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    Aug 12, 2012
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    Aug 24, 2016
    Did they get much news coverage? Probably didn't get much as the media is still frothing at the mouth trying to spin that match fixing no charges laid in to a new controversy for the start of the world cup.
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    Apr 16, 2008
    There was a back page story on the SMH that was a massive beat up about players cheating death because a few of them got altitude sickness - implying that if they didn't have oxygen on hand half the 1997 side would have died from dizziness.
    It did publisise mark hughes foundation.
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    Aug 12, 2012
    Rugby League world mourns death of cancer sufferer Matt Callander

    PHIL ROTHFIELD, The Daily Telegraph
    12 minutes ago

    THE rugby league world is mourning the death today of Matt Callander after a long struggle with brain cancer.

    Callander, the former Channel 9 boss of NRL, was the man behind the Beanies for Brain Cancer round this year which raised almost $2 million.

    He was the son of racing legend Kenny Callander.

    The 46-year-old won the admiration of players, fans and all involved in rugby league for his brave fight to beat the hideous disease over the last two years.

    Callander, a father of four, underwent several rounds of surgery as he courageously and publicly fought the disease while setting up the Beanies for Brain Cancer events in round 11.

    “Whatever happens we have raised the awareness of brain cancer and the need for more research,” Callander told The Daily Telegraph earlier this year.

    Callander’s efforts saw half a million beanies sold at NRL matches across round 11 in May, with all funds raised going towards the Mark Hughes Foundation.

    Hughes - himself a big name in league circles from his years with the Knights - established the foundation after he was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013.

    Fox Sports NRL commentator Andrew Voss paid tribute to Callander.

    “Life is so cruel. Rest in peace Matt Callander. Great bloke. Great family. Great mate to so many,” Voss said.

    Nine’s sport director Tom Malone told Wide World of Sports Callander had been an integral part of the television network for 20 years.

    “Matt was a huge influence at Nine in both our NRL coverage and The Footy Show over the past two decades,” Malone said.

    “He was loved by all for his quiet understated approach and his terrific way of dealing with producers, talent, production staff – everyone.”

    Broadcaster Ray Hadley also joined those paying tributes.

    “Matthew bravely fought as hard as anyone could fight,” Hadley said on 2GB this morning.

    “I was fortunate enough to work with Matt Callander at Channel nine for a number of years and we of course supported through the course of the year attempts to raise as much money for research into brain cancer.

    “I guess words are cheap but this was an outstanding man [and] he will be sadly missed by his wife and four children, by his brothers, by his mum and by his dad.”

    Callander is survived by his wife Anne and four children.

    The Footy Show personality Darryl Brohman worked with Callander for years at Nine.

    “Terribly sad news. He fought the fight right to the end. Condolences to the Callander family,” Brohman said.
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    Aug 12, 2012
    MHF and friends return from Everest

    Mon 30th October, 04:42PM

    Reaching Mount Everest Base Camp alongside former nib Newcastle Knights teammates, Mark Hughes couldn’t be any prouder.

    “To get 28 out of the 28 to base camp was a big achievement in itself because it’s not easy once you’re 5,500 metres above sea level,” he recalled.

    “We worked as a team, stuck together and we got up there, but it’s so good to now be home.”

    The Mark Hughes Foundation’s Everest Challenge Team, which included the likes of Paul ‘Chief’ Harragon, Matty Johns, Danny Buderus, Kurt and Matt Gidley and Stephen Crowe, trekked a gruelling 120 kilometres over 14 days to reach Base Camp.

    But Hughes says the biggest achievement of all was the money raised in a bid to help find a cure for brain cancer.

    “Between us we raised about $450,000, which is huge,” commented Hughes.

    “The 28 guys all paid their own way to be over there, and they all raised money through family, friends and businesses so it was a huge achievement.”

    Just a week on his return home to Newcastle following retirement from rugby league, former Knights great Kurt Gidley packed his bags for the trek of a lifetime.

    “It was certainly a different challenge to anything I have ever faced on the field,” stated Gidley.

    “The altitude was certainly tough and I’m not sure what the statistics are around it… but I could guarantee, not everyone makes it.

    Hiking to the world’s biggest mountain, Gidley says it was a sight to behold.

    “Right from the start it reminded me a little bit of Australia with dense bush land,” Gidley described.

    “You are always either uphill or downhill and when you were going downhill, you always knew there was going to be a pretty tough uphill climb to come.

    “It gets colder and colder, the higher in the mountains you get and by the time you get to Base Camp, it feels like you have landed on the moon.

    “It’s a pretty barren place but the scenery was just amazing.”

    Hughes admits the dedication to be able to raise close to their target of $500,000 was unbelievable, not just from those who were doing the fundraising but to those who donated.

    “The support we received was amazing from friends, family, businesses, right across Newcastle and the Hunter and right across NSW,” Hughes explained.

    “Adam MacDougall couldn’t be with us but he donated $100,000 to the cause and that was huge.

    “nib was amazing as well by filming and documenting everything and also giving a lot of support by supplying our gear… so we were lucky to have some great support.”

