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  • I don't have a copy of that one myself, although I would love to see it! The only place I know that you can get it from is this website: but because it's not already in their catalogue it would cost you $60. It might be worth it though!!! Let me know if you go ahead, coz if you do then I'll be able to order it for $30 haha. I did pay $60 for one game on there, Newcastle vs the Dragons from 1999, when Albert scores a last minute try to win.
    hey dude nah i havent gotten any PMs in ages

    wat a **** performance last night
    hey matty um yeah fox sports does a special on every nrl club in the off season knights was filmed before xmas it just shows them training and talks to some of the players and coaches about how the team is progresssing and what there doing differently def worth a watch, ill check out your dvd list because i would love to do some trading asap (what dvds did you get off nuke and moony??)

    also i noticed your post was deleted in a thread about players under investigation i was just wondering even if they are just rumours at this stage would you be able to pm me the names of the players??)
    Hey, what was the Knights Summertime Special DVD that you had?? And when the season kicks off keep me updated on your list of games throughout the year.

    Cheers, (You probably might wanna post your games on the DVD & VHS Trading Forum List's, so then everyone can see it).

    I'll be posting my list up once i get some games off a guy called Nuke, i had some arrive earlier off a guy called Moony also. (If you wish to trade with me sometime throughout the year Personal Message me). (PM). Cheers. :)
    hey dude yep ill do it the sarvo sorry i havent logged in, in a while ive just been reading not commenting on the site cause i havent had alot of time.

    off the top of my head i know ive got the 97 gf, an i know ive got 2002 game were joey played prob his best game to beat the roosters and ive got about 7 or so other matches from 09, as far as this season goes ill be recording every knoghts game but no othe team unless someone really wants it an the right offer is made lol
    Hello FJ182, Could you please put a list up of all your games you have on DVD or recorded? If that's not a problem of course. Just once i get some from Nuke.

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