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Jun 6, 2019
Oct 6, 2010
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Chris Houston

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Jun 6, 2019
    1. Degenerate
      Just sent a couple more tracks.
    2. Degenerate
      Just sent 2 tracks now. Wasnt sure what kind of feel you were after so sent one of my crews more popular heavyish track (Chamber) and one of my solo tracks (TKO) Ive got a few more in the pipeline
    3. Degenerate
      Cool boss I'll send you some tracks and some animation pics in png format so you can see how Ive done it. Ive been trying to explain in a pm how I done animations but it keeps coming out really confusing so Ive been deleting them. Maybe a PNG file will work better for you.
    4. Degenerate
      Yeah boss I got it. Do you have an email account? I'll send you some of my material that way if its cool with you?
    5. Degenerate
      Hey mate I'll PM you tonight with the steps I did for the animations if youre still keen. My bad on taking so long. Ive had a bit of production work to do so have been tied up in that for a while. still got a bit to do but have a little spare time now as can be seen cause I been doing sigs/avatars to try and unwind lol
    6. Levil Kinevil
      Levil Kinevil
      Overalls would be awesome.
    7. Levil Kinevil
      Levil Kinevil
      Any chance when your done that i can get my players stats if possible? So i can set my team up right
    8. Levil Kinevil
      Levil Kinevil
      About the simming. Players like Kurtley Beale and Quade Cooper arent in the game. What do you do about that?
    9. NF_47
      hey mate, when are you going to start the simming?
    10. Joshhh
      Yep sorry, im heaps busy lately, havent been able to get around to replying to all pms, ill have a good look at ur offer tonite. :)
    11. NF_47
      alright thanks, just been packing and **** because we are moving is all. Moving out to the Central/Mid West NSW.
    12. NF_47
      Yeah i have, I will get to it, just havent had as much time as i would like lately. I will get to it haha, maybe tonight? :)
    13. Penrithfan
      Are you announcing? Or do you want me to?
    14. NF_47
      your up in the draft again man
    15. NoHayneNoGain
      your a good kid
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