - 56
    Drawn - 2
    Lost - 11

    Australia's Overall Test Record

    Played - 907
    Won - 668
    Drawn - 26
    Lost - 213

    USA's Record in All World Cup Matches

    Played - 3
    Won - 2
    Lost - 1

    USA's Overall Test Record

    Played - 17
    Won - 9
    Drawn - 1
    Lost - 7


    Metres Gained

    Australia - 4,968m
    USA - 3,607m


    Australia - 20
    USA - 13

    Line Breaks

    Australia - 21
    USA - 11

    Tackle Breaks

    Australia - 106
    USA - 76


    Australia - 813
    USA - 890
    Missed Tackles[/U][/B]

    Australia - 29
    USA - 105

    Australia - 33
    USA - 33

    Australia - 0
    USA - 1

    [U]Yellow Cards[/U][/B]

    Australia - 0
    USA - 0

    [U]Red Cards[/U][/B]

    [B]Australia - 0
    USA - 0[/B]
    Penalties Recieved[/U][/B]

    [I][I][B]Australia - 16
    USA - 29

    Player Records[/I][/U][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Billy Slater

    Total Tests - 22
    Tries - 20

    Brett Morris

    Total Tests - 14
    Tries- 14

    Josh Morris

    Total Tests - 4
    Tries - 4

    Michael Jennings[/B]

    [I][B]Total Tests - 2[/B]
    [I][B]Tries - 4[/B]
    Greg Inglis[/B]

    [I][B]Total Tests - 25[/B]
    [I][B]Tries - 20[/B]
    Brent Tate[/B]

    [I][B]Total Tests - 24[/B]
    [I][B]Tries - 16[/B]
    Darius Boyd[/B]

    [I][B]Total Tests - 13[/B]
    [I][B]Tries - 11

    Jarryd Hayne

    Total Tests - 12
    Tries - 7
    Johnathon Thurston[/B]

    [I][B]Total Tests - 27[/B]
    [I][B]Tries - 10[/B]
    [I][B]Goals - 111[/B]
    [I][B]Points - 262

    Facts and Figures

    * Australia are Record 9 Time World Champions, Next best is Great Britain with 3 World Titles and then NZ with 1 World Title[/FONT]

    * Australia have won 9 out of the 13 world cups held (69.2% Win Rate)
    * Australia has won 30 out of their last 33 World Cup Matches
    * These 2 teams have never played each other

    * Australia are Ranked Number 1 in the World according to the RLIF

    * USA [/B][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/B][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/B][/I][/I][/B][/I][/I][/B][/I][/I][/B][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/B][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][B][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][B][I][I][B][I][I][B][I][I][B][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][B][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][B][COLOR=#333333]are Ranked Number 12 in the World according to the RLIF[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]* Australia have scored the second highest amount of Tries in the 2013 RLWC (20 @ 6.6 per game)

    * Australia have score the second highest amount of Points at the 2013 RLWC (112 @ 37.3 per game)

    [COLOR=#333333]* Australia are the best defensive side at the 2013 RLWC in regards to missed tackles (29 @ 9.6 per game)

    * Australia are also the best defensive side at the 2013 RLWC in regards to points conceded (22 @ 7.3 per game)

    [COLOR=#333333]* Australia have made the Most Metres at the 2013 World Cup (4,698m @ 1,566m per game)[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]* Australia have made the second highest amount of Line Breaks in the 2013 RLWC (21 @ 7 per game)[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]* Australia have received the least amount of Penalties in the 2013 RLWC (16 @ 5.3 per game)

    * Billy Slater is averaging 148m a game

    * Brett Morris is averaging 149m a game, 5 Tackle Breaks per game and 1 Line break per game

    * Andrew Fifita is averaging 129.3m a game and has made 16 Tackle Breaks and a Line Break

    * James Tamou is averaging 121.3m a game

    * Paul Gallen is averaging 129.6m a game

    * Greg Inglis is averaging 147m a game and has made 11 Tackle Breaks

    Statsman's Best Bet[/U] - Jump on any of our Darius Boyd Bonus Bets...Easy Money !! [/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]


    Australia - 52
    USA - 0
    FTS - Slater
    LTS - Boyd
    MOTM - Inglis[/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/B][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/B][/I][/I][/B][/I]
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    I like Either Aus winger fts and any Aus player 200+ mtrs
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    Kangaroos World Cup captain Cameron Smith not thinking about Sonny Bill Williams - yet

    KANGAROOS captain Cameron Smith says Australia can't afford to worry about what the Kiwis and Sonny Bill Williams are doing at the World Cup as the two powerhouses of the tournament head towards an inevitable showdown.

    The two heavyweight nations of international rugby league have once again been the standout performers over the opening pool matches and England appear to be the only other side capable of ruining the dream final.

    The Kangaroos lost to the Kiwis in 2008 and again in the 2010 Four Nations and for many of the senior players in the Australian side this will be their final chance for revenge.

    Australia will again go into this Saturday's quarter final against the United States at just about unbackable odds - but Smith was adamant the Kangaroos would not treat the Tomahawks with disrespect.

    "The thing about this side is that we don't underestimate anybody we play," Smith said."Although we'll come in as red hot favourites against most teams, we don't underestimate any opposition we're playing against and we show the respect they deserve.

    "I think that's the reason why we've played so well the last couple of weeks."It hasn't been the best of conditions that we've played in. We haven't really had a good track to play on.

    "In Cardiff blokes were slipping all over the place. Last week and (against Ireland) was wet."But we've still played some pretty good football. We've controlled the ball really well.

    "I think in all three matches we've had a completion rate in the 80s so we're just trying to build for the big matches."We want to continue what we've done in the last few weeks over the next few weeks."

    And while everything looks to be heading towards a clash of the titans in the final at Old Trafford on November 30, Smith said the Kangaroos need to focus not on the Kiwis but improving their own game.

    He said he had watched some of New Zealand's early pool performances and it was obvious Williams was their strike weapon - just like he was with the Roosters on their charge to premiership glory in the NRL.

