Knights Vs Storm Trial Saturday 4.45 PM- livestream weblink and discussion


Matthew Johns
Silly errors. We continually rucking out of red zone. When in good ball we come up with forward passes or dropped ball. Crossland need to just say hey Pearce I'm running the show, you just play of the back of me.


Gary Wurth
we arent playing for the scoreline mate. 2nd half is worth more than the first because we will get a chance to see the likes of sisagi and young, hopefully melbourne keep their full strength side out there to really put these young guys to the test. scorelines irrelevant. trial forms irrelevant.

And I've seen absolutley nothing besides get the ball to best to try create chances in attack.

D has been average

Not even concerned by the score but by the way the tries were scored.

A tril win means nothing, but trial form is kinda important for the first month considering we get back maybe 2 players missing from this team.


Gary Wurth
Big names rested, going to be a cricket score unfortunately...

Time for xbox

See you all round 1, hopefully they play better but i doubt it