2021/22 Marathon Stadium Draft EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST


Dank memes n' big screens
Hey all!

Seeing as we're all likely to be stuck in lockdown for a while, I thought i'd get the good old Draft back up and running!

If you're keen to jump on board drop your team name down below.

I'll be competing as "No, This is Patrick"

If all goes to plan we'll be up and running the first weekend of October :D

Teams so Far

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Dank memes n' big screens
What kind of draft is it?
We've done it a couple of times on the forum in the past. Basically each player takes turns picking players from the NRL and builds their squad, in the past we have allowed a certain amount of ESL players and ex-players but I'll probably put that to the floor before deciding.

Here's the thread from last time we ran it (I didn't realise it'd been so long since we'd run the Draft): https://marathonstadium.com/threads/2015-2016-marathon-stadium-draft.15034/


Dank memes n' big screens
I’ll be as bored as the rest of you, how does it work 101.
Simplest crash course explainer is that each person takes a turn picking a player to form their squad, from memory I think we had a 48-hour time limit but I think for the sake of just going for it we'll go for a 24-hour limit for picks, everyone is home atm. These were the rules last time the draft was run so I'll stick to these as best I can.


YOU MUST be on the forums regularly during the off season (preference once a day)

Pick a player, cannot be chosen again. You have 24 hours to make a pick if it's your turn

If you miss your 24 hour deadline you will will not be permitted to choose a player during that turn

Failure to miss this deadline will result in a warning, After 3 warnings you will be excluded

If you are going on holidays it is vital you notify me so I can arrange to put your picks through for you

Each side chooses 25 players (possibly to be reassessed when we reach the end of the draft, if we think there's enough players left to make the squads bigger)

Your teams can be made up of up to FOUR Superleague players, ONE retiree (a player who retired from the NRL during 2013 or 2014) and an unlimited amount of NRL, Holden Cup, NSW Cup, Queensland Cup, or bush football players within Australia

This limit applies to trades as well e.g - If you already have 1 retiree you can't trade another retiree into your team

Retiree picks can not be used as part of a trade deal, Only standard picks can be used

Retiree Picks are marked (R)

Players who are de-registered or have been sacked are eligible for the draft as long as they have played some form of Rugby League in 2015

Each random order will be run through TWO times, first from top to bottom, then reversed

Then the order will be re-randomised again

Bottom two players in order are given preference for next order

This means that if you are at picks number 18 & 19 on the list, you can choose where you want to be in the following order & given automatic selection, Do this by sending me a PM

You can not choose to be in the bottom two again though

If a 'coach' pulls out, and nobody steps up to take over the side, that side's players that have already been chosen are OUT of the draft and are not available for selection by any other team

There will be four trading windows

During this time, trades arranged with other teams can be announced

These could be a straight player for player swap, or several players from one team for one player from another

If a team ends up with less than 25 players, they can make more selections to fill up their squad at the end of the draft (once all other teams are full)

Trades are negotiated through private message with both coaches, and then both coaches need to confirm the trade in the thread for trade to be official

The trading windows will be announced by in due course

As teams get more full you may lose track as to who's taken so use CTRL + F and type a players name on this page and you will be able to see it the player is available or not


Darren Albert
I’ll pass, I only follow the Knights closely, I don’t normally watch non-Knights games apart from the play offs, SOO and international games.


Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus
Staff member
I’ll pass, I only follow the Knights closely, I don’t normally watch non-Knights games apart from the play offs, SOO and international games.
Yeah that’s my problem too, I don’t know enough about players from other clubs these days.