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    2021 Season

    Penrith: what the Knights used to be...kicking opposition arses in a sold out stadium...those were the days lads, those were the days.
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    good knight 🥱 5 rounds in and you can put this season to bed😴
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    me too, after all it is only the gold coast...
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    Knights should win this one. If they don't then this season's shot to bits.
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    2021 Season

    i've never seen the talent pool so shallow, and the NRL wants to expand? shoulda done it 5 years ago...
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    Australia v India

    wow just lost a series to what is basically Indias' second 11...commence the bloodletting. new captain. new coach. new gear steward.
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    Remember that random player?

    Sione Tovo 6 runs 56 metres 16 tackles 1 missed tackle how 'bout these guys for one -gamers: Jason Temu, Kurt Hancock, Gavin Quinn, Daniel Quinn (played for the Northern Eagles too but who really cares? :giggle:)
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    Knights sign Sauaso Sue

    ahem, we haven't gotten to where we are as a club today by " learning lessons " :lol: i do welcome Sauaso though and hope he gives 'em hell out there :newcastle:
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    The Hayne plane

    i thought he was pretty much banned from Newcastle or something...
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    Remember that random player?

    remember when Hages bought Tim Maddison back?...
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    Tyson Frizell

    hope we haven't signed a spent force...:eek: did nothing all origin series...:(
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    Players who signed for us that did nothing the import thread

    mika, wicks, lulia, wes naiqama, ciraldo are a few that spring to mind...
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    REAL NRL: Newcastle Local Competition

    happy happy joy-joy happy happy joy-joy:cheer::cheer::cheer::applause::applause::applause::):):)
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    REAL NRL: Newcastle Local Competition

    Cessnock, now look at me, i want you to focus, please for the love of god, please win another grand final...repeat after me "we will win this one today"...:D
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    **** a duck...what a blitz from melbourne...everyone was saying how they'll play through the middle, Cam Smith etc etc but they just ripped 'em apart on the edges instead...raiders heads must have been spinning wondering what the hell was going on...
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    Let's be honest its time for our team for 2021!

    need kick-*** halves another good back-rower and a harder edge, tough gritty non-flashy and unfashionable but guys that will work the house down for the full 80... Randall and Jones for more games next year...
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    Newcastle Knights V South Sydney Rabbitohs - 4.05 PM

    i could tolerate this team more if they weren't so highly paid...if they were a bargain basement side that punched above its' weight then i would probably adore them...the battling teams of old with their primitive facilities showed more heart and soul than the overpriced, overpaid "superstars"...
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    On this day in 2001

    loved it...remember not bothering taking a jacket as i felt that cheering would keep me warm...near lost my voice on the first try...parra couldn't be beat, oh yeah? well just you ****en watch this! what a team we had, choc-full of rep players...eels never stood a chance! :lol::applause::newcastle:
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    23 years ago today

    absolute voice left but still yelling at the top of my lungs...not in shock or even surprise as i knew, just knew the Knights, those ****in' mighty glorious magnificent Newcastle Knights were going to win that one. :newcastle: