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Dec 4, 2011
Nov 2, 2008
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Adam Muir, from Sydney

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Dec 4, 2011
    1. newcastle_fan_4eva
      hey man, how you going?
    2. knight-no-7
      approved a few pix that were waiting approval in ur albums.
    3. Gidleys-my-knight08
      hey, haha me to, i think i lost it just in the amount of water leaving my body.
      where abouts were you standing?
      yeah i got a few actually that were alright, i think i banged a few people in the head cause i was jumping and had my camera lol.
      if you've got facebook or myspace add me cause ive got a few up on both of them more so on facebook.

      and aww really, that suckss heaps.did you have any good pictures before you lost it?
    4. Newcastle Forever
      Newcastle Forever
      4 and a half hours!? don't you only live in sydney?

      and thats a bit of a joke tbh, you should try contacting AK or james and get you taken off it. i don't think your posts are bad at all...
    5. Ms.Nobody
      I will take you off now, please just watch your posts. No short msn/text type talking. Keep it on this page or on msn.
    6. Newcastle Forever
      Newcastle Forever
      that's good to hear, keep up the good work

      im doin pretty good, and u?

      yeah im goin to the round 26 game with my dad, i can't wait. r u?


      ps. do you know why i have to approve your visitor messages :S
    7. Gidleys-my-knight08
      Hey! it was f**king amazing!! where you in the mosh?
      I was soo so sweaty during the rejects performance haha.
      you have fun?
    8. Newcastle Forever
      Newcastle Forever
      Where have you been lately mate?
    9. Gidleys-my-knight08
      nah im not sure, soz.
      aw sweet thats heaps good :) haha yeah leagues way better!
      nah we lost 2-0, our keeper who we had backing up let in the easiest goals :(
      but i got player of the match :) so that was alright lol.
      Oh really, is superralex still going?
    10. newcastle_fan_4eva
      Hey there.

      Yeah, I'm not too bad. A bit down but meh. How are you?
    11. Gidleys-my-knight08
      Yeah it was good :)
      alirght, cool :) its not gunna be on for like 2 months, & we dont know which one exactly but ill let you know around about when it will be on.
      Me too, school sucks aye. Aw really, did you try out?
      woo :) i think my mums driving then dropping my friends & i if not catching the train, wbu?
      & yeah i do its add me :) im not on much though.
    12. Gidleys-my-knight08
      lol, my face wasn't looking very attractive, as usual haha.
      & it was pretty cool, we walked like 10 mins, to "Summer Bay" then there's like the beach with the surf club & we got milkshakes there haha, then you just walk over to the bay part which is like 2 min walk from the beach. & the wharf & stuff is there, they filmed a fair bit there when we went, the diner is up above "the boat shed" which is a restaurant place, we ate there, but your not aloud up to the diner.
      & we might be in one episode :)
      but they have extras which im guessing they've hired as actors that walk through the scenes & sit around other wise your not aloud in the shot but you can watch it, but we were sitting there then the lady said we can be in it, we just have to turn around & stuff, so that was pretty cool :)
      & yess, 23 days from today i think :)
      My day was boring as usual, hating being back at school lol, how was yours?
    13. Gidleys-my-knight08
      lol, um we went for a day last tuesday, just caught the ferry from ettalong to palm beach takes like half hour to get there. Then we did the same today :)
      but it was better Tuesday because better people were filming & it was warmer weather haha.
      & i know 25 days :D im so excited! lol
    14. Theknightsrule7
      Well always next time...not quite sure whats happening for me on friday night but looks like some family involved or something.
    15. Theknightsrule7
      Yeah I did...were u there?
    16. Ms.Nobody
      Your posts at the moment aren't up to standard, you are not the only one. There are a few on mod. It's just until we see improvement...
    17. newcastle_fan_4eva
      Thanks.. and not all that long
    18. Gidleys-my-knight08
      yeah we won 3-0 :)
      we had all the possesion so i was bored as hell (im a back) lol.
      how was your w/e?
      umm cooked strawberry pancakes, they were quite yuckk lol & chocolate browniess.
      aww, do you have to go to phsyio & stuff before you start training again?
      um we are in the front standing part :) closestt to tyson ritter :P haha
    19. newcastle_fan_4eva

      my first ever sig haha.. and what is a wand? i tried using it but don't know how.
    20. Gidleys-my-knight08
      lol aww dangg.
      yeah actually my day was pretty good, cooked twice & the other 3 periods were pretty funny lol, just got back from soccer training.
      how was yours?
      & ohk sweet, do you know if your in the first section on second for the standing?
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