Jake Clifford discussion


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
Jake Clifford.png

Knights player #326
NRL debut: North Queensland Cowboys vs St. George Illawarra Dragons, Round 19 2018
Knights debut: vs Parramatta Eels, Round 13 2021


Troy Fletcher
Geeze I like the upside of this guy. Especially his kicking game.

We haven't had that since Mullen, I hope he can continue to grow into the team.

Sir Galahad

Danny Wicks
He'll never play for Australia but he's a very steady reliable player. If we had 17 guys who did their job and earned their pay as well as him, we'd be going pretty good.
Just turned 24, has 55 NRL games to his name and just exited the **** show that is the Cowboys.

The kid has the Junior pedigree that would suggest I like the odds of him possibly proving you wrong.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
How come we suddenly have individual player threads popping up. Did I miss something?
I created them in the hopes that it will help generate interesting discussions throughout the season where we can talk about specific players. It's already generated a decent amount of posts and I've seen some other forums do it and it works.

I get that it's annoying right now because all the threads have to be created, that's why I'm trying to do it slowly, but I hope we can give it a chance.

And hey, if it doesn't work, the threads will slowly drift their way down the forum board into irrelevancy, some of the threads I know inevitably will, which is fine. And I will put my hand up and cop it on the butt cheek. But if it does work, then it should lead to a more thriving forum with more discussions going on in the relevant threads.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
Fair enough, just wondered why, logged in and bam heaps of sudden player threads.

On Jake, I'm real glad we got him. He may not rise to the heights of a lot of rep players. But he is solid, good in defence from what I've seen, potent kicking game, and for mine an excellent ball runner. For mine if we are looking for a half to take on the line Jake is the one.


Matthew Gidley
Alamoti came up with a pretty poor defensive effort, but a lot of Clifford’s tries in his career so far have just been a simple matter of a quick change of angle and pushing through a hole, so expect him to nab a few of those this year.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
I saw a thing the other day about his parents selling their house in Queensland and it sounded like Jake has been living in a mansion set up for him to have everything he needed to train, not far from the ground.
When he came down by himself there were stories about him only having a few sets of trackies and living out of a suitcase.
Added to that, his wife had to stay in Qld and was heavily pregnant.
The whole thing sounded like he's never had to look after himself and was suddenly having to work out what a laundramat is.
It didn't seem to affect him, but he should have a much more settled home life if his wife and parents are now back in the picture.