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    your team v Canberra

    I think its time to give crossland an extended run in the 7.
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    Jake Clifford

    A good last tackle option = fresher D.
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    Toohey's News

    That is fine as long as we went paying them 400-500k each.
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    Anthony Milford

    I'd take Brodie croft on a 6 month deal.
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    Josh McGuire

    I really wish we would target 18-22 year Olds. I'm not excited by the talent coming through our reserve grade team at all.
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    Your team v Dragons

    I'd nearly give Barnett and Jsaf a week off to recover from niggles etc. Give Jones a run.
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    I made a league. Feel free to join.
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    2021 signing rumours

    I've had enough watching Pearce, Mann, Watson, etc.. wish we could throw some money around and end up with: 1. Ponga 2. Young 3. Schooup 4. Best 5. Lee 6. Shuster/hynes 7. Clifford 13. Magoullias
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    Josh Schuster.

    Speaking of Foran. Between his salary and DCE not sure manly will have much coin for back up halves. Imo we should look at Shuster and cust at 5/8. 2023 1. Ponga 6. Shuster/cust 7. Clifford 13. Watson 14. Hoy
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    Toohey's News

    By the sounds of how they are stacking that left side (ponga, frizell, best, Lee), I'd say tuala won't be touching the ball a whole lot lol
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    Josh Addo-Carr

    I think its value for the dogs though. $500k each for Burton, Flanagan and JAC. By the end of those contracts I wouldn't be surprised to see some halves worth 1.5 mil.
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    2021 signing rumours

    I wouldn’t mind seeing nick Meaney back at the club on a cheap deal if he is unwanted at the dogs. I guess 7. Clifford 6. Ponga when Pearce retires.
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    Toohey's News

    I’m starting to like having depth. If Edrick lee etc decide they need their pay doubled after a game of origin it can be a lot easier to say no if we’ve got talent there. Even in negotiations with Saifiti, Klemmer etc it helps if we have other talent there.
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    Let's be honest its time for our team for 2021!

    Its sort of weird I’ve got the feeling some of our backs... Ponga, best, Tuala etc are our future and could be here in 5 years. Even though they are still young - I don’t really get the same feeling with our young hooker/half/utilities Brailey, Watson, Mann, Crossland, etc