Knights Vs Storm Trial Saturday 4.45 PM- livestream weblink and discussion


Matthew Gidley
A lot of cobwebs, no cohesion really till later in game when melb took their best off.

Was good watching a game again, dont care about score, no injuries was the best outcome.

Bring on March 11.


Luke Quigley
Matt Croker did more than Sue in that game, but Sue wasn't given a lot of time. Jake Saifiti got even less time I think.
matt croker has more to prove, nrl players were sent out to go through the motions for 40 get some game time under their belt and get ready for round 1, then 2nd half every player out there either had something to prove and for alot of them that was their biggest game of the year. both clubs treated that trial completely different.


Matthew Johns
Josh king just gets bent way too easy for a prop. Saulo, sue, and Croker seemed to create more off the back of their runs. King tried the Klemmer style runs but isn't klemmers backside so it just doesn't work for him.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
Big names rested, going to be a cricket score unfortunately...

Time for xbox

See you all round 1, hopefully they play better but i doubt it
Mate calm down. It’s a trial ffs. Knights reggies v Storm full strength. Not the end of the world. Got flogged in trials last year, that didn’t mean squat.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
Young looks like a real talent, can offload, strong carrier of the footy and seems aggressive in defence. Croker got through a fair load of work and keen to see more of Sasagi.

Frank McWilliams

Steve Simpson
Didn’t watch the game but interested to know who kicked goal, assume two tries, two conversion attempts by ? One success. Can’t find details anywhere


:) (:
Watson just had to support, and tackle. Why they allow him to pass is beyond me. He needs to play off the back of quick play the balls and passing shouldn’t even enter his brain.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
Biggest improvements IMO.

Hoy's defence - pulled off a couple of really good try saving tackles including one on Nico Hynes I wouldn't have backed him to make last year. He bounced off Nelson at full speed on the line, but no one we have would have made that tackle - not even our props.
Musgrove - very strong in attack and defence and very safe under the high ball. Best I've seen him play by a long, long way.
T'oa - some very dangerous runs and strong carries, and ran down Papanhousen when it looked like he was away.
Frizzel - not really an improvement, but great to see him making metres easier than any Knights second rower for years.
Crossland - his kicking game was a bit wayward - mostly be kicked a bit too long - but you can see what he was trying to do and he'll get it right with a bit of practice.
Shiba - it might just be because all our firstgraders were going through the motions and Shiba was doing his best to earn a spot, but he looked a lot more enthusiastic and did more work than our other backs.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
The trials chucked up 3 or 4 more centre/wing options.
We now have;
Lee - automatic selection
Best - automatic selection
Hunt - automatic selection
Tuala - next best at the moment
To'a - close to Tuala and improving
Shibasaki - first grade quality
Dom Young - very close - many years we'd pick him
Musgrove - better than I thought
Tex Hoy - might be hard to leave out when Ponga returns, and centre/wing are positions he plays
Dylan Lucas - made a few heads turn this week
Kiraz - looks OK, but 10 guys ahead of him
Then we have Bailey Hodgson and McKenzie Baker - fullbacks looking for a spot in the backs.

1 more injury to a forward and we'll struggle to name a pack for round 1, but we can literally name 3 complete backlines.

Frank McWilliams

Steve Simpson
Just found out Randall did goal kicking in trial or at least potted one.
We are in serious trouble with goal kicking options so we should be looking for a reliable goalkicker with first grade ability


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
Just found out Randall did goal kicking in trial or at least potted one.
We are in serious trouble with goal kicking options so we should be looking for a reliable goalkicker with first grade ability
Chris Randall had 2 kicks, but only kicked because Hoy had gone off before our first try was scored I'd say.