Feeling Punchy- boxing & mma

Captain Planet

Keith Beauchamp
919220CE-D67F-4BEE-8DB6-B8D36900B900.gif new thread dedicated to boxing and MMA, if u like UFC or just a fight nut...than this is your thread
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Captain Planet

Keith Beauchamp
Gypsy king got a great win, busted ear drum from wilder changed things dramatically, definitely will like to see these 2 fight again


Adam MacDougall
It's great fun watching people punch the **** out of each other and I dont feel a thing! Some of the knockouts are next level.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
When I was a kid, boxing was the top sport in the world.
The whole world stopped to watch a heavyweight world championship fight.
Ali was the most well known and popular sportsman in the world, and probably in history.

I couldn't even name any champion since Tyson now.