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  • Yeah I did, I met Christopher Lloyd and Verne Troyer, AKA Mini Me in Austin Powers. I had the best time ever. I even went to the Artists Alley and had a drawing of Twilight Sparkle from MLP Friendship Is Magic in a Newcastle Knights jersey. I know MLP is a big Girly but there were adult Males and Females dressed up as MLP characters there. It's weird that adult watch that show too.

    Looks cute doesn't it?
    Oh really where abouts? I didn't hear you. Was an awesome game and atmosphere.
    hi Jekk are you a mod for this forum if so can you please send me a pass word for the footy vault thank you
    Yes, it's on tele sometimes, we hav pay TV so get to see all the games, flew over to Melb for Rd 26 this season, we lost
    Haha, make sure you turn her into the biggest knights fan on the planet or I'll be disappointed :p
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