    "We've seen a bit of the game against PNG. They played really well, they've got a great side," Smith said."They played strong and physical through the middle.

    "Obviously they're trying to get the ball to Sonny Bill Williams as much as they can and he's done a fair bit of damage there."We're not too worried about them at the moment.

    "If we meet them it's going to be in a grand final of this tournament so we'll just worry about getting ourselves right for this week.

    "Everyone wants to be involved in the World Cup final so whoever we come up against, they'll be hungry and we can't get ahead of ourselves trying to think about New Zealand, if they're going to be there, how they're going to play, how we're going to play against them.

    "We've just got to worry about who we're playing."

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    Robbie Farah doesn't deserve to be in UK with Kangaroos for Rugby League World Cup

    • NOVEMBER 12, 2013 12:00AM

    THE question isn't whether Daly Cherry-Evans should replace Robbie Farah in the Australian side for the remainder of the Rugby League World Cup, it's what Farah was doing there in the first place.

    Loyalty is a wonderful thing, but there has been a lot of football played since then-Wests Tigers coach Tim Sheens and Farah lifted the 2005 NRL premiership trophy together.

    If selectors were serious about picking a Cup squad on form, the Roosters' Jake Friend and not Farah would have been on the plane as Cameron Smith's understudy, and if Kangaroos coach Sheen is fair dinkum about having his best option on the bench, DCE is his man.

    He proved in Origin he is big enough and tough enough to play anywhere on the park, and his play-making skills are so far ahead of Farah's right now that it's not even a contest.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Kangaroos enforcer Andrew Fifita has admitted to 'big troubles' with homesickness on tour


    HE is one of the biggest and toughest players at the World Cup - but if Andrew Fifita could have one thing right now it would be to hug his little boy.

    After almost a month living out of a suitcase the giant Australian rookie prop concedes he is having "big troubles" with homesickness because he misses his new wife Nikkita and baby boy Latu Jay so much.

    "I want to hug and squeeze him. It's the same with my wife," the 24-year-old said.

    Fifita was married just days before the Kangaroos flew out for the United Kingdom and as a result had to forgo his family honeymoon to Hawaii so he could go off and conquer his World Cup dream.

    But as Australia prepares for their quarter final showdown against the United States this Saturday in Wales, Fifita opened up about the challenge he is finding tougher than any opponent at this tournament.

    "I'm having big troubles, homesickness wise," Fifita said."It's a long trip."I've come straight from my wedding. We are meant to be in this honeymoon stage and she's not here to experience it with me.

    "I have never felt this before, the feelings I have for my son. I'm missing him so much."

    And he says as good as modern technology is with Skype and FaceTime, sometimes seeing his family over the internet just makes him miss them even more.

    "It is hard. Origin was long enough for me going away for a week and a half and we were back home and they could pop in," he said.

    "But here we are way out of the country. These days you can speak and Skype and FaceTime."But it makes you miss them even more because you see them through a screen.

    "Your heart goes out because you can't hug or give them a kiss. I'm telling my missus to give him a kiss."

    But next week Fifita will get his wish when Nikkita brings little Latu Jay to London to celebrate his first birthday on November 20 - just three days before Australia's likely semi-final at Wembley.

    Fifita has pretty much cemented his spot in Australia's top 17 with three powerful performances coming off the bench in all three opening matches.But he says when his family gets here it's going to be the ultimate dream come true.

    "They leave Wednesday but I won't see them until they get to London," he said.

    "It's my son's birthday so I am anxious to see them.

    "If I have a team dinner I'll ask to have it off or bring them to team dinner with me.

    "I can't wait if we get a chance to play in London. It will be the best opportunity for me to play in front of my family."

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    I think it's a bit unfair to say Farah shouldn't be in the squad at all. I agree DCE should be on the bench over him but imo Farah is still the second best hooker in the comp and they'd be stupid not to have him there as back up.
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    Hayne likens US run to Fiji fairytale

    By Liam FitzGibbon
    4:01pm Wed 13th November, 2013

    He's lived his own unlikely World Cup fairytale, so Jarryd Hayne knows exactly what lining up against the Kangaroos on Saturday will mean to members of the US rugby league team.

    The Australian winger helped Fiji to the semi-finals at the 2008 tournament and can see parallels between that feat and the Tomahawks' remarkable run to this year's quarter-finals.

    Hayne also saw first-hand the effects Fiji's success had on the game's growth domestically and he's hoping similar benefits will come of the US' performance.

    The Tomahawks, led by NRL players Joseph Paulo and Clint Newton, were 500-1 outsiders before the tournament but have defied all odds to reach the last eight.

    They beat Cook Islands and Wales in their first two games, despite playing three pool matches in nine days and Terry Matterson not even knowing all of his players' names after answering a late SOS call to coach the side.

    The Americans are also the only side at the tournament not being paid to play but Hayne said they were driven by a "special bond" and passion for the game.

    "There are blokes who have sacrificed a lot just to be here, just for the passion of the game and to see the game grow in America ... which is a lot like Fiji in a way," Hayne said.

    "It's huge. I've got no doubt they (US players) are going to be mates for a very long time.

    "To go through what they have been through is obviously no easy feat and to do what they have done."

    Hayne recalled seeing the impact of Fiji's performance in 2008.

    "I will never forget going to Fiji before the World Cup and, walking down the street, no-one knew us," he said.

    "I remember getting back there, we had close to a 1000 people at the airport waiting for us.

    "We had a street parade in Suva. We had to get into a taxi to travel about 200 or 300 metres because we were just getting mobbed.

    "It was huge and hopefully it has the same impact over in America."

    While fans are unlikely to be lining the streets of New York to celebrate the Tomahawks' success, the team is making small but significant strides.

    The Cinderella story has gained plenty of press in the UK and even a mention in the New York Times, with hopes it will spark a boost in interest and participation rates in the US.

    "This is just the start for them," Hayne said.

    Hayne's hopes of facing the Tomahawks in Wrexham hinge on him ousting either winger Brett Morris or centre Brent Tate in Tim Sheens' first-choice team.


