Leigh Maughan gets OAM for services to Rugby League

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  1. Billy

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    Apr 16, 2008

    For those who weren't around in 1988, Leigh Maughan was a commentator on radio and NBN TV for the local League comp and in those days NBN did their own hour long news service from their Newcastle studio (watched by up to 80% of people in Newcastle). Leigh was in a position to bang on about a Newcastle team every night, and he also knew all the movers and shakers in Newcastle League personally. People had been talking about a Newcastle team in the Sydney comp for a few decades, but nothing had been done till Leigh basically bullied and blustered everyone to get on board with a unified bid. At the time, everyone got sick and tired of the sight of him banging on about it, but it's doubtful the Knights would have happened without him getting everyone on the bandwagon by using his unique platform as sports reporter on NBN news every night.
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    Well deserved, grew up in Newcastle living across the road from kurri Bulldogs ground which my dad called The Big Arena.

    Spent my childhood going to games all around Newcastle watching the Bulldogs and listening to Leigh.

    He was instrumental in getting the Knights up and running, but deserves one simply for his service to Rugby League just in the Newcastle area.

    Thoroughly deserved.
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