2019 NRL Draw

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  1. rhugh89

    rhugh89 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus Staff Member Admin

    Aug 12, 2012
    ROUND 1

    Thursday, Mar 14

    Storm vs. Broncos AAMI Park 7:50pm

    Friday, Mar 15

    Knights vs. Sharks McDonald Jones Stadium 6:00pm

    Roosters vs. Rabbitohs Sydney Cricket Ground 7:55pm

    Saturday, Mar 16

    Warriors vs. Bulldogs Mt Smart Stadium 3:00pm

    Tigers vs. Sea Eagles Leichhardt Oval 5:30pm

    Cowboys vs. Dragons 1300Smiles Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, Mar 17

    Panthers vs. Eels Panthers Stadium 4:05pm

    Titans vs. Raiders CBus Super Stadium 6:10pm

    ROUND 2

    Thursday, Mar 21

    Dragons vs. Rabbitohs Jubilee Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, Mar 22

    Raiders vs. Storm GIO Stadium 6:00pm

    Broncos vs. Cowboys Suncorp Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Mar 23

    Sharks vs. Titans Shark Park 3:00pm

    Knights vs. Panthers McDonald Jones Stadium 5:30pm

    Sea Eagles vs. Roosters Lottoland 7:35pm

    Sunday, Mar 24

    Bulldogs vs. Eels ANZ Stadium 4:05pm

    Tigers vs. Warriors Campbelltown Stadium 6:10pm

    ROUND 3

    Thursday, Mar 28

    Broncos vs. Dragons Suncorp Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, Mar 29

    Raiders vs. Knights GIO Stadium 6:00pm

    Eels vs. Roosters ANZ Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Mar 30

    Sea Eagles vs. Warriors AMI Stadium Christchurch 3:00pm

    Cowboys vs. Sharks 1300Smiles Stadium 5:30pm

    Panthers vs. Storm Carrington Park Bathurst 7:35pm

    Sunday, Mar 31

    Tigers vs. Bulldogs Campbelltown Stadium 4:05pm

    Rabbitohs vs. Titans ANZ Stadium 6:10pm

    ROUND 4

    Thursday, Apr 4

    Roosters vs. Broncos Sydney Cricket Ground 7:50pm

    Friday, Apr 5

    Warriors vs. Titans Mt Smart Stadium 6:00pm

    Panthers vs. Tigers Panthers Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Apr 6

    Sea Eagles vs. Rabbitohs Lottoland 3:00pm

    Cowboys vs. Raiders 1300Smiles Stadium 5:30pm

    Eels vs. Sharks ANZ Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, Apr 7

    Storm vs. Bulldogs AAMI Park 4:05pm

    Knights vs. Dragons McDonald Jones Stadium 6:10pm

    ROUND 5

    Thursday, Apr 11

    Broncos vs. Tigers Suncorp Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, Apr 12

    Titans vs. Panthers CBus Super Stadium 6:00pm

    Cowboys vs. Storm 1300Smiles Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Apr 13

    Rabbitohs vs. Warriors Sunshine Coast Stadium 3:00pm

    Knights vs. Sea Eagles McDonald Jones Stadium 5:30pm

    Sharks vs. Roosters Shark Park 7:35pm

    Sunday, Apr 14

    Dragons vs. Bulldogs Jubilee Stadium 4:05pm

    Raiders vs. Eels GIO Stadium 6:10pm

    ROUND 6

    Thursday, Apr 18

    Sharks vs. Panthers Shark Park 7:50pm

    Friday, Apr 19

    Bulldogs vs. Rabbitohs ANZ Stadium 4:05pm

    Storm vs. Roosters AAMI Park 7:55pm

    Saturday, Apr 20

    Warriors vs. Cowboys Mt Smart Stadium 5:30pm

    Dragons vs. Sea Eagles WIN Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, Apr 21