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    Aug 12, 2012
    Newton hits back at Tomahawks critics

    5:02am Thu 14th November, 2013

    Clint Newton has hit back at suggestions the United States rugby league team is nothing more than a bunch of Australian mercenaries bending the World Cup rules.

    Although, like the vast majority of his teammates, the Newcastle-bound NRL player speaks with an Australian accent, he is one of a host a players with genuine American credentials.

    And the South Carolina-born Newton says no one will be prouder to wear the stars and stripes when the Tomahawks take on the Kangaroos in Saturday's quarter-final in Wrexham.

    "I'm a very passionate United States person," he said.

    "It really does get my back up when we've copped a load of criticism over the last few weeks from the foreign press over here saying we're bending the rules and that some of us shouldn't be qualifying.

    "You don't have to look too far to count how many players were actually born and bred in certain countries that are playing in this tournament.

    "It's no different to the Olympics. England seem to be pulling people from all over the place to represent them in the Olympics, aren't they?

    "We've played by the rules - we've got 11 nationals and this is something that we're proud of."

    Newton, 32, who was born in America while his famous golfing father Jack was playing on the US circuit, has played a key role in the Tomahawks' surprise wins over the Cook Islands and Wales that enabled them to top Group D and earn a place in the knockout stages.

    The ball-playing backrower realised a long-held ambition when he made his debut for the USA in their opening World Cup match in Bristol.

    "It's taken the best part of 13 years for me to get to his point," Newton said.

    "... I can't thank the guys enough who got us into this position by winning the qualifiers to let me be a part of this.

    "It's a pretty humbling experience because those guys worked their tails off to get us here.

    "For me to now jump on at the business end of the trip, I'm honoured and just hopeful to do them proud."

    Still rated at 500-1 for the tournament, hopes of beating Australia are slim for the US, but that will not prevent them giving their all.

    "Saturday is going to be the highlight of the guys' careers and the highlight of mine," said former Gold Coast winger Matt Petersen, who will retire after the tournament.


    - - - Updated - - -

    States to unite after World Cup success

    By Matt Encarnacion
    7:41am Thu 14th November, 2013

    The USA Tomahawks have been the fairytale story of the 2013 Rugby League World Cup, but can they spread the game back home?

    Nine-time world champions Australia might be the United States' toughest test thus far in the World Cup, but an even bigger challenge awaits back home.

    The Tomahawks have been the fairytale success story of the 2013 World Cup, defying pre-tournament expectations that had the tournament debutants flying back home with their tales between their legs in time for the winter holidays.

    Instead, USA have shocked the world, upsetting fourth-ranked nation France in a warm-up game before climbing over the NRL-flavoured Cook Islands and Super League-experienced Wales in their first two games. They lost their third and final group game against Scotland last week.

    But while making a quarter-final against Australia has already been a history-making triumph, halfback Craig Priestly hopes their achievements will extend well beyond a simple rise up the RLIF rankings.

    Three years ago, seven teams participating in the AMNRL created a rival league, the USARL, citing a lack of input in major decision-making.

    The factions have been at war ever since, right up until the naming of their inaugural World Cup squad which, to the outrage of those at the USARL, didn't include any players from the new competition.

    "Obviously there's two leagues back home and we're trying to get it back into one so we'll be going into talks about the competition when we get back and hopefully we can sort something out," Priestly told NRL.com.

    "That's one of the things we want out of this World Cup. I'm really hoping the US have really seen what we've done and what we're capable of. Hopefully that can bring bigger success to the American domestic comp."

    And Priestly, who both founded and still plays for AMNRL club Southampton Dragons, believes his teammates have already turned heads back home, beginning with a passing mention in the New York Times.
    "The captain Joseph Paulo scored two tries and the United States won its Rugby League World Cup debut, beating the Cook Islands, 32-20, in Bristol, England," it said on page B19 of the print edition on October 31.

    It was a small step for the Tomahawks, but a giant leap for international rugby league.

    "There are heaps of people taking notice. Both competitions are really getting behind us, which is great," Priestly continues.

    "I've had a bit of feedback from mates who are teachers and all their kids have been watching our games, drawing posters and going out into the playground pretending they're Joseph Paulo.

    "Some said they wanted to be like Craig Priestly. It's cool to see because no-one knows what rugby league is in America. That's why we've got to build on what we've done here."

    Young Tomahawks talents such as Hawaiian-based Les Soloai and New Jersey-born Craig Garvey are already being scouted as potential NRL players.

    So a strong showing against World Cup favourites Australia will not only give their players more of an opportunity to actually fulfil their rugby league ambitions as a player, but further enhance USA's credibility as a rugby league market.

    "When I came over to the Hamptons to start a team three years ago, I never would've expected to be playing in a quarter-final against Australia," Priestly says.

    "You dream as a little kid to be playing for your country in any sport. You watch the World Cups and you want to be there.

    "And for us to be written off all tournament – people were saying we were going to get beat by 100 in every game, and then to do what we did and make the quarters against the Aussies, it's unbelievable.

    "Guys like Michael Garvey, went over to play FOGS Cup [in Queensland] and was great over there.

    "I think he'll have a real crack at the NRL and at the end of the World Cup, there'll be recruitment managers and NRL coaches who'll see what we've done [and] hopefully get a few other guys picked up as well."


    - - - Updated - - -

    Cherry-Evans wins RLWC selection battle

    By Liam FitzGibbon
    8:30am Thu 14th November, 2013


    In-form playmaker Daly Cherry-Evans has beaten Robbie Farah to a spot in the Kangaroos squad for the Rugby League World Cup quarter-final against the United States.

    Manly halfback Cherry-Evans looks set to secure a place on the interchange bench for the match at Wrexham after earning selection in Tim Sheens' 20-man squad named on Wednesday.

    The Clive Churchill medallist impressed playing in the halves in two of Australia's group matches and his selection comes at the expense of Wests Tigers hooker Farah, one of three players left out of the squad.

