2018 NRL Draw

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    Thursday, Mar 8

    Dragons vs. Broncos UOW Jubilee Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Mar 9

    Knights vs. Sea Eagles McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Cowboys vs. Sharks 1300Smiles Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Mar 10

    Tigers vs. Roosters ANZ Stadium (FOX) 4:30pm
    Rabbitohs vs. Warriors Perth Stadium (FOX) 7:00pm
    Bulldogs vs. Storm Perth Stadium (FOX) 9:00pm

    Sunday, Mar 11

    Panthers vs. Eels Panthers Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm
    Titans vs. Raiders CBus Super Stadium (FOX) 6:30pm


    Thursday, Mar 15

    Sharks vs. Dragons Southern Cross Group Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Mar 16

    Roosters vs. Bulldogs Allianz Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Broncos vs. Cowboys Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Mar 17

    Warriors vs. Titans Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Panthers vs. Rabbitohs Panthers Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Storm vs. Tigers AAMI Park (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Mar 18

    Sea Eagles vs. Eels Lottoland (NINE) 4:10pm
    Raiders vs. Knights GIO Stadium (FOX) 6:30pm


    Thursday, Mar 22

    Storm vs. Cowboys AAMI Park (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Mar 23

    Bulldogs vs. Panthers ANZ Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Tigers vs. Broncos Campbelltown Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Mar 24

    Raiders vs. Warriors GIO Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Rabbitohs vs. Sea Eagles ANZ Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Eels vs. Sharks ANZ Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Mar 25

    Titans vs. Dragons Clive Berghofer Stadium, Toowoomba (NINE) 4:10pm
    Roosters vs. Knights Allianz Stadium (FOX) 6:30pm


    Thursday, Mar 29

    Cowboys vs. Panthers 1300Smiles Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Mar 30

    Rabbitohs vs. Bulldogs ANZ Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm
    Sharks vs. Storm Southern Cross Group Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Mar 31

    Roosters vs. Warriors Allianz Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Sea Eagles vs. Raiders Lottoland (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Apr 1

    Dragons vs. Knights WIN Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm
    Broncos vs. Titans Suncorp Stadium (FOX) 6:30pm

    Monday, Apr 2

    Tigers vs. Eels ANZ Stadium (FOX) 4:00pm


    Thursday, Apr 5

    Raiders vs. Bulldogs GIO Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Apr 6

    Sharks vs. Roosters Southern Cross Group Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Dragons vs. Rabbitohs UOW Jubilee Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Apr 7

    Tigers vs. Storm Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Warriors vs. Cowboys Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Knights vs. Broncos McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Apr 8

    Titans vs. Sea Eagles Marley Brown Oval, Gladstone (FOX) 2:00pm
    Eels vs. Panthers ANZ Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, Apr 12

    Roosters vs. Rabbitohs Allianz Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Apr 13

    Storm vs. Knights AAMI Park (FOX) 6:00pm
    Dragons vs. Sharks WIN Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Apr 14

    Warriors vs. Broncos Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Cowboys vs. Bulldogs 1300Smiles Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Raiders vs. Eels GIO Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Apr 15

    Panthers vs. Titans Panthers Stadium (FOX) 2:00pm
    Sea Eagles vs. Tigers Lottoland (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, Apr 19

    Bulldogs vs. Roosters ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Apr 20

    Warriors vs. Dragons Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Broncos vs. Storm Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Apr 21

    Rabbitohs vs. Raiders Central Coast Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Tigers vs. Knights Scully Park, Tamworth (FOX) 5:30pm
    Cowboys vs. Titans 1300Smiles Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Apr 22

    Eels vs. Sea Eagles ANZ Stadium (FOX) 2:00pm
    Sharks vs. Panthers Southern Cross Group Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm


    Wednesday, Apr 25

    Dragons vs. Roosters Allianz Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm
    Storm vs. Warriors AAMI Park (FOX) 7:00pm

    Thursday, Apr 26

    Rabbitohs vs. Broncos ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Apr 27

    Sea Eagles vs. Knights Lottoland (FOX) 6:00pm
    Panthers vs. Bulldogs Panthers Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Apr 28

    Titans vs. Sharks CBus Super Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Cowboys vs. Raiders 1300Smiles Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Apr 29

