Kalyn Ponga re-signs with the Knights


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For mine packo Cooper Cronk and Teddy at the chooks were well worth the big bucks they demanded.

cronk left because his mrs was in Sydney. If he couldn’t get a deal done he was going to retire.

Tedesco was sick of playing for a mediocre team, he signed a big contract with the Raiders then back flipped to go to a better team.


Jason Temu
He did, but he's only human, and a young player still. We initially signed him on big bucks for a rookie, and that was on potential alone. I've no doubt he'll continue to get far better. Plus, other players want to play with him. If we signed him on $1.1mil/year (for example) for a substantial extension, that'd be money well spent IMO.


Jason Temu
You pay him too much and we won’t be able to afford those that want to play with him

Well by extension, some players might be willing to accept less to play with him if we are likely for a premiership and he is a key part of that. That said, I don't know the inner workings of cap management so my view is qualified.
Brilliant news. This is cheap in my opinion when you consider a) TPA’s; b) what talented full-backs command these days (now much is Latrell on?); and c) potential. We’ll look back and say wow that was an awesome contract. Unless of course it’s upgraded for more on a new extension in 22 or 23. Staying and signing for the right reasons and I think we’ve seen Kaylyn is a young man with good strong values.


Ben Kennedy
Goes to show you that no one in the media has a clue such as clowns like Hooper what goes on with the knights...according to the telecrap he was off to union...

good on the club for getting it done