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  • Hey Brentus, saw over at ozcardtrader that you're doing a table at the Newie show! Pretty impressive ... ever get into the NRL cards at all?

    They are a bit rubbish I gotta admit ... I have almost been put off the whole hobby. I'm not into NBA but my bro is, and when I see some of the autos and patches he gets, jeez!!! Whole different ball game.
    Hey mate, in your question about the draft. Everyone has to pick 25 players but you cant pick the same player as anyone else. There is a draft picking order that is randomized every round so everyone the order is fair.

    The idea of this draft is to see if u can get the best team.
    Welcome to the forum! :D

    I read your post in the 2010 draft thread mate if you would like me to explain it to you private message me :).
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