Old Newcastle matches from the 80s & 90s on VHS or DVD


Greg Smith
Good Day everyone,

Was wondering if anyone out there might have some old Newcastle Knights games from the 80s & 90s they would like to get rid of or trade that I don’t have from my list of games below? I have been collecting for a while now from this era, might be a long shot but was hoping some fan out there might have a few of the games I don’t have, if anyone is interested in any of my games I am happy to share as well.

Newcastle Grand Final. Maitland v Cessnock1983
Grand Final Newcastle. Lakes United v South Newcastle1987
Panasonic Cup Prelim Round. Combined Brisbane v Newcastle1988
Panasonic Cup Rd 1. Newcastle v Manly1988
Panasonic Cup 1/4 Final. Sydney City v Newcastle1988
Round 1. Newcastle Knights v. Parramatta Eels1988
Panasonic Cup Round 1. Canterbury v Newcastle1989
Round 8. Newcastle v Canterbury1989
Round 17. Balmain Newcastle1989
SG Ball - Newcastle v Parramatta1989
Norths v Manly. Newcastle v Cronulla. - Channel 10 Challenge Round 11990
Newcastle v Norths - Channel 10 Challenge Qualifing Final1990
Round 6. Brisbane v Newcastle1990
Round 7. Balmain v Newcastle. Illawarra v St. George. Brisbane v Norths. City v Country1990
Round 10. Canberra v Newcastle1990
Round 12. Canterbury v Parramatta. St. George v Norths. Cronulla v Newcastle. S.O.O. Game 31990
Round 17. Newcastle v Manly1990
Round 21. Balmain v Parramatta. Brisbane v Newcastle1990
Round 22. Newcastle v Balmain1990
5th Place Playoff. Balmain v Newcastle1990
Presidents Cup Round 15. Newcastle v South Sydney1990
Presidents Cup Round 19. Newcastle v Penrith1990
U/21's North Sydney v Newcastle1990
Newcastle Grand Final. Waratah v Lakes1990
Lotto Challenge Cup Rd1. Newcastle v Balmain1991
Lotto Challenge Cup Qualifying Final. Brisbane v Newcastle1991
Round 2. Penrith v Newcastle1991
Round 10. Wests v Newcastle1991
Round 15. Newcastle v Brisbane1991
Round 21. Canterbury v Newcastle1991
Newcastle Grand Final. Western Suburbs v Toronto1991
Round 4. Manly v Newcastle1992
Round 7. Canberra v Newcastle1992
Round 8. Newcastle v Balmain1992
Round 10. Newcastle v Sydney City1992
Round 12. St George v Newcastle1992
Round 15. Newcastle v North Sydney1992
Round 17. Newcastle v Penrith1992
Round 21. Brisbane v Newcastle1992
Round 22. Newcastle v Canberra1992
Minor Preliminary Final. Newcastle v. Wests1992
Elimination Final. St George v Newcastle1992
U/21s - Penrith v Newcastle1992
Newcastle Astros v Lake Macquarie Coalminers1992
Ashes Tour. Newcastle v Great Britain1992
Tooheys Challenge Rd1. Newcastle v Canberra1993
Round 8. St George v Newcastle1993
Round 11. Canterbury v Newcastle1993
Round 15. Brisbane v Newcastle1993
Round 21. Gold Coast v Newcastle1993
Grand Final Reserve Grade. Newcastle v North Sydney1993
U/21s - Newcastle v Illawarra1993
Toohey's Challenge Rd1. Newcastle v Balmain1994
Round 1. South Sydney v Newcastle1994
Round 2. Newcastle v Wests1994
Round 3. Canberra v Newcastle1994
Round 4. Newcastle v Manly1994
Round 5. Canterbury v Newcastle1994
Round 8. North Sydney v Newcastle1994
Round 9. Balmain v Newcastle1994
Round 11. Gold Coast v Newcastle1994
Round 12. Newcastle v St. George1994
Round 13. Newcastle v Sydney City1994
Round 14. Penrith v Newcastle1994
Round 15. Newcastle v Brisbane1994
Round 16. Newcastle v Souths1994
Round 18. Newcastle v Canberra1994
Round 20. Newcastle v Canterbury1994
Round 22. Illawarra v Newcastle1994
Reserve Grade Grand Final. Cronulla v Newcastle1994
Toohey's Challenge Prelim Round Newcastle v Manly1995
Toohey's Challenge Qualifying Final. Newcastle v Brisbane1995
Round 7. Newcastle v South Sydney1995
Round 12. St George v Newcastle1995
Round 13. Newcastle v Canterbury1995
Round 14. Newcastle v Canberra1995
Round 15. Newcastle v Brisbane1995
Round 17. Newcastle v Manly1995
Round 20. Sydney City v Newcastle1995
Round 22. Newcastle v Cronulla1995
Qualifying Final. Newcastle v North Sydney1995
Semi Final. Newcastle v Cronulla1995
Preliminary Final. Manly v Newcastle1995
Grand Final Reserve Grade. Newcastle v Cronulla1995
Word 7's - Newcastle Knights Matches1996
Round 3. St George v Newcastle1996
Round 6. Newcastle v Western Suburbs1996
Round 12. Newcastle v St George1996
Round 14. Newcastle v Canberra1996
Round 15. Brisbane v Newcastle1996
