Australia v India


Clint Newton
Well played India they were the better team and deserved to win.

The Australian selectors need to take a hard look at our team. Burns, Harris, Wade and Head should not be selected to play for Australia again.


Clint Newton
I’m wondering whether it is time for a new keeper, Paine has dropped a few catches this series and he consistent with the bat but he still has not scored a century.

I’m also wondering whether Mitch Starc will keep his place in the side. He is a fellow lefty and is one of my favourite players but he always seems to be battling injuries and looks to be past his best.

Mr Goanna

hung up on the glory days
wow just lost a series to what is basically Indias' second 11...commence the bloodletting. new captain. new coach. new gear steward.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
The Australian team gets monstered by the press every time they start playing with a bit of mongrel - so they play like pussies.
Thompson and Lillee would have killed a few of those Indian tailenders - or at least tried to.
The other thing we did wrong was to try to spin out India in the last 2 tests.
Our best spinners have never looked like dominating India - ever. Those guys eat spin bowlers for breakfast. They have played good spinners on bad wickets since they were 5 years old.


Andrew 'Joey' Johns
To borrow one of your phrases, Mitchell Johnson ****s on Mitchell Starc from a great height.

Both are as useless as each other and highly highly over rated. Both have lived off of getting majority of their wickets from cleaning up the tail. Rarely do they get 2-3 wickets from the top 6 in an innings. Hazelwood and Cummins has carried this fraud for quite some time.

Frank McWilliams

Steve Simpson
The team looks done in, too many failures from half the side and the other half are overloaded carrying them. Main failure was openers putting pressure on 3-6 where 5 failed and 6 could come good, w/k was ordinary along with captaincy (coach partly responsible) but batted ok, bowlers, Cummins v/good, Starc didn’t fire, Lyon disappointed and Hazlewood was consistent.
Problem is no standout replacements, not enough emphasis on long game for future players to show.