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    Rumour: Paul McShane from Castleford

    His a 29 year old hooker thats played 120 plus super league games.
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    Your three best moments of 2018

    Thought since the season is done forvus in 2018 we could look back at moments that still bring a smile to our face. For me the 3 best moments were 1 Ponga length of the field try VS the Titans. 2 when everything looked gone Buhrers cross field kick to SKD to score in the corner and win us the...
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    Tim Glasby announces his retirement

    Rumor is Glasby is the next target for us, not sure if its a mid season transfer plan or for 2019. Tbh im not that fussed on him.
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    Rumour: Knights interested in John Bateman

    Supposedly the knights are keen on Bateman, I personally think his a hot head that will get pumped in the nrl.
  5. 8 tpa fund

    How many members do we have on here? @rhugh89 @Jekk @jamesgould Would it be possible to start a go fund me type thing for the club to entice a certain player with a tpa provided by us the fans? Say we paid $25 each a yr and 4000 members tipped in thats 100k in tpa a yr for the club to use...
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    Knights selected in Rep Teams

    Young Stoney has been picked in the junior Kangaroos side! What a rise this kid has had in 2yrs!
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    Jake Mamo

    A man-of-the-match performance on his Super League debut by Australian Jake Mamo was not enough to prevent Huddersfield crashing to a 29-22 home defeat by Catalans Dragons. The pony-tailed 22-year-old former Newcastle Knights fullback, who arrived in the country with a broken ankle, scored a...
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    Akuila Uate

    Uate re-finds killer form Tue 04 Apr, 2017, 6:45am By Andrew Bryan, Deputy Editor‌‌, ‌‌‌ Akuila Uate's career was at a crossroad midway through last season, out of form and out of favour at Newcastle. It looked a sad demise for the one-time crowd favourite and all-time leading try...
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    Nathan Davis

    Seems Nathan Davies is wanting out of the Titans and a move back closer to Sydney. A big centre at 192cm 105kg with power speed and skill. Only 21yrs old with plenty to offer imo. Thoughts?
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    Cowboys, love 'me or loath 'em, this is your time to shine

    Thought the site could do with a thread dedicated to topics not 100% involving the knights or current threads on the forum. Imo we are all league fans first knights fans second so this could be a place to talk of other things around the game. @mods Any issues with this?
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    2016 Squad players to let go before pre-season 2017

    Alright Man and Woman ( no sexism here ) lols Out of our current 34 player squad including 2nd tier players. Whom would you say fair well and good luck to?? Mine would be Mc Manus - retire Uate - purely cause of the 500k Pat mat - just dont think his good enough for nrl Chanel mat - unlucky...
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    Michael Gorden

    I brought this up already but cant find it!!! He is an ultra professional with planty of class at the back. The club would be mad not to chase him with whatever they can, As most of you would know... a good full back can and does tighten up the front line which is something we need very very...
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    Nathan Peats

    The Eels are looking to offload Peats atm, He is a gun hooker imo! Really good middle man for line speed and controlling the ruck. Something we need in dump truck loads. Thoughts? Preferably without the crap.
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    Knight wooden spoon

    Ladies and Gentlemen our club has dodged a bullet, Thank you Parramatta!! Wonder if we could sign a couple of there forwards? The Eels need to cut 570k from there cap from this yrs roster.
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    James Tamou

    Whats everyones thoughts on this big unit?? Id love him at our club... only 27 awith plenty of footy in him!
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    Rumour: Greg Bird to the Knights

    Hi guys, Whats everyones thoughts of the knights chasing Birdy?? He is a local boy and plays tough for long minutes! Could be our foward leader we desperately need.