    Josh Morris and Michael Jennings were the others omitted, indicating veteran Brent Tate is likely to hold on to the contentious right centre spot with Sheens looking to pick his best available team after rotating the group in recent games.

    Sheens will not name his final 17 until just before Saturday's game and is keeping his selection cards close to his chest, but he's revealed vice captain Paul Gallen is in some doubt with a leg problem.

    Billy Slater keeps his spot despite his involvement in a nightclub fight earlier this week.

    Farah's omission after playing in all three of Australia's group games suggests Cherry-Evans has won the battle between the two for the utility bench spot.

    But Sheens says the Sea Eagles star is also putting pressure on first-choice halves Cooper Cronk and Johnathan Thurston.

    "He has applied enough pressure to keep both boys on their toes," Sheens said.

    "He has certainly got them looking over their shoulder - that's a great thing.

    "No one is really comfortable."

    Cherry-Evans was one of Australia's best players in the wins over Fiji and Ireland - named man of the match in the latter - but Sheens says his selection ahead of Farah also comes down to providing injury cover for his halves.

    The coach insists Farah is still in the mix for selection later in the tournament.

    "The criteria I'm using is `who can cover'. There's two halves and one hooker, so there are two players that might get injured rather than one," Sheens said.

    "... At this point I've covered the seven and the six but it's not to say that's the end of it.

    "I've given both guys a bit of football ... so if I need them in the next three games. Whichever way I go, I can use them."

    While North Queensland veteran Tate looks likely to partner Greg Inglis in the centres, Sheens could instead opt to go with Jarryd Hayne following the Parramatta star's two-try performance against Ireland.

    "That's one of the most contentious positions," Sheens said.

    "I'll play that very close to my chest until game time."

    A victory against tournament surprise packets the Tomahawks would set up a semi-final against either Samoa or Fiji.


    Cameron Smith (capt)
    Paul Gallen (vc)
    Greg Bird
    Darius Boyd
    Daly Cherry-Evans
    Boyd Cordner
    Cooper Cronk
    Andrew Fifita
    Jarryd Hayne
    Greg Inglis
    Brett Morris
    Nate Myles
    Josh Papalii
    Corey Parker
    Matthew Scott
    Billy Slater
    James Tamou
    Brent Tate
    Sam Thaiday
    Johnathan Thurston


    Robbie Farah
    Michael Jennings
    Luke Lewis
    Josh Morris


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    New Lambton, Newcastle
    wow jennings misses again... ridiculous, on the other hand it's good to see Clint showing some passion i'm almost starting to like him again.
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    Crazy that Jennings can't make it ...
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    Australia v USA preview

    By Nigel Wall
    10:40am Thu 14th November, 2013


    Australia v USA

    Glyndwr University Racecourse Ground, Wrexham

    Saturday 1pm (UK time)
    Sunday 12am (AEDT); Saturday 11pm (AEST)

    Scotland may have crashed the USA's World Cup party with a sobering 22-8 win in their final pool match but it will be Australia who'll leave the Americans with a massive hangover following their quarter-finals clash in Wrexham on Saturday.

    The USA have won plenty of fans and triggered more than just passing interest in rugby league back in America but not even the most optimistic supporter of the code would expect them to get within 40 points of the Kangaroos in this do-or-die clash.

    The Tomahawks, led by NRL veteran Clint Newton and with a smattering of top-level experience, have been the surprise packets of the tournament, recording upset victories over the Cook Islands (32-20) and Wales (24-16) to advance to the knockout stage.

    They fell to Scotland in their final hit-out last week.

    Meanwhile Australia completed their qualifying preparations with a physical and clinical 50-nil demolition of Ireland last week, taking their tournament scoring record to 112 points for and 22 points against, having conceded just a single penalty goal in their past 160 minutes of play.

    Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens has named a 20-man squad, reinvesting in the bulk of his best-available talent, with a view to cohesion for next week's semi-final (against either Fiji or Samoa) and the final on December 31.

    The biggest development this tour has been the emergence of Daly Cherry-Evans as a must-include member of the Australian 17-man squad.

    DC-E played strongly at halfback in the Kangaroos' 34-2 win over Fiji and was man of the match wearing the No.6 against Ireland.

    That irresistible attacking form sees him bump Robbie Farah as the utility on the bench.

    Prop Paul Gallen remains under an injury cloud (leg), with a decision on his fitness to be made on game day.

    Even before the match the Tomahawks have had a win on the financial front, picking up a sponsorship from Sydney-based company One Solutions after starting the World Cup as the only team in the tournament not playing for wages.

    Watch Out Australia

    There are a few Tomahawks capable of inflicting more than paper cuts on the Aussies. Known NRL quantities Joseph Paulo and Eddy Pettybourne have been damaging.

    Five-eighth Paulo has contributed six try assists in his three games, while UK-bound Pettybourne is averaging 17 runs and 140 metres a match – including a staggering 21 runs for 174 metres in a beaten side last week.

    The pair's numbers were achieved against questionable opposition, so Tim Sheens will be counting on the Roos to not offer them too much here.

    Watch Out USA

    Shutting down the Australian second-phase play will be crucial to limiting the damage on the scoreboard. The Kangaroos posted 14 offloads against Ireland last week, with Daly Cherry-Evans and Paul Gallen leading the way with three apiece.

    Coming off the bench last week Andrew Fifita terrorised the Irish, making a game-high eight tackle busts and more metres than anyone else on the park (173). He'll look to roll over the top of the Tomahawks in similar fashion.

    Key Match-Up

    Not so much a key match-up, but one to look out for is USA winger Bureta Faraimo head to head with Darius Boyd. Faraimo has proven he's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and have a dig – he's averaging 18 runs and 140 metres a game for the USA to date.

    He has scored just the one try, so perhaps he'll be more of a target for their attack here.

    Where It Will Be Won

    In the first half. There's a huge question mark hanging over the energy levels of the USA team. They won their two opening games and jumped out of the blocks against Scotland last week, scoring two tries in the opening 23 minutes to scoot to an 8-nil lead.

    But then they hit the wall, allowing the Bravehearts to rush 22 unanswered points past them.

