Grand Final vs Manly Warringah Sea Eagles

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    Mar 4, 2000
    Newcastle 22 (R. O'Davis 2, D. Albert tries; A. Johns 5 goals) defeated
    Manly Warringah 16 (J. Hopoate, C. Innes, S. Nevin tries; S. Nevin 2 goals) at Sydney Football Stadium, Sunday, September 28.

    Scrums: Newcastle 7-3. Penalties: Manly Warringah 7-4.
    Crowd: 42,482. Referee: David Manson. Halftime: Manly Warringah 16-8.
    Touch judges: Phil Cooley, Col White. In-goal judges: Paul Macinante, Tom Peet.
    Goalkickers: A. Johns (Newcastle) 5/6, Nevin (Manly Warringah) 2/4.
    Clive Churchill Medal: Robbie O'Davis (Newcastle).
    Cited: MacDougall (Newcastle). Charge: Striking. Sentence: Suspended for the 1998 pre-season, plus two premiership games.

    When they scored:
    10th minute: Hopoate try, Nevin goal. Manly Warringah 6-0.
    25th minute: Innes try. Manly Warringah 10-0.
    30th minute: A. Johns penalty goal. Manly Warringah 10-2.
    34th minute: O'Davis try, A. Johns goal. Manly Warringah 10-8.
    38th minute: Nevin try, Nevin goal. Manly Warringah 16-8.
    57th minute: A. Johns penalty goal. Manly Warringah 16-10.
    75th minute: O'Davis try, A. Johns goal. 16 all.
    80th minute: Albert try, A. Johns goal. Newcastle 22-16.

    [TABLE="class: teamlist"]

    Newcastle Knights:

    Manly Warringah Sea Eagles:

    1. Robbie O'Davis

    1. Shannon Nevin

    2. Darren Albert

    2. Danny Moore

    3. Adam MacDougall

    3. Craig Innes

    4. Owen Craigie

    4. Terry Hill

    5. Mark Hughes

    5. John Hopoate

    6. Matthew Johns

    6. Geoff Toovey (c)

    7. Andrew Johns

    7. Craig Field

    8. Tony Butterfield

    17. David Gillespie

    9. Bill Peden

    15. Anthony Colella

    10. Paul Harragon (c)

    10. Mark Carroll

    11. Wayne Richards

    11. Steve Menzies

    12. Adam Muir

    12. Daniel Gartner

    13. Marc Glanville

    13. Nik Kosef



    15. Troy Fletcher

    8. Neil Tierney

    16. Scott Conley

    9. Cliff Lyons

    18. Lee Jackson

    14. Scott Fulton

    19. Stephen Crowe

    16. Andrew Hunter


    [alt=""]Geoff Toovey, before the game, doesn't know what he's getting himself into![/alt] [alt=""]Early in the game, Paul Harragon and John Hopoate renew acquaintances.[/alt] [alt=""]Another high tackle results in Paul Harragon and Mark Carroll getting it on.[/alt] [alt=""]The two teams intervene.[/alt] [alt=""]It is all on as Geoff Toovey lies prone.[/alt] [alt=""]Craig Field is assisted from the field with an ankle injury.[/alt] [alt=""]Geoff Toovey is run over by MacDougall ...[/alt] [alt=""]... cannot regain his feet ...[/alt] [alt=""]... and totally loses his bearings![/alt] [alt=""]A suspended Jim Serdaris watches nervously from the sideline.[/alt] [alt=""]Robbie O'Davis can't stop John Hopoate going over for the first try.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew Johns gets very close ...[/alt] [alt=""]... stretches out ...[/alt] [alt=""]... with every muscle in his body ...[/alt] [alt=""]... gets it down ...[/alt] [alt=""]... but SHORT![/alt] [alt=""]Cliff Lyons passes as Manly enjoy the running in the first half.[/alt] [alt=""]Geoff Toovey is bandaged up after being stomped by Adam MacDougall.[/alt] [alt=""]Robbie O'Davis goes over just before halftime.[/alt] [alt=""]The try-scorer dance gets outing number two![/alt] [alt=""]Robbie O'Davis and Adam MacDougall embrace after the try.[/alt] [alt=""]Robbie O'Davis celebrates scoring the Knights first try.[/alt] [alt=""]Bill Peden and Owen Craigie sandwich Terry Hill.[/alt] [alt=""]Robbie O'Davis has Anthony Colella around his legs.[/alt] [alt=""]John Hopoate proving nearly impossible to stop.[/alt] [alt=""]Matthew Johns ...[/alt] [alt=""]... almost creates a line-break.[/alt] [alt=""]Terry Hill is again shut down by Owen Craigie.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew Johns passes to his outside support.[/alt] [alt=""]Nik Kosef and Mark Carroll land on Robbie O'Davis.[/alt] [alt=""]Bill Peden makes a dummy-half run.[/alt] [alt=""]Tony Butterfield and Paul Harragon get the tough stuff done on David Gillespie.[/alt] [alt=""]Darren Albert makes a long kick return.[/alt] [alt=""]Tony Butterfield bulldozes Geoff Toovey.[/alt] [alt=""]Adam Muir frantically tries to offload.[/alt] [alt=""]Craig Field about to pass.[/alt] [alt=""]Stephen Crowe in all sorts of trouble on the sideline.[/alt] [alt=""]Robbie O'Davis offloads late in the game.[/alt] [alt=""]Matthew Johns passes.[/alt] [alt=""]Robbie O'Davis tries to sprint past Geoff Toovey.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon crouched on the sideline, waiting to return to action.[/alt] [alt=""]Matthew Johns threads a kick through the Manly defensive line.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew Johns weaving some magic.[/alt] [alt=""]Geoff Toovey is smashed by Robbie O'Davis.[/alt] [alt=""]5 minutes on the clock, and Robbie O'Davis reaches out to level the scores![/alt] [alt=""]Andrew Johns celebrates with Scott Conley as Newcastle draws level.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew Johns scoots down the blindside with ten scoends remaining.[/alt] [alt=""]With 10 seconds left, Darren Albert gets the inside pass from Andrew Johns ...[/alt] [alt=""]... steps on the pace ...[/alt] [alt=""]... and gets past Mark Carroll to win the game!!![/alt] [alt=""]Time to party!!![/alt] [alt=""]Darren Albert can't believe it.[/alt] [alt=""]Adam Muir, Scott Conley and Lee Jackson are first on hand to celebrate Darren Albert's matchwinner.[/alt] [alt=""]Darren Albert is swamped.[/alt] [alt=""]Lee Jackson salutes the crowd.[/alt] [alt=""]Aww yeah! The agony and the ecstacy.[/alt] [alt=""]Owen Craigie, youngest player on the field, laps it up.[/alt]

