Mamo's Bid to Emulate Childhood Heroes

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    Mamo's bid to emulate childhood heroes


    As a youngster growing up on the NSW Central Coast, Jake Mamo dreamt of playing NRL for the Newcastle Knights.

    Whether it was watching on television or heading up the F3 to catch a game, Mamo loved nothing more than the sight of the Knights in full flight.

    “I’ve always gone for the Knights and I liked watching players like Timana Tahu play when I was real young,” Mamo reflects.

    “I remember Andrew Johns always kicking to Tahu in the corner and then jumping over everyone and scoring.”

    Fast forward over a decade and Mamo is living his childhood dream training in the Knights’ full-time squad.

    The 19-year-old winger has made the step up after starring in the NYC last season as the team’s leading try scorer with 22 tries.

    He admits it’s been a bit surreal training with players he once watched on television, but he is thoroughly enjoying the experience.

    “It’s been awesome,” he enthuses.

    “That was my goal and what I wanted to do and it’s just great to be here.

    “I’ve always played footy and growing up as a kid I always wanted to play NRL.

    “Now this is the next step I guess.

    “I grew up at 10-years-old watching most of these guys play footy on TV, now I’m training alongside them.

    “We haven’t done a lot of sessions together so far, but I think someone like Jimmy Mac (McManus) is someone I’ll look up to as a fellow winger.”

    It may be Mamo’s maiden pre-season with the top squad, but he has impressed as the standout performer in training thus far.

    He claimed the best time in the back’s beep test last Friday, while he also finished first past the post in the time trial run.

    Mamo credits extra sprint training over the break for his impressive results.

    “I’ve done a bit of training during the off-season just to get ready and I kind of surprised myself with it,” he says.

    “I just been going down with a few mates from home and doing a bit of sprinting.

    “I’ve always been pretty fit though and I’m an active person.

    “I’m always out doing stuff and I don’t spend a lot of time sitting around, so it just comes naturally a bit.”

    From starring in the SG Ball ranks in 2012 through to the NYC competition this season, Mamo has had quite the meteoric rise.

    The former Ourimbah junior was honoured for his consistency this year when he was awarded the Players’ Player in the 20s.

    He says the award was both an honour and a surprise.

    “That’s like one of the biggest things about footy is to be respected by your mates,” says Mamo, who lives on the Central Coast and travels to training every day.

    “You play footy to play with your mates, so it was a good award to get.”

    While Mamo still qualifies for the under 20s, he is determined to show his worth whilst training with the NRL squad.

    Asked about the biggest difference between the under 20s and NRL, he admitted it was a greater consistency across the board.

    “I think everyone is just here to do their job,” he explains.

    “They know what they’ve got to do and everyone is putting in.

    “Most people are making their times nearly every session, whereas in the 20s there is a big gap between the front-runners and the back.”

    Mamo now has his sights set on continuing to impress to fulfil that lifelong goal of making his NRL debut.

    “That would be best thing ever,” he grins.

    “I couldn’t think of much better than that.

    “I’ll go back to the 20s after we’ve finished pre-season and then hopefully just take off from where I left off last year and have another good season.”

    If Mamo’s success so far is any indication, you can bet 2014 will be just as good if not better. bid to emulate childhood heroes/87559
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    James McManus v2.0, he should be playing NSW Cup by mid-season
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    He's a bit small at 177cm and 85kg, but he is a real finisher and very strong for his size.

    Hopefully he'll grow a little bit more and still keep his speed and fitness.
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    While watching a bit of Mamo this year, he reminded me of Josh Mansour. Both players seem to bounce out of a lot of tackles and barely lose speed.

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