2021 State of Origin Series


Akuila Uate
Glad Gus gave Sutton a serve for his refereeing…he was ordinary tonight.

Wighton has been and continues to be a liability for the blues - it just goes to show that stats don’t mean much….how the f?#£ does Wighton get 71 fantasy points on that effort?! I thought Moses went OK considering their forwards were dominated but he and Wighton didnt compliment each other, which also meant it blunted the effect Tom could have - he played strong but didn’t get the service Luai and Cleary provided to allow him to really shine.

We missed DSaf big time…our middle didn’t aim up. Cam Murray was our best forward, Angus Crichton was good while he was on the field and pound for pound Liam Martin is a beast. Finucane was OK but certainly not dominant and is just a vanilla sort of player.

Credit to Qld, they played well, we’re more desperate and wanted it more tonight.

Glad to see Ponga came through unscathed and had a confident game. Hope all the Storm players are feeling sorry, sore and flat…and bellyache decides to rest them.
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