Tyson Frizell


Darren Treacy
It is on the NRL site as well. The dragons and the knights have both offered him a three year deal.

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Evan Cochrane
Club loyalty aside, if the offers are comparable it probably comes down to which team gives him the best opportunity to win a premiership.

I might be a little biased, but I reckon that opportunity will be while wearing red and blue.


Ben Kennedy
Said he could command up to 800k a season, which is less then what Boyd Cordner is on (comparing backrowers), and he's better then Boyd Cordner, hell Angus got $1m and hes better then Angus lol.

It's reasonable if that's whats on offer.


Darren Albert
Sounds like the Knights are quietly confident.
Knights and Dragons have both tabled 3 year deals.
Dragons unlikely to be able to match Newcastles offer, it all comes down to if he is prepared to leave the dragons.
A decision either way should come sooner rather than later.
Says its unlikely that the Dragons would release him for 2020 but if they did the Knights salary cap is in a good position to get him here.


John Crooks
Signing Frizell would be fantastic but losing Ese would leave us kinda skinny in the front row/lock