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    Qld announcement re 'hard' border closures - impact on NRL?

    You could move the whole NRL here to WA. Safest place in the country and all. And it'd give me an opportunity to go to Knights games..! ;) Problem is, V'landys might think it's spreading the game and promoting it in non-heartland areas, and he doesn't like that.
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    Vintage Newcastle Knights Jerseys

    I regretted not buying that 1996 World Sevens jersey. It was $80 at the time, but I wasn't yet 15yrs old so that was a lot of money for me at the time!
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    New logo 2020

    I'm not one for tattoos, however should I ever get one, a Newcastle Knights one, I'd personally go with the original logo. It will always be the original, the first. Any that have come since will have had their time, have replaced an older logo and then been replaced, but the original will...
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    New logo 2020

    This is what I'd have done with the new logo. All blue and red, and given the choice, I'd have had 'NEWCASTLE' there instead of 'KNIGHTS'. That's it. I don't even mind the backwards/forwards facing emblem, and I don't mind the three vertical strokes in the visor (one for each decade, perhaps?).
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    New logo 2020

    Personally, I don't mind it. I'm not convinced 'looking forward' is better than the defiant looking-to-the-left (and it will take a LONG time to get used to it facing the other way after 32yrs!), but I suppose if they needed to update the logo, a mere changing of the visor and font wasn't really...
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    New logo 2020 What's everyone's thoughts on the new logo?
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    2017 Harold Matts and SG Ball

    The Knights SG Ball kids played well. It was 40° here in Perth today, which -having played a few 9's games later in the day- I can attest to it being rather uncomfortable playing!! The big unit in the centres (Ofa somethingorother ... I don't have my programme here next to me at the moment)...
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    Knights Henny Penny 80's Jersey Help

    It looks legit from the time of which it represents. It's made by Peerless, which is a very strong indication. The Henny Penny retro jersey (which did exist for a time as I have one) was made by Classic and has the Classic retro football logo on it in place of the Peerless logo above the NSWRL...
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    Marathon Stadium Member Achievements and Milestones

    Wow. 7yrs? Time flies..! Thanks rhugh89.
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    World Cup to expand in 2021

    This is awesome to read. I have connections with España (Spanish) Rugby League, and keep a close eye on their progress in both their rapidly growing national comp and their national team, and as much as I'd love for them to be in the 2017 RLWC, I don't believe they're ready yet. However, if...
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    Wayne Bennett appointed coach of England

    Someone just posted this in my FB feed.
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    Wayne Bennett appointed coach of England

    Wow, he's just whoring himself out to anyone these days, eh? Will we see him contemplating coaching NSW one day soon too then? I understand his worldly point of view in that international footy is at it's best when the opposition are strong, but where is the loyalty? I, like I'd say most of us...
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    Perth to host October Test match

    It's been in the works for several years, this Perth test. We nearly had it a few years ago, but the WA Government fart-arsed about for too long, so the ARL gave it to Townsville that year instead. This 2016 test has been nearly green-lighted for a while now too. It will sell out for sure (it's...
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    New funding deal

    Makes sense. Outside of Sydney, the Hunter is the largest populated area in NSW.
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    2016 Newcastle Knights Jersey

    I don't recall reading that one anywhere (not saying you didn't or that it's not true ... I'm just saying I've not heard that one before!). In regards to the red and blue colour choosing, and that Brisbane wanted them, that story appears in the old Knights book called 'Our Town Our Team: The...