Round 16. Newcastle v North Sydney1996
Round 17. Manly v Newcastle1996
Round 19. Parramatta v Newcastle1996
Round 20. Newcastle v Sydney City1996
Round 1. Newcastle v St George1997
Round 2. North Sydney v Newcastle1997
Round 3. Newcastle v South Queensland1997
Round 4. Sydney City v Newcastle1997
Round 6. Western Suburbs v Newcastle1997
Round 7. Manly v Newcastle1997
Round 8. Newcastle v Illawarra1997
Round 9. Gold Coast v Newcastle1997
Round 11. Balmain v Newcastle1997
Round 14. South Queensland v Newcastle1997
Round 15. Newcastle v Sydney City1997
Round 16. Newcastle v Parramatta1997
Round 18. Newcastle v Manly1997
Round 22. Newcastle v Balmain1997
Major Qualifying Final. Manly v Newcastle1997
Preliminary Final. North Sydney v Newcastle1997
Grand Final. Newcastle v Manly1997
Under 20's . St George v Newcastle1997
Round 1. North Sydney v Newcastle1998
Round 2. Newcastle v Auckland1998
Round 3. Illawarra v Newcastle1998
Round 4. Newcastle v Western Suburbs1998
Round 6. North Queensland v Newcastle1998
Round 7. Auckland v Newcastle1998
Round 8. Newcastle v Brisbane1998
Round 9. Manly v Newcastle1998
Round 10. Newcastle v Norths1998
Round 12. Sydney City v Newcastle1998
Round 13. Cronulla v Newcastle1998
Round 15. Canberra v Newcastle1998
Round 16. Newcastle v Parramatta1998
Round 19. Newcastle v St George1998
Round 20. Melbourne v Newcastle1998
Round 21. Illawarra v Newcastle1998
Round 23. Balmain v Newcastle1998
Round 24. Newcastle v Adelaide1998
Elimination Preliminary Final. Canterbury v Newcastle1998
Round 1. Manly v Newcastle1999
Round 2. Newcastle v Parramatta1999
Round 3. Canterbury v Newcastle1999
Round 4. Newcastle v Manly1999
Round 6. Newcastle v St George1999
Round 7. Newcastle v Brisbane1999
Round 8. Canberra v Newcastle1999
Round 9. Parramatta v Newcastle1999
Round 10. Newcastle v North Sydney1999
Round 11. Penrith v Newcastle1999
Round 12. South Sydney v Newcastle1999
Round 13. Newcastle v Cronulla1999
Round 15. Newcastle v Melbourne1999
Round 16. Newcastle v North Queensland1999
Round 17. Newcastle v Western Suburbs1999
Round 18. North Sydney v Newcastle1999
Round 20. Newcastle v Penrith1999
Round 21. Balmain v Newcastle1999
Round 22. Brisbane v Newcastle1999
Round 23. Newcastle v Souths1999
Round 24. St George v Newcastle1999
Round 25. Auckland v Newcastle1999
Qualifying Final. Parramatta v Newcastle1999
Under 21's. South Sydney v Newcastle1999
Round 1. Northern Eagles v Newcastle2000
Round 2. Newcastle v Melbourne2000
Round 3. Newcastle v Wests Tigers2000
Round 4. Auckland v Newcastle2000
Round 5. Brisbane v Newcastle2000
Round 6. Newcastle v Canberra2000
Round 7. Penrith v Newcastle2000
Round 8. Newcastle v St George2000
Round 9. Sydney City v Newcastle2000
Round 10. Newcastle v North Queensland2000
Round 11. Cronulla v Newcastle2000
Round 12. Newcastle v Parramatta2000
Round 15. Canterbury v Newcastle2000
Round 16. North Queensland v Newcastle2000
Round 17. Newcastle v Auckland2000
Round 18. Newcastle v Brisbane2000
Round 19. Canberra v Newcastle2000
Round 20. Newcastle v Northern Eagles2000
Round 22. Newcastle v Sydney City2000
Round 23. Parramatta v Newcastle2000
Round 24. Newcastle v Cronulla2000
Round 25. Wests Tigers v Newcastle2000
Round 26. Newcastle v Canterbury2000
Qualifying Final. Newcastle v Melbourne2000
Preliminary Final. Sydney City v Newcastle2000
Round 1. Newcastle v Northern Eagles2001
Round 2. Sydney City v Newcastle2001
Round 3. Canterbury v Newcastle2001
Round 4. Newcastle v Parramatta2001
Round 5. Brisbane v Newcastle2001
Round 6. Newcastle v Melbourne2001
Round 7. Newcastle v Auckland2001
Round 8. Canberra v Newcastle2001
Round 9. Newcastle v Cronulla2001
Round 10. Newcastle v Wests Tigers2001
Round 11. St George v Newcastle2001
Round 12. Newcastle v North Queensland2001
Round 13. Penrith v Newcastle2001
Round 15. Newcastle v Sydney City2001
Round 17. Parramatta v Newcastle2001
Round 18. Newcastle v Brisbane2001
Round 19. Newcastle v Melbourne2001
Round 20. Auckland v Newcastle2001
Round 21. Newcastle v Canberra2001
Round 22. Cronulla v Newcastle2001
Round 23. Wests Tigers v Newcastle2001
Round 25. North Queensland v Newcastle2001
Round 26. Newcastle v Penrith2001
Qualifying Final. Newcastle v Sydney City2001
Preliminary Final. Newcastle v Cronulla2001
Grand Final. Newcastle v Parramatta2001