    Titans vs. Knights CBus Super Stadium 2:00pm

    Raiders vs. Broncos GIO Stadium 4:05pm

    Monday, Apr 22

    Eels vs. Tigers Western Sydney Stadium 4:00pm

    ROUND 7

    Thursday, Apr 25

    Roosters vs. Dragons Sydney Cricket Ground 4:05pm

    Storm vs. Warriors AAMI Park 7:50pm

    Friday, Apr 26

    Bulldogs vs. Cowboys ANZ Stadium 6:00pm

    Panthers vs. Rabbitohs Panthers Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Apr 27

    Tigers vs. Titans Scully Park Tamworth 5:30pm

    Broncos vs. Sharks Suncorp Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, Apr 28

    Sea Eagles vs. Raiders Lottoland 2:00pm

    Knights vs. Eels McDonald Jones Stadium 4:05pm

    ROUND 8

    Thursday, May 2

    Rabbitohs vs. Broncos ANZ Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, May 3

    Cowboys vs. Titans 1300Smiles Stadium 6:00pm

    Sharks vs. Storm Shark Park 7:55pm

    Saturday, May 4

    Raiders vs. Panthers McDonalds Stadium, Wagga 3:00pm

    Sea Eagles vs. Bulldogs Lottoland 5:30pm

    Roosters vs. Tigers Sydney Cricket Ground 7:35pm

    Sunday, May 5

    Warriors vs. Knights Mt Smart Stadium 2:00pm

    Eels vs. Dragons Western Sydney Stadium 4:05pm

    ROUND 9

    Thursday, May 9

    Titans vs. Sharks Suncorp Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, May 10

    Tigers vs. Panthers Suncorp Stadium6:00pm

    Sea Eagles vs. Broncos Suncorp Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, May 11

    Bulldogs vs. Knights Suncorp Stadium 3:00pm

    Warriors vs. Dragons Suncorp Stadium 5:30pm

    Storm vs. Eels Suncorp Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, May 12

    Roosters vs. Raiders Suncorp Stadium 2:00pm

    Rabbitohs vs. Cowboys Suncorp Stadium 4:05pm

    ROUND 10

    Thursday, May 16

    Storm vs. Tigers AAMI Park 7:50pm

    Friday, May 17

    Panthers vs. Warriors Panthers Stadium 6:00pm

    Broncos vs. Roosters Suncorp Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, May 18

    Titans vs. Bulldogs CBus Super Stadium 3:00pm

    Cowboys vs. Eels 1300Smiles Stadium 5:30pm

    Raiders vs. Rabbitohs GIO Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, May 19

    Dragons vs. Knights Glen Willow Stadium, Mudgee 2:00pm

    Sharks vs. Sea Eagles Shark Park 4:05pm

    ROUND 11

    Thursday, May 23

    Eels vs. Panthers Western Sydney Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, May 24

    Sea Eagles vs. Titans Lottoland 6:00pm

    Knights vs. Roosters McDonald Jones Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, May 25

    Raiders vs. Cowboys GIO Stadium 3:00pm

    Warriors vs. Broncos Mt Smart Stadium 5:30pm

    Rabbitohs vs. Tigers ANZ Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, May 26

    Bulldogs vs. Storm Belmore Oval 2:00pm

    Dragons vs. Sharks Jubilee Stadium 4:05pm

    ROUND 12

    Thursday, May 30

    Panthers vs. Sea Eagles Panthers Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, May 31

    Eels vs. Rabbitohs Western Sydney Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Jun 1

    Bulldogs vs. Raiders ANZ Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, Jun 2

    Titans vs. Cowboys CBus Super Stadium 4:05pm

    Byes: Broncos, Dragons, Knights, Roosters, Sharks, Storm, Tigers, Warriors

    ROUND 13

    Friday, Jun 7

    Rabbitohs vs. Knights ANZ Stadium 6:00pm

    Tigers vs. Raiders Western Sydney Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Jun 8

    Warriors vs. Storm Mt Smart Stadium 3:00pm

    Sharks vs. Eels Shark Park 5:30pm

    Cowboys vs. Sea Eagles 1300Smiles Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, Jun 9