    Against Australia, we'll know very early on whether there's any petrol left in the tank.


    7mate – Live 11.30pm Saturday (NSW), 10.30pm (Qld).

    The Way We See It

    Coach Sheens will impress the need to continue to build as the Kangaroos move ever closer to a probable berth in the World Cup Final in a fortnight's time.

    Clearly the green and gold are a class above the red white and blue.

    Things to take out of this game are combinations and individual commitment, which will no doubt be key contributors to the final scoreline.

    Australia by a half-century of points again.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Gallen looks to lock in 13

    By Chris Kennedy
    11:55am Thu 14th November, 2013

    Paul Gallen is keen to snap up the lock position in Australia's starting side.

    As Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens continues to tinker with his squad heading into the business end of the World Cup, forward Paul Gallen says he is hoping to lock down the number 13 jersey.

    Gallen has started at lock, off the bench and at prop in Australia's three games so far and says while he would play anywhere, it would be his preference to play at 13 running off the squad's larger props.

    "It's nicer to run behind two guys that are bigger than you – Jimmy Tamou, Matty Scott or Fifita, rather than having to be the battering ram," Gallen told NRL.com.

    "Obviously I am a lot smaller than them sort of blokes. I've done the job for a lot of years now in the front row whether it be for New South Wales or Australia so I'm not really too fussed, but if I had an option it'd be my preference to be at 13 and run behind the bigger blokes."

    Gallen has been named in Sheens' extended squad of 20 ahead of Saturday night's quarter final against the USA Tomahawks, with a final line-up not expected until shortly before kick-off, and Gallen himself no guarantee to play at this stage.

    He says even the players are still in the dark as to what Sheens is thinking in terms of a best 17 both for this game and the tournament ahead.

    "Sheensy's just named a squad this week, he's named a squad of 20 players, we'll see where he goes from there but he's pretty good at keeping things under wraps, even from us."

    Gallen says his reduced minutes in the past two games – around 35 minutes against Fiji and about 45 minutes against Ireland – was part of managing his workload.

    "That was sort of the plan, I wasn't going to play all three games, so I think that's why [Sheens] took my minutes right down.

    "At this stage of the tournament I'm just happy to be doing that and playing the simple game in the middle of the field and hopefully stay fresh and keep the body fresh for the last couple of games."

    After blowing the cobwebs out in a tough opening win against England – Gallen concedes the team didn't start well and took a while to get going – the Kangaroos spent the next two games focusing on defence.

    "On the weekend (in the 50-nil win over Ireland) we were probably expected to win by that sort of margin, now we go into the games that are do or die," he says.

    "We're probably expected to win this week too; we'll focus mainly on defence I think, against Fiji and against Ireland we didn't let in any tries, that was our big focus for the week and I'd say it'll be our focus again next week, just concentrating on our defence.

    "When we run into, the week after I think it'll be Fiji or Samoa, they're teams that can attack so defence is a big key for us at the moment."

    Looking ahead to the clash with the tomahawks, Gallen says the Australian squad is focused on itself rather than the opposition – one of the real surprise packets of the tournament to date – but echoed comments from Sam Thaiday that the USA's performance is good for the game globally.

    "I think it's good for the game in general, a country as big as America and as big a population as theirs, for the game to take off over there, I think it's good for rugby league," he says.

    "The Americans, you see how much they love the NFL, rugby league has a similar sort of [physical] impact but with more fitness involved so they might actually enjoy it.

    "That's a long way off but all in all I think it's good for the game, they should be proud of where they've got to."


    - - - Updated - - -

    Andrew Fifita is league's ironman, having played the most games of any player in 2013

    Andrew Fifita against Ireland. Source: Getty Images

    HE was once accused of being an overweight and lazy trainer.

    Now, Andrew Fifita is haunting his critics.Fifita - the 118kg monster - has officially become the NRL's toughest and most enduring footballer.

    Fox Sports Stats can today reveal that Fifita has played the most games this year of any player in rugby league - a stunning achievement for a front-rower.

    The Sharks, NSW and Test prop has played 33 matches so far in 2013 - 25 for Cronulla, an All Stars match, the City-Country fixture, three games for NSW and three Tests for Australia.

    He also played two trial games against Manly and Newcastle.And Fifita is expected to play the quarter final, semi-final and World Cup final in England.

    That would take his grand tally to 38 matches - a monumental effort for a player unwanted by Wests Tigers just two years ago.

    "It's massive," Sharks coach Shane Flanagan said.

    "Andrew has a big motor and can move around the field. He came to us last year and has learnt about his body, how to eat right and rehydrate.

    "He is a big man with a big frame. He can carry some weight but he trained so well in the off-season."Andrew did that. We gave him the opportunity but he did all the work."

    Manly's Kieran Foran and Newcastle's Darius Boyd are one match behind Fifita on 32 games. One game further back are Cameron Smith, Michael Jennings, Brent Kite and Daly Cherry-Evans.

    Fifita though is the outright leader.

    "It's not so much how many games he has played but how many minutes. He plays big minutes," Flanagan said."A lot of front rowers at the 18th minute mark look to get out of there. We actually have trouble getting Andrew onto the bench.

    "I think he learned a lot this year. He had a knee injury before our semi-final against North Queensland and thought about pulling out.

    "A lot of young front-rowers haven't experienced playing with injury, especially these days with first grade squads of 25 to 30 players.

    "It was a big point in Andrew's career. He wasn't a stand-out in the game but got through it. Then knew he could play with injury."

    Andrew Fifita against England. Source: Getty Images

    Most Games Played 2013 (as of 11 November)

    Andrew Fifita - 33

    Kieran Foran - 32

    Darius Boyd - 32

    Cameron Smith - 31

    Michael Jennings - 31

    Brent Kite - 31

    Daly Cherry-Evans - 31

    Jorge Taufua - 30

    Billy Slater - 30

    Issac Luke - 30

    Last edited: Nov 14, 2013
  12. rhugh89

    rhugh89 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus Staff Member Admin

    Aug 12, 2012
    Thurston welcomes Cherry-Evans threat

    By Liam FitzGibbon
    3:50pm Thu 14th November, 2013

    Kangaroos star Johnathan Thurston admits the form of rising playmaker Daly Cherry-Evans has put him and halves partner Cooper Cronk on notice at the Rugby League World Cup.

