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    2015 NRL Jerseys

    Broncos 9s: basically the same as home. Yellow replaced white on the collar and cuffs. Rabbitohs 9s: green, red and white hoops. Roosters 9s: navy blue and white hoops with red outlines. Like our away jersey from 2000-02 but flipped on its side. Dragons 9s: again, just a sneak peek, but has a...
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    2015 Newcastle Knights Jerseys

    I like the red collar. It reminds me of the original jersey collar. Now we have an exclusively red and blue home jersey (obviously barring logos, sponsors, numbers).
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    How much are you wanting for the red one? If you've still got it.
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    Knights Merchandise

    If anyone has a 1996 Sevens jersey they'd be willing to offload, shoot me a message. I'm desperate for one!
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    FIRST LOOK: 2014 Knights Away Jersey

    I like the jersey, and I like the idea of using a previous design. But I would prefer the 2000-02 away jersey to make a comeback if we were to use an old one. And I would absolutely love the 2001-04 home design to be used as a heritage jersey!
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    FIRST LOOK: 2014 Knights Away Jersey

    This one could be a 9s jersey I suppose, and the current away jersey will remain the same.
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    New Marathon Stadium Logo

    I'm a fan of the current logo, so that's my vote.
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    2014 NSW Cup Thread

    I read an article about the admission of a PNG side into the QLD Cup, and at the bottom of the article it said that it has been confirmed that the winners of the Queensland Cup will play against the winners of the NSW Cup in a 'National Championship' game on Grand Final day. I've called for this...
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    Confirmed: Knights sign Jacob Gagai for 3 years

    He's only 17, so it's not a huge issue for at least a couple of years.
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    Round 21 - Knights v Raiders @ Canberra Stadium

    Go out to the bus after the game. They sign autographs, get photos and all that.
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    NRL Xtra

    One thing that made me laugh last night was when they were talking about the Rivalry Round was when Matt Johns jokingly said "..and of course there's the fierce rivalry between the Titans and the Raiders." Canberra so often seems to be making up the numbers in these sort of rounds.
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    Knights unveil 2012 Jerseys

    Have we got an Indigenous jersey again this year?
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    REAL NRL: Newcastle Local Competition

    Newcastle won the Country Championships, beating Canberra 42-24 at Seiffert Oval.
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    MSKOTW vs Wests

    3- Boyd 2- Tahu 1- Snowden
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    REAL NRL: Newcastle Local Competition

    Newcastle have made the final of the AAMI CRL Senior Championships, set to play Canberra next Saturday. The Final of the AAMI CRL Senior Championships will take place at Seiffert Oval, Queanbeyan on Saturday 30th June. Tier 2 final (winner of Group 11 V Group 3 and winner of Group 7 V Group 20)...