    Broncos vs. Titans Suncorp Stadium 2:00pm

    Panthers vs. Roosters Panthers Stadium 4:05pm

    Monday, Jun 10

    Bulldogs vs. Dragons ANZ Stadium 4:00pm

    ROUND 14

    Thursday, Jun 13

    Raiders vs. Sharks GIO Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, Jun 14

    Titans vs. Warriors CBus Super Stadium 6:00pm

    Cowboys vs. Tigers 1300Smiles Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Jun 15

    Storm vs. Knights AAMI Park 3:00pm

    Rabbitohs vs. Panthers ANZ Stadium 5:30pm

    Eels vs. Broncos Western Sydney Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, Jun 16

    Sea Eagles vs. Dragons Lottoland 2:00pm

    Roosters vs. Bulldogs TBA 4:05pm

    ROUND 15

    Thursday, Jun 27

    Tigers vs. Rabbitohs Western Sydney Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, Jun 28

    Dragons vs. Cowboys WIN Stadium 6:00pm

    Roosters vs. Storm TBA 7:55pm

    Saturday, Jun 29

    Titans vs. Sea Eagles CBus Super Stadium 3:00pm

    Knights vs. Broncos McDonald Jones Stadium 5:30pm

    Eels vs. Raiders TIO Stadium, Darwin 7:35pm

    Sunday, Jun 30

    Warriors vs. Panthers Mt Smart Stadium 2:00pm

    Bulldogs vs. Sharks ANZ Stadium 4:05pm

    ROUND 16

    Thursday, Jul 4

    Dragons vs. Storm WIN Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, Jul 5

    Tigers vs. Roosters Western Sydney Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Jul 6

    Knights vs. Warriors McDonald Jones Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, Jul 7

    Sharks vs. Broncos Shark Park 4:05pm

    Byes: Bulldogs, Cowboys, Eels, Panthers, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Sea Eagles, Titans

    ROUND 17

    Friday, Jul 12

    Panthers vs. Titans Panthers Stadium 6:00pm

    Knights vs. Bulldogs McDonald Jones Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Jul 13

    Rabbitohs vs. Sea Eagles ANZ Stadium 3:00pm

    Broncos vs. Warriors Suncorp Stadium 5:30pm

    Storm vs. Sharks AAMI Park 7:35pm

    Sunday, Jul 14

    Roosters vs. Cowboys Central Coast Stadium 2:00pm

    Tigers vs. Eels Western Sydney Stadium 4:05pm

    Dragons vs. Raiders WIN Stadium 6:10pm

    ROUND 18

    Thursday, Jul 18

    Broncos vs. Bulldogs Suncorp Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, Jul 19

    Warriors vs. Sharks Westpac Stadium, Wellington 6:00pm

    Panthers vs. Dragons Panthers Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Jul 20

    Roosters vs. Knights TBA 3:00pm

    Raiders vs. Tigers GIO Stadium 5:30pm

    Cowboys vs. Rabbitohs 1300Smiles Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, Jul 21

    Titans vs. Storm CBus Super Stadium 2:00pm

    Sea Eagles vs. Eels Lottoland 4:05pm

    ROUND 19

    Thursday, Jul 25

    Sharks vs. Cowboys Shark Park 7:50pm

    Friday, Jul 26

    Knights vs. Tigers McDonald Jones Stadium 6:00pm

    Rabbitohs vs. Dragons ANZ Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Jul 27

    Eels vs. Warriors Western Sydney Stadium 3:00pm

    Titans vs. Broncos CBus Super Stadium 5:30pm

    Storm vs. Sea Eagles AAMI Park 7:35pm

    Sunday, Jul 28

    Bulldogs vs. Roosters ANZ Stadium 2:00pm

    Panthers vs. Raiders Panthers Stadium 4:05pm

    ROUND 20

    Thursday, Aug 1

    Tigers vs. Cowboys Leichhardt Oval 7:50pm

    Friday, Aug 2

    Warriors vs. Raiders Mt Smart Stadium 6:00pm

    Broncos vs. Storm Suncorp Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Aug 3

