Hiatus and handover of forum admin/running

Lord of the Skraelings

Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
Hello everyone I hope your well.

What a long season with lots of ups and downs not just footy wise but the joys of home schooling kids and learning a new job.

Well from Tuesday the 12th of October from one month I'll be taking a step back from running things - will run the awards ceremony when I get back if no one else can.

You will have noticed that I've got @jamesgould back from ethers of NZ, who will run things in my absence.

So if you have anything pressing see me before I sign off, or James if desperate but preferable wait til I get back.

Just some advance notice so I can get the house in order!


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
It's funny how we've had our best season in a very long time, but it feels like a fail because we could have done so much better.

I'm more disappointed with our year than I was when we got a wooden spoon with a bunch of kids who were doing their best