Josh McGuire


Todd Bates
Can't stand McGuire but I think another experienced middle forward is what we need with our last roster spot. I'd be interested depending on the price. Marty Taupau is another one on the outer for next season that I'd be looking at bringing in this season if possible.


Logan Campbell
McGuire has just turned 31. I don't want us to sign him, but to suggest our depth forwards are better than him is silly.

If the Cowboys are really keen to clear up some space, we'd have to run the ruler.


Steve Southern
watched him closely in the game vs Dragons where the cowboys played them into form...he was woeful and not up to first grade standard by a long way - stick a fork in him ( literally, if you like) he is done.


Gavin Hanrahan
He’d already fallen away badly before the new rules came in. With the new rules, he’s actively a liability. No way our recruitment guys are that dumb.