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  • Sammy! Any chance of some avatars? On the Knights facebook page there are some photoshoot shots we could use and through their albums.
    Hello there im not really one to send messages im not sure how this works but how are you ? :)
    thanks sammyyy, btw im not a tolar or dureau hater, was just critical sometimes of them like everyone else in the team haha, some people just go over the top with that crap and put it in every thread though.

    Good work on getting to be a mod and keep it up! :)
    Now you get to punish all the Tolar haters! :)

    I only get to moderate General Rugby League, just feel lucky being able to contribute to such a great place like this!
    Hey, just wondering but have you done my banner thingy, i am not in a rush for it, i'm just curious.

    Hey, what a terrible game.

    I don't see us beating the Broncos or any other team this year.

    When your done with the photos i told you about, could you PM me when your done.

    Cheers! :)
    thats be great. thanks. no hurry, just when you got time.
    i want one with whatever pics of keith lulia and cooper vuna with a saying ''HUGS?'' on it. lol.
    I know it seems odd. one time i was dared to hug keith n i did. so we muck around and ask him. i ask cooper vuna and he laughs in my funny.

    yeah i am happy we got away win :D
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