    Cherry-Evans has been included in Australia's 20-man squad for Saturday's quarter-final against the US in Wrexham after impressing in two games during the group stage.

    While the Manly playmaker is likely to be handed a spot on the bench in the final 17, coach Tim Sheens says the 24-year-old is also putting pressure on the first-choice halves for a starting spot.

    And veteran five-eighth Thurston has welcomed the competition provided by Cherry-Evans' excellent performances against Fiji and Ireland.

    "That's what we need whenever you're playing for Australia, that healthy competition and that's what it's all about," Thurston told AAP on Wednesday.

    "As you've seen against Ireland on the weekend, Daly did a wonderful job of stepping in.

    "No doubt if we don't perform, Sheensy will have no hesitation in making those changes."

    Cherry-Evans stepped in for both Cronk and Thurston on separate occasions when the pair were rested during the group campaign, with the 24-year-old named man of the match against Ireland last week.

    His selection in the squad to face the Tomahawks came at the expense of Wests Tigers hooker Robbie Farah but Cherry-Evans isn't getting ahead of himself thinking he has sewn up a utility spot on the bench.

    "It's one step closer to hopefully being named this weekend," Cherry-Evans said.

    "I'm not counting my chickens too early. I'm still thereabouts in Tim's mind, hopefully come Saturday I'll be thereabouts in the 17.

    "Hopefully I can continue to reward (Sheens) if I am in the squad come Saturday."

    While Cherry-Evans is ambitious, he played down any rivalry between him and fellow Queenslanders Thurston and Cronk.

    "I still see myself as the rookie behind those two," Cherry-Evans said.

    "I need to make sure when I am in the side or when I am getting a game that I ask them for advice and try and benefit myself and getting them to go back on their past experiences and lend a hand."

    Australia are unbackable favourites against the Tomahawks, the 500-1 tournament outsiders who have defied the odds to reach the last eight.

    But Cherry-Evans insists the World Cup surprise packets deserve the same level of respect as any other side.

    "We aren't taking them any lighter than an England or Kiwi side," Cherry-Evans said.

    "We will be on our game and playing the best football we can."


  13. rhugh89

    rhugh89 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus Staff Member Admin

    Aug 12, 2012
    Mal Meninga faces selection dilemma with Daly Cherry-Evans and incumbent Cooper Cronk

    Daly Cherry-Evans scores against Fiji. Source: Getty Images

    IN SIX months, the headache will be Mal Meninga's.

    And so will the blessing.The Queensland Origin way is to retain Cooper Cronk at halfback and keep the younger Daly Cherry-Evans on the bench as understudy and second-half strike weapon.

    It makes sense and would be the comfortable option.But by May, will it be the best way to ensure the Maroons stay one step ahead of NSW when Laurie Daley looks to show what he has learnt?

    Tim Sheens understandably chose stability this week when finding a way to shoehorn Cherry-Evans into his Australian squad to play in the World Cup quarter-finals on Saturday night (Queensland time).

    Cronk is the reigning Dally M player of the year.You drop one of those, and it's going to invite all sorts of questions and second guessing.Cronk knows how to get a team to play to a structure, which suits Origin and Tests.

    He has both the experience and the composure to kick a winning field goal to clinch a series.

    The Storm halfback has the understanding of many seasons of club football with Cam Smith and Billy Slater.

    He has played many representative games now with Johnathan Thurston at five-eighth.

    Cronk paid his dues with six straight performances off the bench for Queensland in 2010 and 2011, waiting for Darren Lockyer to retire so Thurston could bolt to the No.6 spot.

    That's the Queensland way - play your role, learn about Origin, don't make a fuss, wait your turn. Eight series wins out of eight says a bit about the policy.

    Those thoughts are the case for already writing the name Cherry-Evans, outstanding in two cameos for the Maroons in 2013, again next to the No.14 on a Queensland team list in biro, not pencil.

    But at his current rate of improvement, playing Cherry-Evans for 20 minutes as a back-rower is like keeping a new Mercedes in the garage for Sunday drives.

    Queensland and Australia are so overstocked for talent in the halves that the Dally M player of the year keeps the Churchill Medallist on the bench.

    On a blurry-eyed morning last Sunday, I flicked on Fox Sports News.There was a blond-haired No.6, head thrown back, accelerating through a hole.

    Who on Earth was that?

    Oh, it was Cherry-Evans.Different jersey, different number, it took a second to realise who it was.You know how it works sometimes.I know he was only playing against Ireland, but class is class when playing against the cones at training.

    Ever since rep football benches expanded to four players, it has been a useful tool for coaches to keep star players sweet.Bob Fulton did it twice on Kangaroo tours to Allan Langer and to Ricky Stuart in Tests in the same period.

    Judging by what he has said publicly over the years, Cherry-Evans gives the impression he is not the sort who will agitate and lobby behind the scenes ahead of the selection of the first Origin team of 2014.

    The Manly half is going to be a good soldier in service of Queensland, Meninga and his selectors. It makes the status quo an easy choice.

    Asked in Manchester this week if Cherry-Evans was applying pressure to starting halves Thurston and Cronk for the World Cup sudden-death games, Sheens said:

    "He is applying enough pressure to keep both boys on their toes, that's all I will say there."For me, it is a headache and a blessing. In my opinion they have been the three best halves in the NRL.''

    It's fair comment. The sort of thing a rep coach would say.Daley, for his part, has said Roosters halves Mitchell Pearce, the first NSW halfback to be involved in five series losses, and James Maloney are almost certain to be sent back in for the series opener.

    The question for Meninga is, does staying loyal to the ones who made him, as the old coaching saying goes, stray to the point of youth being denied a chance to improve the team?


