Round 2: Canterbury vs St George Illawarra

Discussion in 'Marathon Stadium Competitions' started by jamesgould, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. jamesgould

    jamesgould Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus Staff Member Admin

    Dec 14, 2005
    Lower Hutt, New Zealand
    For all bets and match discussion, post here.
  2. PantherPower

    PantherPower Guest

    sorry but the doggies beat panthers last week and took out Michael Gordan i have to bet against them
  3. ManlyFanatic

    ManlyFanatic Guest

    I bet st george aswell.
  4. PantherPower

    PantherPower Guest

    your a good man, apart from the fact that near noboby likes you that much, don't worry i wont hack out on you unless you diss a team that i support
  5. ManlyFanatic

    ManlyFanatic Guest

    Don't get me started on penrith. Let's just stick to Newcastle as we are on a Newcastle forum.
  6. tomhill

    tomhill Guest

    i think thats a good idea gents
  7. PantherPower

    PantherPower Guest

    thank you for reminding me, i will be sure to take that in account. lets just agree to not hack out on the teams we support and give positive comments to the team we are here to support
  8. ManlyFanatic

    ManlyFanatic Guest

    I understand.

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