2024 Season

We have a pretty decent month or so. I feel like we need that one game where our attack really clicks to build some momentum - hopefully it's this week against Dragons. They've started the season okay but we should be beating them still.
The Dragons have a very decent roster on paper. They've been hot and cold so far this year but their 'hot' can defeat most teams. They beat Manly this week
Just noticed that NITV is showing ESL games. I assume it's a replay, but St Helens v Wigan game about to start in 5 minutes - channel 34 NITV
Brisbane stating middles of Fletcher baker and Cory Jensen. They make good metres, we have a saf and leo but look like reserve graders stuck in mud. Why? Brisbane aren't scared to spread the ball and the guy with the number 7 isn't scared to stomp his authority.
For anyone saying we shouldn’t pick Pryce because of his defensive issues. Just look at the try Melbourne have just scored ghosting past Mam yet he’ll still be in the Broncos 6 jersey next week.