    Eels vs. Tigers ANZ Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, May 3

    Broncos vs. Bulldogs Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, May 4

    Knights vs. Rabbitohs McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Panthers vs. Cowboys Carrington Park, Bathurst (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, May 5

    Raiders vs. Titans GIO Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Warriors vs. Tigers Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Sharks vs. Eels Southern Cross Group Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, May 6

    Dragons vs. Storm UOW Jubilee Oval (FOX) 2:00pm
    Roosters vs. Sea Eagles Allianz Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, May 10

    Tigers vs. Cowboys Leichhardt Oval (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, May 11

    Knights vs. Panthers McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Bulldogs vs. Eels ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, May 12

    Warriors vs. Roosters Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Storm vs. Titans Suncorp Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Sea Eagles vs. Broncos Suncorp Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, May 13

    Rabbitohs vs. Dragons ANZ Stadium (FOX) 2:00pm
    Raiders vs. Sharks GIO Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, May 17

    Panthers vs. Tigers Panthers Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, May 18

    Eels vs. Warriors ANZ Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Broncos vs. Roosters Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, May 19

    Titans vs. Knights CBus Super Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Cowboys vs. Rabbitohs 1300Smiles Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Storm vs. Sea Eagles AAMI Park (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, May 20

    Dragons vs. Raiders Glen Willow Stadium, Mudgee (FOX) 2:00pm
    Sharks vs. Bulldogs Southern Cross Group Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, May 24

    Broncos vs. Eels Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, May 25

    Raiders vs. Sea Eagles GIO Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Cowboys vs. Storm 1300Smiles Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, May 26

    Roosters vs. Titans Central Coast Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Warriors vs. Rabbitohs Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Panthers vs. Dragons Panthers Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, May 27

    Knights vs. Sharks McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX) 2:00pm
    Tigers vs. Bulldogs ANZ Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, May 31

    Sea Eagles vs. Cowboys Lottoland (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Jun 1

    Rabbitohs vs. Sharks ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Jun 2

    Eels vs. Knights ANZ Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Jun 3

    Roosters vs. Tigers Allianz Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm

    Byes: Broncos, Bulldogs, Dragons, Panthers, Raiders, Storm, Titans, Warriors


    Friday, Jun 8

    Raiders vs. Panthers GIO Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Titans vs. Rabbitohs CBus Super Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Jun 9

    Sea Eagles vs. Warriors AMI Stadium, Christchurch (FOX) 3:00pm
    Knights vs. Roosters McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Eels vs. Cowboys TIO Stadium, Darwin (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Jun 10

    Sharks vs. Tigers Southern Cross Group Stadium (FOX) 2:00pm
    Storm vs. Broncos AAMI Park (NINE) 4:10pm

    Monday, Jun 11

    Bulldogs vs. Dragons ANZ Stadium (FOX) 4:00pm


    Thursday, Jun 14

    Eels vs. Rabbitohs ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Jun 15

    Cowboys vs. Warriors 1300Smiles Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Roosters vs. Panthers Allianz Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Jun 16

    Bulldogs vs. Titans Belmore Sports Ground (FOX) 3:00pm
    Dragons vs. Sea Eagles WIN Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Sharks vs. Broncos Southern Cross Group Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Jun 17

    Knights vs. Storm McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX) 2:00pm
    Tigers vs. Raiders Campbelltown Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, Jun 28

    Dragons vs. Eels WIN Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Jun 29

    Warriors vs. Sharks Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Roosters vs. Storm Allianz Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Jun 30

    Panthers vs. Sea Eagles Panthers Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Knights vs. Bulldogs McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Broncos vs. Raiders Suncorp Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Jul 1

    Tigers vs. Titans Leichhardt Oval (FOX) 2:00pm
    Rabbitohs vs. Cowboys Barlow Park, Cairns (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, Jul 5

    Storm vs. Dragons AAMI Park (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Jul 6

    Panthers vs. Warriors Panthers Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Jul 7

    Bulldogs vs. Raiders Belmore Sports Ground (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Jul 8

    Titans vs. Broncos CBus Super Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm

    Byes: Cowboys, Eels, Knights, Rabbitohs, Roosters, Sea Eagles, Sharks, Tigers


    Friday, Jul 13

    Panthers vs. Sharks Panthers Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Knights vs. Eels McDonald Jones Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Jul 14

    Bulldogs vs. Rabbitohs ANZ Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Sea Eagles vs. Storm Lottoland (FOX) 5:30pm
    Raiders vs. Cowboys GIO Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Jul 15