    - - - Updated - - -

    Rugby League World Cup leaves USA Tomahawks players financially short-changed

    THEY have been the Cinderella story of the World Cup but the financial reality for the United States is that their *astonishing success on the field has left their battling players short-changed ahead of their quarter final showdown with Australia.

    While the Kangaroo players get paid about $15,000 for a Test on top of a living allowance and all meals and accommodation supplied, the Tomahawks get no match payments and no living allowance.

    Just a free feed and a bed.

    On top of that, all but four of their squad have had to take time off work from their fulltime jobs just to be here.

    Now on the eve of their elimination shootout with Australia, Tomahawks coach Terry Matterson has revealed their prizemoney will be cut almost in half because of costs associated with flight changes - simply because no one expected them to still be around for the business end of the tournament.

    Matterson described the last month "as the most rewarding thing I have ever done in the game".

    And that's saying something given he won two premierships with the Broncos andplayed State of Origin for NSW.

    He also reckons the Tomahawks have unearthed three future NRL players in livewire hooker Tui Samoa, front-rower Mark Offerdahl and winger Bureta Faraimo.

    But he says if World Cup organisers could learn one thing going forward, it is that developing nations like the US could do with more support.

    Last edited: Nov 14, 2013
  14. rhugh89

    rhugh89 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus Staff Member Admin

    Aug 12, 2012
    Tate dropped for RLWC quarter-final

    By Liam FitzGibbon
    7:00am Fri 15th November, 2013

    Brent Tate has been left out of Australia's team to face the USA.

    Veteran centre Brent Tate has been dropped from the Kangaroos squad to face the United States, paving the way for Jarryd Hayne to start in Saturday's Rugby League World Cup quarter-final.

    Tate had been the incumbent right centre in Tim Sheens' first-choice Australian side but was the odd man out as the a 20-man squad was trimmed by one on Thursday.

    Tate joined Josh Morris and Michael Jennings in being left out of the squad for the clash at Wrexham, in Wales, meaning Hayne has likely won the race to partner Greg Inglis in the centres.

    Sheens had been keen to play his cards close to his chest over the contentious position but Tate's axing was revealed when tournament officials announced Australia's 19-man squad on Thursday, despite the Kangaroos initially naming 20 players.

    Hayne missed out on selection in Australia's tournament-opening win over England but impressed in pool matches against Fiji and Ireland as Sheens rotated his squad.

    The Parramatta star played on the wing in both games but it appears his form has convinced Sheens to play him out of position at centre, although the coach could also opt to shift Brett Morris closer to the middle.

    Hayne's likely selection means he will face Eels teammate Joseph Paulo on Saturday and the US captain won't be surprised if that is the case.

    Paulo said earlier on Thursday he already had a feeling Hayne would be playing because he hadn't been receiving text messages from his good friend recently.

    "I was actually trying to see if he was still coming to my wedding but he hasn't replied lately so I figured he must be picked," Paulo said.

    "I know how gifted and talented he is and it is great knowing he will be out there playing against us."

    Hayne scored a double in last week's 50-0 win over Ireland in Limerick, his eighth Test for Australia.

    The NSW star this week paid tribute to 25-year-old Paulo, who has been one of the players of the tournament and instrumental in the Tomahawks' unlikely run to knockout stages.

    Hayne has played with Paulo since juniors and said the ball-playing backrower would return to the Eels next season a better player for his World Cup experience.

    "It will be good for his confidence and obviously the exposure as well," Hayne said.

    "He has come from nowhere.

    "I remember when he was in the qualifying stages last year and just to make it (to the World Cup) was huge for them.

    "Then for them to come over and shock the world is great."

    Sheens will not name his final 17 until an hour before Saturday's match.


    1. Billy Slater
    2. Brett Morris
    3. Jarryd Hayne
    4. Greg Inglis
    5. Darius Boyd
    6. Johnathan Thurston
    7. Cooper Cronk
    8. Matthew Scott
    9. Cameron Smith (capt)
    10. James Tamou
    11. Greg Bird
    12. Sam Thaiday
    13. Paul Gallen (vc)

    INTERCHANGE - (2 to be ommited)

    14. Daly Cherry-Evans
    15. Andrew Fifita
    16. Nate Myles
    17. Corey Parker
    18. Josh Papalii
    19. Boyd Cordner


    - - - Updated - - -

    Tomahawk's shock return from broken arm

    By Chris Garry
    9:29am Fri 15th November, 2013

    In scenes reminiscent of Shane Webcke's 2000 NRL grand final appearance, Tomahawks' backrower Mark Cantoni will make his World Cup debut just one month after breaking his arm.

    Cantoni, a bulldozing second rower who is on annual leave from his surveying job in Queensland, has been selected in the Tomahawks 19-man squad to face the Kangaroos.

    Saturday's quarter final clash against the tournament favourites in Wrexham will be Cantoni's final game in a code he has played in France, Queensland, New South Wales and the USA.

    Cantoni was shattered when he broke his arm in the Tomahawks' thrilling victory over France in Toulouse in their World Cup warm-up in late October.

    While outside of the camp many wrote the 34-year-old's tournament off, a sheer will to compete for USA drove Cantoni to attempt a comeback.

    On Saturday his hard work pays off.

    Tomahawks' captain Joseph Paulo, who will face Parramatta Eels teammate Jarryd Hayne on Saturday, said it was this team's bond that had spurred them to a never-imagined quarter-final against the Kangaroos.

    "You can tell there is something special about this team," Paulo said.

    "We are not here for money.

    "The morale here... you can tell we will be mates for life.

    "This is built on hard work and we are all fighting for something.

    "We are here playing for each other.

    "We are ambassadors for the game at the World Cup and for America."

    Paulo said he knew Hayne would be picked in the team because he had not been texting him recently.

    "I was actually trying to see if he was still coming to my wedding, but he hasn't replied lately so I figured he must be picked," Paulo said.

    "I know how gifted and talented he is and it is great knowing he will be out there playing against us."