    Grand Final Celebrations:
    [alt=""]Paul Harragon gets involved in the celebrations.[/alt] [alt=""]Adam Muir in disbelief.[/alt] [alt=""]Knights originals Paul Harragon and Tony Butterfield are over the moon.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew Johns salutes the crowd.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon jumps for joy.[/alt] [alt=""]The Johns boys meet just as Andrew prepares to kick the conversion.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew and Matthew go crazy with excitement.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew Johns and Paul Harragon ...[/alt] [alt=""]... let it all out.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon and Andrew Johns celebrate the win.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon and Adam Muir embrace.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew Johns gives a hug.[/alt] [alt=""]Darren Albert and Evan Cochrane have a good ol' fashoined hug.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon gets emotional with the big crowd.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon gives it up to all the Knights supporters![/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon in a state of near delirium.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon spreads the love with Malcolm Reilly and Michael Hill.[/alt] [alt=""]Captain Paul Harragon ...[/alt] [alt=""]... and coach Malcolm Reilly ...[/alt] [alt=""]... share in the famous victory.[/alt] [alt=""]The English contingent: Malcolm Reilly and Lee Jackson.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon finds his family in the crowd ...[/alt] [alt=""]... and lifts up daughter Emily.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon heads over to the presentation.[/alt] [alt=""]Robbie O'Davis collects the Clive Churchill Medal.[/alt] [alt=""]Distraught Manly players.[/alt] [alt=""]Manly tough out the worse loss of them all.[/alt] [alt=""]Bob Fulton and his wife in a sombre mood.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon hoists the Optus Cup high.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon with the spoils of victory.[/alt] [alt=""]Once again, Chief lifts up the cup.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon shows off the Optus Cup.[/alt] [alt=""]The obligatory winning team photo.[/alt] [alt=""]The Newcastle Knights ...[/alt] [alt=""]... after 10 long years have reached the pinnicle.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon leads the victory song.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon and Marc Glanville enjoy singing the team song.[/alt] [alt=""]Adam Muir gets his moment with the prize.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew and Matthew Johns on the victory lap.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew Johns and Matthew Johns ...[/alt] [alt=""]... share the great moment with their father Garry.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew, Gary and Matthew Johns.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew Johns carries off brother Matthew.[/alt] [alt=""]Darren Albert was mistakenly informed it was 'silly hat day'.[/alt] [alt=""]Marc Glanville with his family.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon lapping up the victory lap.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew and Matthew Johns doing the Sydney Football Stadium circuit.[/alt] [alt=""]Matthew Johns is mobbed.[/alt] [alt=""]The new hero Darren Albert meets his admirers.[/alt] [alt=""]The lap of honour continues, and it's Tony Butterfield's turn with the cup.[/alt] [alt=""]Lee Jackson with his family.[/alt] [alt=""]Adam Muir hoists the Optus Cup high.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew and Matthew are happier than 1000 Larrys![/alt] [alt=""]Marc Glanville with the cup in his last game in Australia.[/alt] [alt=""]Darren Albert sports the latest in grand final hat fashion.[/alt] [alt=""]Tony Butterfield - one of the last 1988 originals.[/alt] [alt=""]Paul Harragon completes the longest lap of honour ever.[/alt] [alt=""]Matthew Johns celebrates just like the week before.[/alt] [alt=""]Matthew and Andrew Johns - brothers in arms.[/alt] [alt=""]The victorious 1997 Newcastle Knights.[/alt] [alt=""]The boys celebrate inside the dressing room.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew Johns, Matthew Johns and Adam Muir.[/alt] [alt=""]Andrew Johns about to get on the drink.[/alt] [alt=""]Mark Hughes - what a rookie season![/alt] [alt=""]Andrew Johns has another go with the cup![/alt] [alt=""]Andrew Johns does his 'weird face thing'.[/alt] [alt=""]Darren Albert breaks open the champagne.[/alt]

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