Rugby League Test eligibility rules set for revamp

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    Rugby league Test eligibility rules set for revamp after Semi Radradra’s selection

    May 14, 2016 7:00pm
    The Sunday Telegraph

    TEST football eligibility is set for a major revamp in the wake of Semi Radradra’s selection for Australia in a move which could also allow Anthony Milford to represent Samoa should he not be picked for the Kangaroos.

    Plans are afoot to give international eligibility a facelift, potentially in time for next year’s World Cup, which could allow players to play for developing nations should they not be picked by the likes of Australia, England or New Zealand.

    The decision by the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) came after Radradra opted against playing for his native Fiji, instead turning out for the Kangaroos in their 16-0 win against the Kiwis last Friday under the residency rule.

    Milford’s withdrawal from the Samoan team also created a stir despite being overlooked for the Kangaroos.

    The review will look at lifting the residency rule from three years — which is consistent with other international sports — to at least five years while also exploring ways to allow players who are not picked for top tier nations to play for second-tier teams including Samoa, Fiji, Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, Lebanon and Scotland.

    NSW hooker Robbie Farah is expected to represent Lebanon at the World Cup, with the Tigers rake able to change his nation of preference at the completion of next year’s Origin series.

    While moves are underway to revamp the rules, there is no certainty the changes will be in play before Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea host next year’s World Cup.

    Andrew Hill, secretary of the RLIF, confirmed a review would take place following Tuesday’s board meeting.

    “At the most recent board meeting the RLIF determined to conduct a full review of eligibility guidelines,” Hill said.

    “This review will be led by (chief executive) David Collier and myself.

    We will work with the Rugby League European Federation and the Asia-Pacific Rugby League Confederation.”

    State of Origin eligibility is not part of the review but those rules could also be changed should international eligibility be altered.

    NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg attended his first RLIF meeting with the proposal made to make Greenberg a director.
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    How hard is it to introduce a rule of playing where you are born and enable even match payments.
  3. danknights

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    Where guys are born and their heritage is sometimes different. Hence why it can't be that way. 2 Samoan parents. Child born in aus. Should be eligible for both Samoa and aus in my eyes.
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    "Able to change his nation of preference" hahahah a when was this even a choice? It's not like state of origin where anyone can play for Queensland....

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