    Sea Eagles vs. Knights Lottoland 3:00pm

    Bulldogs vs. Panthers Western Sydney Stadium 5:30pm

    Sharks vs. Rabbitohs Shark Park 7:35pm

    Sunday, Aug 4

    Roosters vs. Titans TBA 2:00pm

    Dragons vs. Eels Jubilee Stadium 4:05pm

    ROUND 21

    Thursday, Aug 8

    Cowboys vs. Broncos 1300Smiles Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, Aug 9

    Warriors vs. Sea Eagles Mt Smart Stadium 6:00pm

    Panthers vs. Sharks Panthers Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Aug 10

    Dragons vs. Titans Jubilee Stadium 3:00pm

    Eels vs. Knights Western Sydney Stadium 5:30pm

    Bulldogs vs. Tigers ANZ Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, Aug 11

    Raiders vs. Roosters GIO Stadium 2:00pm

    Rabbitohs vs. Storm Central Coast Stadium 4:05pm

    ROUND 22

    Thursday, Aug 15

    Sea Eagles vs. Tigers Lottoland 7:50pm

    Friday, Aug 16

    Titans vs. Eels CBus Super Stadium 6:00pm

    Broncos vs. Panthers Suncorp Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Aug 17

    Knights vs. Cowboys McDonald Jones Stadium 3:00pm

    Storm vs. Raiders AAMI Park 5:30pm

    Rabbitohs vs. Bulldogs ANZ Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, Aug 18

    Roosters vs. Warriors TBA 2:00pm

    Sharks vs. Dragons Shark Park 4:05pm

    ROUND 23

    Thursday, Aug 22

    Eels vs. Bulldogs Western Sydney Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, Aug 23

    Cowboys vs. Panthers 1300Smiles Stadium 6:00pm

    Broncos vs. Rabbitohs Suncorp Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Aug 24

    Sharks vs. Warriors Shark Park 3:00pm

    Tigers vs. Knights Campbelltown Stadium 5:30pm

    Dragons vs. Roosters Jubilee Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, Aug 25

    Storm vs. Titans AAMI Park 2:00pm

    Raiders vs. Sea Eagles GIO Stadium 4:05pm

    ROUND 24

    Thursday, Aug 29

    Cowboys vs. Bulldogs 1300Smiles Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, Aug 30

    Warriors vs. Rabbitohs Mt Smart Stadium 6:00pm

    Broncos vs. Eels Suncorp Stadium 7:55pm

    Saturday, Aug 31

    Knights vs. Titans McDonald Jones Stadium 3:00pm

    Sea Eagles vs. Storm Lottoland 5:30pm

    Roosters vs. Panthers Sydney Cricket Ground 7:35pm

    Sunday, Sep 1

    Sharks vs. Raiders Shark Park 2:00pm

    Dragons vs. Tigers Sydney Cricket Ground 4:05pm

    ROUND 25

    Thursday, Sep 5

    Rabbitohs vs. Roosters ANZ Stadium 7:50pm

    Friday, Sep 6

    Eels vs. Sea Eagles Western Sydney Stadium 6:00pm

    Storm vs. Cowboys AAMI Park 7:55pm

    Saturday, Sep 7

    Raiders vs. Warriors GIO Stadium 3:00pm

    Bulldogs vs. Broncos ANZ Stadium 5:30pm

    Titans vs. Dragons CBus Super Stadium 7:35pm

    Sunday, Sep 8

    Tigers vs. Sharks Leichhardt Oval 2:00pm

    Panthers vs. Knights Panthers Stadium 4:05pm
  2. Kurriboy

    Kurriboy Mark Hughes

    Aug 24, 2016
    What is a Brisbane Magic round?

