Anthony Milford

Would you be happy to see Milf in red & blue?

  • Yes, take the punt this year, his talent is undeniable

    Votes: 5 29.4%
  • Yes, sign him with a view to keeping him on after that

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • No, it’d be unfair on the players already at the club

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No, keep his bad attitude the hell away from our club

    Votes: 9 52.9%

  • Total voters


Gavin Hanrahan
It appears Brisbane have all but given up on the guy who five or so years ago looked on a trajectory to be an all time great of the game. We need an experienced playmaker to cover for Pearce while he’s injured, and possibly play on after that given Blake Green’s age and the fact he’s coming off a serious injury.

I know the club wants to get Clifford on an early release, but the Cowboys aren’t going to budge unless they can get the player they want to cover the loss - I’m not sure how likely it is that this happens. Last year Adzy showed he was unafraid to go to kick the tires of the player market and see who fell out, eg Andrew McCullough coming down to try and revive his career, Blake Green coming down to chase a chance at finals football.

If it becomes a situation of the club just needing to get a guy who might be available, Milford sticks out as the player we might be able to get, which is something I would have never imagined even two years ago. I know he’s on big money, but Brisbane would have already paid half of that this year & would probably kick in some freight, just to free up cash to retain Staggs, Dearden, Coates etc.

What do we all think about this possibility? (I’m asking cos I genuinely don’t know what to think, I used to be a big fan of his, very entertaining player, and maybe Adzy can get that out of him again... but gee he’s been absolutely sleepwalking through games since the start of 2020, and his work in defence is deadset disgraceful atm)


Jason Temu
Don’t really care what the money is. For mine, it’s a matter of Milford’s attitude, work ethic and confidence. If he is ready to turn up and deliver, then he’d be highly valuable. If he wants to phone it in like Darius used to, then no thanks. Would come down to recruiters being able to do their detailed homework on him.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
As an old girlfriend of mine told me, just before she left, he needs a geographical cure for all his problems. We can give him that.


I personally think he's cooked, has not look interested for years. The best thing for him would be to play a bit part role at somewhere like the Roosters or Storm. He can't be the main man.


Marty Crequer
Knights Chasing Milford would be a complete waste of time and money,
The guy is done!
Off to England for a season and a half, then returning because of home sickness, then never to be heard from again..............nostradamus


Gavin Hanrahan
Haha yeah after yesterday’s game I’ve gotta say we definitely don’t need a player who’s happy to phone it in, to be mediocre...