    The funds raised will go towards the foundation’s brain cancer care nurse and future education.

    “We have a brain cancer care nurse and she does a wonderful job at John Hunter Hospital,” cited Hughes.

    “The other main aim and focus is research, and we have some great things happening… so we’re going to keep improving, adding more researchers, to help find a cure for brain cancer.”

    Gidley applauded Mark for his tireless dedication in continuing to build the foundation.

    “The work he has done with the foundation to get where he is today and the research and money raised for brain cancer, is a great thing,” stated Gidley.

    In a bid to reach their $500,000 target, donations can still be made to the Mark Hughes Foundation HERE.
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  6. EASBay17

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    Jan 27, 2011
    Legends of league tournement was on today. knights are in the final right now. Can view on the NRL facebook page.
  7. Dan_Knights_Supporter

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    Apr 21, 2009
    The Legends of League tournament happened yesterday and was a great occasion for a great charity.
    Some great past legends of the game showing that they still have some great skills.
    I think Andrew Ryan, Willie Mason and Kurt Gidley were the best players of the day, with Danny Buderus also showing some great plays.
    Sadly Newcastle went down to Canterbury in the Grand Final.
    The day was marred by a few fights in the crowd and boozy louts, but a great day in all.
    I thought Kurt Gidley was great, showed he still had something to offer, surprised he didn’t do a year or two for Knights after returning from England.
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  8. mozza

    mozza Game on broheim

    Nov 24, 2007
    Yeah it was a great day. Was really impressed with Daniel Abraham aswell. Had some class touches in attack and was great defensively.

    Who ended up getting player of the tournament?
  9. rhugh89

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    Aug 12, 2012
    Mark Hughes pays tribute after Australia Day Award

    Newcastle Knights
    Tue 30 Jan 2018, 04:34 PM

    To the nib Newcastle Knights, Mark Hughes is a cherished former player, part of the Club’s 1997 and 2001 premiership winning teams, but he has and continues to also work tirelessly for the Hunter community of which he loves.

    His hard work and dedication to finding a cure for brain cancer, as founder of the Mark Hughes Foundation (MHF) established in 2014, was recognised on Australia Day.

    Hughes was awarded Newcastle’s Citizen of the Year for his work in helping the charity to raise more than $5 million for research and a brain cancer nurse at the John Hunter Hospital.

    The former Knights centre, who was diagnosed with the disease in 2013, said he was graciously humbled to receive the award, but acknowledged all the hard-working individuals who helped him along the way.

    “It was something I never expected to receive and I’m accepting it on behalf of a lot of people,” added Hughes.

    “Our very small and hard-working MHF team, who do an amazing job, our volunteers, our supporters who buy a beanie or donate money, they’re the reason why we have received this type of recognition.”

    Nominated by Clint Newton, Danny Buderus and wife Kris Buderus, Hughes admits he was overwhelmed by their kindness and to be recognised amongst a community of over achievers.

    “There are so many great people out there in the community that donate their time, whether it’s school canteen, coaching netball or whether it’s helping a charity,” Hughes maintained.

    “There’s so many people out there doing wonderful things every day so to be singled out amongst all those wonderful people was very nice, but I’m also very aware that there’s loads of people in the community doing great things.”

    But the award won’t see Hughes’ passion to help find a cure for brain cancer stop there; he can’t wait for a big 2018 with the Foundation.

    “We’ve just started to work on our beanie campaign which is going to be Round 12 of the NRL, so we’re really excited about that and we have two great new designs,” smiled Hughes.

    “This year we have put a lot of thought into it and we have certainly ordered a lot more beanies so we’re going to need lots of support.

    “We’ve also got the Evolution Charity Cup coming up for Surfest, where 20 local businesses have got a team of four.

    “We’ve got a team consisting of Billy Peden, Kurt Gidley, Adam Muir all former players, Rob Whitaker and Tim Whitaker a pro surfer, whose part of our team, which we’re grateful he is able to join us.

    “Each team will be raising money for the Foundation and we hope to raise around $100 thousand, so we’re looking forward to that.

    “There’s also a big ball in Newcastle in August every year and that’s another big event on our calendar that we always look forward to as well.”

    Hughes has also praised the Knights for their partnership with MHF and their endless support for the charity.

    “The Newcastle Knights have been fantastic supporters of the Foundation since day one,” he said.

    “Helping us with so many things and supporting us, so we’re always extremely grateful, and we not only get support from the players but all the wonderful people that work in the office that assist our team in our efforts to fundraise.”
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  10. Still_Nutty

    Still_Nutty Nathan Ross

    Jul 25, 2016
    Great and well deserved accolade for Boozey - a genuinely nice bloke who is tireless in his efforts and the support he garners for such a worthwhile charity.

    I think last year, with the passing of Matt Callander, it really hit home with the league family of how insidious this disease is and the MHF has provided a real rallying point for people to get behind and support efforts to find better treatments and ultimately a cure...I think the whole league community (like those in the cricketing community getting behind the McGrath Foundation) will now be annual supporters of the foundation, which will be great to see.

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