    Broncos vs. Warriors Suncorp Stadium (FOX) 2:00pm
    Dragons vs. Tigers UOW Jubilee Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm
    Titans vs. Roosters CBus Super Stadium (FOX) 6:30pm


    Thursday, Jul 19

    Eels vs. Bulldogs ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Jul 20

    Sharks vs. Raiders Southern Cross Group Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Broncos vs. Panthers Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Jul 21

    Knights vs. Titans McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Tigers vs. Rabbitohs ANZ Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Cowboys vs. Dragons 1300Smiles Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Jul 22

    Warriors vs. Storm Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 2:00pm
    Sea Eagles vs. Roosters Lottoland (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, Jul 26

    Broncos vs. Sharks Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Jul 27

    Cowboys vs. Knights 1300Smiles Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Bulldogs vs. Tigers ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Jul 28

    Sea Eagles vs. Panthers Lottoland (FOX) 3:00pm
    Rabbitohs vs. Eels ANZ Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Storm vs. Raiders AAMI Park (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Jul 29

    Titans vs. Warriors CBus Super Stadium (FOX) 2:00pm
    Roosters vs. Dragons Allianz Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, Aug 2

    Bulldogs vs. Broncos ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Aug 3

    Knights vs. Tigers McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Rabbitohs vs. Storm ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Aug 4

    Dragons vs. Warriors WIN Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Eels vs. Titans ANZ Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Roosters vs. Cowboys Allianz Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Aug 5

    Sharks vs. Sea Eagles Southern Cross Group Stadium (FOX) 2:00pm
    Panthers vs. Raiders Panthers Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, Aug 9

    Cowboys vs. Broncos 1300Smiles Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Aug 10

    Warriors vs. Knights Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Rabbitohs vs. Roosters ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Aug 11

    Titans vs. Panthers CBus Super Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Sea Eagles vs. Bulldogs Lottoland (FOX) 5:30pm
    Eels vs. Dragons ANZ Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Aug 12

    Raiders vs. Tigers GIO Stadium (FOX) 2:00pm
    Storm vs. Sharks AAMI Park (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, Aug 16

    Broncos vs. Rabbitohs Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Aug 17

    Sea Eagles vs. Titans Lottoland (FOX) 6:00pm
    Storm vs. Eels AAMI Park (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Aug 18

    Panthers vs. Knights Panthers Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Tigers vs. Dragons Leichhardt Oval (FOX) 5:30pm
    Sharks vs. Cowboys Southern Cross Group Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Aug 19

    Bulldogs vs. Warriors ANZ Stadium (FOX) 2:00pm
    Raiders vs. Roosters GIO Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, Aug 23

    Tigers vs. Sea Eagles Campbelltown Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Aug 24

    Warriors vs. Panthers Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Cowboys vs. Eels 1300Smiles Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Aug 25

    Raiders vs. Rabbitohs GIO Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Titans vs. Storm CBus Super Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Roosters vs. Broncos Allianz Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Aug 26

    Sharks vs. Knights Southern Cross Group Stadium (FOX) 2:00pm
    Dragons vs. Bulldogs UOW Jubilee Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm


    Thursday, Aug 30

    Rabbitohs vs. Tigers ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm

    Friday, Aug 31

    Warriors vs. Raiders Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 6:00pm
    Storm vs. Panthers AAMI Park (NINE) 7:50pm

    Saturday, Sep 1

    Knights vs. Dragons McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX) 3:00pm
    Titans vs. Cowboys CBus Super Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
    Eels vs. Roosters ANZ Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm

    Sunday, Sep 2

    Bulldogs vs. Sharks ANZ Stadium (FOX) 2:00pm
    Broncos vs. Sea Eagles Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 4:10pm
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    member 2299 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus

    Aug 16, 2009
    Nambucca Heads
    Has the full draw been released rather than just this PR stoopidity? Typical of Turdburg all gloss and no substance.
  3. rhugh89

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    Aug 12, 2012
    The draw is typically released in late November / Early December
  4. rhugh89

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    Aug 12, 2012
    2018 NRL Telstra Premiership season schedule

    Thu 19 Oct, 2017, 10:00am
    Media Release, NRL

    The NRL will stage a record number of double headers and regional matches in 2018 as well as more Sunday blockbusters in a new look season schedule.

