Kalyn Ponga re-signs with the Knights


Steve Southern
QUOTE="EASBay17, post: 529064, member: 1121"]james hooper said on nrl360 last night that the deal is til 2027, and that its 5yrs after his current deal, surely thats not true. cant see him committing for that long.[/QUOTE]

Newcastle herald said $1.1mil a year until 2025.

I know who I'd believe :lol:


Ben Kennedy
Baz also never jumped the gun with every little rumour like the clowns at Foxsports did...
He was probably the guy on twitter replying or more so calming down panicking fans who were too blind and believed everything they read in the papers.
Some may say doing the lords work

Out of all the constant incorrect guesses at how negotiations were going with he was probably the most reserved and was the most confident that it would eventuallly get done.

As opposed to the telecrap rumours of Union heavily chasing him, being linked to the Broncos who were prepared to offer 1.5m or whatever it was as well as a union get out clause amongst various contract lengths and dollars.


Ben Kennedy
Whilst Sportingnews have come up with some laughable pieces in relation to Knights related rumours (like Fitzgibbon wanting out) it is reassuring to hear Buderus is at work to keep a player who is contracted till 2022.

I thought the suspended comp and COVID would have affected the Knights chances of locking up Ponga for a while because of the uncertainty of things around all aspects so it makes it even more impressive that the club was able to pull it off.


Darren Treacy
I just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed a change in Kalyn and his attitude this year. He has always been good with fans, especially the young, but has remained a bit aloof. This year I've noticed at club events that he has been a lot more enthusiastic when dealing with fans and always seems to have a big smile on his face and seems to be genuinely enjoying himself. I don't know how this will rub off on the field but it is great to see.

Captain Planet

Mark Sargent
Easy worth the money, NRL will make the transition to name on back of jersey within 2-3yrs this is when rep teams will basically a fan favourite event vote, sold in....ponga will make transition to halves within 5rs .