The NRL’s funding feud


Steve Simpson
The NRL is currently in dispute with both the clubs and the players. Peter V’landys should be careful screwing down both the clubs and the players. The 14 clubs have the power to remove him.

The NRL’s funding feud, a breakaway league and what it means for the game



Michael Eagar
Very interesting last line.....

"If tensions continue to simmer, we could see a change in(sic) at the pointy end of the NRL leadership."

The issues and tensions being resolved are nothing new in the game where negotiations with the clubs, the RLPA, etc. are occurring. What is heightening the situation is the fact that there are these multiple issues all occurring at the same time...building a bit of a perfect storm.

The point the article makes about the club's collective power to move V'Landys on is an interesting one, although I think he is as cunning and resilient as a $h!thouse rat and he is a survivor.

On that basis alone, I would not put it past V'Landys to see himself survive and see Abdo get offered up as the scapegoat for not getting this mess resolved, even though I'd bet control freak V'Landys is the reason this is playing out the way it is at the moment.


James Goulding
See, I hate all this. Talk of 'we want more money', ect.

As an aged care worker, I'd love to get in 10yrs what some of these players get in just 1.
And yes, I understand that networks, sponsors, and supporters pay lots of money for the entertainment they provide (even the Knights!), and those putting their bodies on the line for that entertainment, rightly, should be paid accordingly. I get that, but it just rubs me the wrong way when I hear of players, who earn 20x what I earn crying "Wah wah! I want more money!"


Tony Butterfield
Aged care workers definitely aren’t compensated fairly. Crazy idea: pay essential workers an amount which reflects how essential they are.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
The old girl is a aged care worker. Definitely don’t get paid enough and not something I could ever do. I earn more in one day on a Sunday then she would earn in 2 weeks.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
There was a time in Rugby League, not so long ago, that there were hundreds of old guys who dressed up in suits and attended meetings where they did nothing but fight with each other and the other bodies set up to organise the game.
Those old guys were paid big money to fight with each other and get almost nothing done.

Since then the game has been streamlined down to a group of professional managers organising the game in a business like manner.

So basically, money arguments now are not about redirecting money from wasteful practices to the players, but about how much money goes to expanding and improving the game, and how much goes to the players.

The players will always want every dollar they can get, and the administrators will always want to fund things like advertising and ground improvements and comps that don't make money like the NRLW, NSW cup etc.

In short, 20 years ago the players were being ripped off and a heap of money was going to old guys who did nothing worthwhile, but now I think every extra dollar the players get is a dollar that can't be spent on bringing in new teams like the Dolphins or advertising to keep the game growing, which will eventually make the game more money to spend on players.

Captain Planet

Clinton O'Brien