Rumour: Knights to offload Jarrod Mullen as part of player clean-out


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
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What's the Buzz: Newcastle Knights to offload Jarrod Mullen as part of player clean-out

James Phelps, The Sunday Telegraph
35 minutes ago
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JARROD Mullen is to become the face of a $2 million clean-out at the Knights, with the homegrown hero headlining a list of players facing the axe.

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal the Knights are attempting to offload Mullen as part of a multimillion-dollar salary cap cull that began last week when James McManus announced his retirement.

Kade Snowden and Akuila Uate are also in the firing line with Nathan Brown looking to clear the decks in the biggest shake-up since Wayne Bennett put the broom through the club.

Mullen is on more than $500,000 a season while Uate and Snowden are costing the club more than $1 million a year in a salary-cap crush that will prevent the NRL battlers from making a major signing for next year.

McManus kicked off the clean-out when the NRL approved an “injury retirement request’’ that allowed the Knights to make a salary cap-exempt payout to the former NSW State of Origin winger.

It is understood a similar application will be made on behalf of Snowden following a series of crippling injuries that have all but ruined his career.

Both Uate and Mullen will be shopped around.

One of the game’s highest-paid wingers, Uate is playing reserve grade after being dumped from Brown’s NRL team, while Mullen has been battling injury.

It is understood the Knights are attempting to sign Sharks forward Chris Heighington with Brown looking to add some much-needed experience to his forward pack.


Cannot support this whatsoever. Brown will drive us into the ground if Cogger or Lamb are forced into a full time position with Hodko.


Matthew Johns
Oh my. Chris heiny..... Really browny. Shopping mullo around? You for real. Hmmmmmm he really has lost the plot.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
He's nearly 30.
He is our best player still, but father time says we need to replace him.

Chief Longhorn

Adam Muir
He's nearly 30.
He is our best player still, but father time says we need to replace him.
Not next year Bill! This is purely personality and good coaches and trainers manage personalities! I trust Brown, but he would want to have an ace up his sleave to pull this one!

Left Foot

Browny will still realise just cause you have money to throw at players doesn't mean they will come here to this rabble.


Todd Bates
It needs to be done. Regardless of how good Mullen is when he's healthy, he's getting paid too much money and still has 2 years to run on his deal. Our salary cap is in such a mess, the quicker we can get rid of these players on overpaid contracts the better. Even if it means we have to pay part of their new deals. It will mean more short-term pain but it needs to be done.

I think Lamb will be ready for more first grade next season but hopefully we sign an experienced half, even if just for depth.


We'll end up signing Benji 'unwanted by every NRL club' Marshall to go along with superstar signings Chris Heighington & Rory Kostjasyn at this rate.


Michael Hagan
So let me get this straight, Hodkinson has done NOTHING this year, at all, barely led the team whatsoever and would cost just as much to clean out...but Mullen needs to go?

And we're going to spend the cap space on ****ing Chris Heighington? Give me a break. I've supported Brown completely so far but this makes absolutely no sense. You could argue stability in the halves for Mullen but he's done more in 4/5 games this year than Hodkinson has done all season. If his idea is to replace him with Cogger or Lamb, they're still too young and too far away from being NRL ready.


Todd Bates
Well apparently Brown is open to letting Hodkinson go to the Dragons as well, as long as we're not paying the majority of his contract. The plan is to free up cap space by moving on overpaid and underperforming players. It's pretty simple really.


Mark Hughes
Mullen returns, we nearly beat Melb, we look on par with sharks at halftime when Mullen gets injured, go on to look like garbage, look like headless chickens against Manly. Mullen returns and we take the dogs to the end, and now we want to get rid of him. But don't worry, Brown has a plan to get us top of the table in his 5 year plan. We'll just watch some of the talent we do have waste away.


Scott Carter
We seem to be heading to a similar situation to when Brian Smith was here. He was very unpopular but with the benefit of hindsight he should have been kept to finish what he started.

One thing I don't understand is how does moving a player on before their contract is up remove pressure from the cap. What ever you need to pay to the new team needs to be added to the value of the replacement player. Therefore making the new player overpaid also.

I know other teams do it too. I just don't understand.