    Mark Cantoni, Bureta Faraimo, Kristian Freed, Michael Garvey, Roman Hifo, Danny Howard, Stephen Howard, Joel Luani, Clint Newton, Mark Offerdahl, Joseph Paulo, Matt Petersen, Eddy Pettybourne, Craig Priestly, Tui Samoa, Matt Shipway, Les Soloai, Loto Tagaloa, Taylor Welch.


    Last edited: Nov 15, 2013
  15. jamesgould

    jamesgould Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus Staff Member Admin

    Dec 14, 2005
    Lower Hutt, New Zealand
    I'm a bit baffled that they're not going with a specialist centre ...
  16. rhugh89

    rhugh89 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus Staff Member Admin

    Aug 12, 2012
    Sheens says no player safe in RLWC team

    By Liam FitzGibbon
    10:20am Fri 15th November, 2013

    Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens has warned his players he won't be afraid to produce big selection shocks in the Rugby League World Cup knockout stages.

    Sheens has stressed while he's loyal to the players that have done the job for him in recent years, one bad game is all it could take to lose a spot in the side.

    The coach cited historical selection battles between Wally Lewis and Brett Kenny, as well as Allan Langer and Ricky Stuart, as examples that even the biggest names weren't immune to being dropped in sudden death tournaments.

    "I've said to our guys that Test matches are a season within itself - you don't play poorly in a Test match and get the next match," Sheens said.

    "Many a player - Wally Lewis, Alfie Langer - have been dropped in a Test match series when it becomes sudden death.

    "The coaches were very tough on who they selected and there's been some great players sit on the sidelines in series over the past 20 years

    "We can't be any different."

    Sheens has produced few selection shocks in the tournament so far, staying loyal to the players that have helped Australia to a 12-match winning streaking.

    However the coach admitted the form of rising playmaker Daly Cherry-Evans had first-choice halves Cooper Cronk and Johnathan Thurston "looking over their shoulder".

    "No-one is really comfortable and that's a great thing," Sheens said.

    Australia face the United States in Saturday's quarter-final in Wrexham, Wales, with the winner to face either Samoa or Fiji in the semi-finals at Wembley.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Sheens bracing for 'intense' US at RLWC

    By Liam FitzGibbon
    10:33am Fri 15th November, 2013

    The ultimate mismatch it may be, but Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens says the intensity of sudden death rugby league will ensure Australia are tested in their quarter-final against World Cup surprise packets the United States.

    The sides meet in Wrexham, Wales in an unlikely match-up on Saturday, with the Tomahawks defying their 500-1 pre-tournament odds to progress to the last eight.

    All fairytales have an ending and that will surely come against Sheens' tournament favourites this week.

    But the Australian coach says his players would be foolish to expect a repeat of some relatively straight-forward group stage wins.

    "The intensity will lift this week in every game, it doesn't matter who you're playing," Sheens said.

    "Because it's sudden death now and no-one holds back.

    "You ask the guys the difference between the NRL (regular season) and semi-finals, it's chalk and cheese.

    "No matter who you play, you've got to show them respect."

    Not that Sheens believes the Tomahawks have stumbled into the quarter-finals by accident.

    Despite not even knowing all of his players' names when he accepted a late SOS to coach the side, Terry Matterson guided the US to wins over the Cook Islands and Wales, despite a punishing schedule of three games in nine days.

    A sprinkling of players with NRL experience, including captain Joseph Paulo and forwards Clint Newton and Eddy Pettybourne, have been crucial to the Americans' success.

    "They have got there because of experience and they are a well-coached side," Sheens said.

    "They're showing good shape and enthusiasm and they're going to come out with a win-or-get-eliminated attitude."

    After rotating his squad in pool wins over Fiji and Ireland, Sheens will field his strongest available team against the US.

    There is expected to be only a couple of changes from the side that beat England in the tournament opener, with in-form playmaker Daly Cherry-Evans to replace the dropped Robbie Farah as a bench utility.

    Veteran centre Brent Tate has also been axed, with Jarryd Hayne likely to partner Greg Inglis in the centres, while rookie Boyd Cordner has all but secured their interchange spot vacated by injured backrower Luke Lewis.

    Vice captain Paul Gallen must pass a late fitness test on a leg injury.

    Australia's build-up to the match started dramatically with fullback Billy Slater involved in a nightclub fight early on Monday morning, but the players insist it has not hampered preparations.

    The winner of the match will face either Samoa or Fiji in the semi-finals.


  17. Joshhh

    Joshhh OnARampageFuelledByGod

    Feb 21, 2010
    New Lambton, Newcastle
    In the case of Hayne, I don't think it's much of a disadvantage.
  18. jamesgould

    jamesgould Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus Staff Member Admin

    Dec 14, 2005
    Lower Hutt, New Zealand
    Defensively it's the toughest position on the park to play though ... do you really want to find out if he's any good there in a world cup final? I wouldn't risk it myself, as brilliant a player as Hayne is.
  19. rhugh89

    rhugh89 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus Staff Member Admin

    Aug 12, 2012
    Agreed James, Imo it's a shocking decision ...

    I hope Jarryd does well but the defense is a question for sure, Here is my concern..

    - Hayne made 102 Tackles in the NRL season but missed 21 in just 15 games (1.5 per game, Misses 20% of all tackles he attempts)

    I think Tim Sheens has been smoking funny stuff with Stephen Kearney..

    Firstly he makes a mistake putting Tate in the squad instead of Jennings who is a much better option...

    Then he decides to drop Tate 24 hours later and play Hayne in the centres (Has played 14 club games there and 1 origin but last played Centre in 2011)...

    Wouldn't it be a better idea to play people in their natural positions ??

    Brett Morris doesn't deserve his place either imo...

    It should've looked like this...

    1. Slater
    2. Hayne
    3. Jennings
    4. Inglis
    5. Boyd
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2013
  20. cameron

    cameron Craig Gower

    May 5, 2013
    He did play centre in origin 2011, but yeah after not picking J.Morris and Jennings, you would've thought they'd play Tate. I do agree though it should be Hayne, Jennings, Inglis, Boyd.

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