    Never mind, found a media release. All clubs playing from Brisbane for one round.

    Really hope it's a knights away game and not one of our home games. How does that work with season ticket holders?
    Barry Crush likes this.
  3. mozza

    mozza Game on broheim

    Nov 24, 2007
    We should absolutely be exempt from having a home game taken off us. We’ve never taken a game away from Marathon Stadium amd should not be forced to. Take a game off the other clubs who whore themselves out for money.
  4. Kurriboy

    Kurriboy Mark Hughes

    Aug 24, 2016
    I don't mind a home game taken to a regional area to grow the game. This is just a NRL wankfest. This spectacle in Brisbane isn't going to grow the game there any more than the Broncos have.

    Better off holding it in Perth if they are keen to get a team going there.
  5. Barry Crush

    Barry Crush Rod Whitaker

    Oct 26, 2017

    I would be more receptive if it was in Adelaide or Perth or as the Round 0 they want to take OS
  6. Jaybro

    Jaybro Lenny Beckett

    Feb 26, 2014
    I’m just hoping we get a more reasonable draw next season, we’ve had tough draws the last two years. Unlike Penrith who’ve only had to play Melbourne, Roosters & Broncos once each in the previous two seasons
  7. member 2299

    member 2299 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus

    Aug 16, 2009
    Nambucca Heads
    The reason the draw is rigged Jaybro is to try and ensure the so called 'top' teams get an easier run to the eight.
  8. bigdan

    bigdan Red, Blue & Gold 24/7/365

    Dec 14, 2006
    Really wishing for less 6pm Friday night games.
  9. Lord of the Skraelings

    Lord of the Skraelings Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus

    Jun 27, 2010
    Chairman of Marathon Stadium Forums.
    Where I reside at.
    Sadly with Knights still drawing well we are sure to be the 6pm b!tchs evermore.
  10. Matty23

    Matty23 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus

    Jan 23, 2010
    Port Macquarie
    Not to mention the team with the overall toughest draw no doubt.
  11. Kurriboy

    Kurriboy Mark Hughes

    Aug 24, 2016
    Gotta earn our way up to the better draws. Whilst we are a consistent poor performing club, we will continue to get shafted in the draw, penalties, 50/50 calls etc.
  12. rhugh89

    rhugh89 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus Staff Member Admin

    Aug 12, 2012
    Round 1 according to the DT

  13. mozza

    mozza Game on broheim

    Nov 24, 2007
    How many of the worst timeslot will we get? I’m predicting 9 out of 24 games.
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  14. Joel

    Joel Touche...

    Sep 27, 2010
    Sydney, NSW
    Each time I see it's a 6pm timeslot.

    They're making it damn near impossible for Sydney fans to go to home games.. oh well.
    Wobbles likes this.
  15. josh2010

    josh2010 Up The Knights!!!!! Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 14, 2009
    the worst possible time slot for me :(
  16. mozza

    mozza Game on broheim

    Nov 24, 2007
    It’s the NRL’s MO. Treating the best fans in the game like sh*t. Greenturd and co can EAD.
  17. Kurriboy

    Kurriboy Mark Hughes

    Aug 24, 2016
    The only way to escape these timeslots is to become a team worthy of a prime time slot, or to refuse to turn up to Friday 6pm games and boycott them.
  18. Knightsobsessed

    Knightsobsessed George Mann

    Feb 22, 2018
    Birmingham Gardens
    They know Newcastle fans will show up anyway
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  19. Wobbles

    Wobbles Brett Kimmorley

    Jun 27, 2017
    Yeah, despite the plethora of crappy timeslots we still had more fans through the turnstiles week in week out than almost every other club.

    Give us a more attendance-friendly draw (Saturday @ 5:30) and Sunday arvo we'll average mid 20k's
    Tasgirl likes this.
  20. alexwilliams

    alexwilliams Michael Hagan

    Mar 25, 2009
    Wood machinist
    Central Coast

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