Holden Cup Semi Final - Newcastle Knights v New Zealand Warriors

Discussion in 'Newcastle Knights Lower Grades' started by rhugh89, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Matty23

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    Very disappointing if this is true.
  2. Bob

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    Sep 15, 2014
    I have read over last year NYC about Pakau the comments show how strong of a player he is

    1. Was not to sure about our new commer Jah Pakau but after seening his perfomance on Monday night then to read "Newcastle look to have extended their lead in the 64th minute when Jah Pakau showed great strength to carry three Tigers players over the line with him, only to lose control of the ball at the crucial moment".
    this in the rugby league website and the West Tigers commenting similar about this boys strength im glade we have him on our side im sure he is going to be a good assett to the team.

    Not bad score considering where they are on the ladder Pakau had a powerful game in the first half he dominated the field

    Looking at the stats mason made 17 tackles with no miss tackles Pakau made 16 with 1 miss not much difference there Mason had 5 runs and made 35 maters Pakau had 15 runs and made 118 meters ( the most on the field) a big difference there.

    Pakau was probably our best forward, just ahead of Steele and Hill

    The other guys who I'm most excited about is Elias, Pakau, Roose and Tapine. Seriously how good is Tapine, I hope he stays with us for a very long time, he's going to be a star. Same goes for the other 4, I can't wait to see how they keep developing.

    The only players I rate from our 20s are Clydsdale, Pat, Tapine and Pakau

    the new players i watched both games and was impressed by the new boy Jah paka he is mean in defence Ben Rose played a good game as well.

    Newcastle need to think about what the boys are capable of when they are 100 percent no injuries. He was our best forward in fact i would of rated him up there with one of the best in the NYC comp until he got injured. I would hate to see Newcastle make the :rolleyes:mistake again of losing a strong great player again because they had a bad year due to injury. I think we have lost him now but Newcastle should thing about these things when they are looking at letting players go.


  3. Billy

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    Good post.
    We do need props, so I hope Stone has a plan.

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