    There will also be a standalone weekend for State of Origin II, while no club will have more than three 5-day turnarounds as part of a drive to protect player welfare.

    The Premiership will open with a clash between St George Illawarra and Brisbane Broncos at UOW Jubilee Stadium on Thursday, March 8.

    Round One will also feature a Sunday afternoon clash between Penrith Panthers and Parramatta Eels at Panthers Stadium. There will be 28 Sunday matches in Sydney - in 22 of the 25 rounds.

    NRL CEO Todd Greenberg announced the 2018 season would feature:

    • Four double headers – Perth Stadium, Sydney's ANZ Stadium, Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium and Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium;

    • Five matches in regional NSW (Bathurst, Tamworth, Mudgee and two in Gosford), and three in regional Queensland (Gladstone, Cairns and Toowoomba);

    • A more even distribution of free to air matches on Channel Nine. Eleven teams will play in at least 10 matches on free-to-air TV next year – compared with only five teams in 2017;

    • A standalone weekend for a Sunday night State of Origin II, which means only two rounds will be directly affected by State of Origin;

    • The introduction of a Thursday night game in the Easter Round (North Queensland Cowboys against Penrith Panthers). This means games will be played on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday over the Easter break;

    • Some of the game's greats rivalries being played out twice during the season, including: Broncos v Cowboys, Bulldogs v Eels, Rabbitohs v Roosters, Dragons v Sharks and Panthers v Eels;

    • Games staged in every mainland Australia capital as well as both the north and south Islands of New Zealand.

    Mr Greenberg said the NRL had worked with the broadcasters to ensure a new-look draw aimed at benefitting fans, clubs and players.

    "We have more control of the schedule for 2018 and we believe we have been able to deliver some wins for the everyone, but particularly the fans," Mr Greenberg said.

    "There are more blockbusters in family-friendly timeslots.

    "We have introduced a Thursday night match before Good Friday because that's what our supporters told us they want.

    "And there will be at least one Sydney match for fans to attend nearly every Sunday during the season.

    "We have also worked with the clubs to ensure that their requested priority match-ups were delivered.

    "Additionally, for the first time the NRL will stage four double headers in one season – across two countries, as well as matches in seven different locations across regional NSW and Queensland.

    "Having more control of the draw has allowed us to not only release the schedule earlier, but it has also allowed us to analyse the structure of the draw in greater detail.

    "It has also allowed more equity in the broadcast of all 16 teams.

    "I'd like to thank both the broadcasters and the Clubs for ensuring the process has resulted in a great draw for all our key stakeholders."

    Mr Greenberg also said there would be a reduction in five-day turnarounds, while no club would have more than three five-day turnarounds.

    "Two years ago there were 43 five-day turnarounds … next year that will drop to 24," he said. "We would like to thank the RLPA for working closely with us during this process."

    All 25 rounds were announced today at ANZ Stadium, allowing supporters the chance to plan the entire season in advance.

    The Telstra Premiership Finals Series will begin on September 7 and culminate in the Grand Final on September 30.

  5. rhugh89

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    Aug 12, 2012
    First post updated
  6. rhugh89

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    Aug 12, 2012
    How tough is your club's 2018 draw?

    Thu 19 Oct, 2017, 10:01am
    By Dominic Brock, Production Editor‌‌, ‌‌‌NRL.com

    The Roosters may have the most generous fixture list in 2018, while the Warriors will be tested against the best on the road to the finals according to analysis of next season's NRL Telstra Premiership draw.

    Determining which clubs have a "hard" or "easy" draw is a complicated question – travel, time between matches and State of Origin scheduling are all factors – but a simple way to look at the difficulty of each team's draw is by looking at their opponents.

    A 25-round competition with one bye means each club plays nine other teams twice and six teams just once, so some clubs could be said to have easier draws than others.

    Note that a "tougher" draw isn't necessarily a bad thing – sure it might hurt your chances of sneaking into the finals but if your team can make the top eight they'll arguably be more battle hardened, having already played a lot of matches against strong sides (see North Queensland's surprise run to the grand final after enduring a tough draw in 2017).

    Also, there's an obvious advantage for the better teams when analysing draws like this – because highly-rated teams like the Roosters and Melbourne Storm can't play against themselves.

    That being said, here's how each club's draws rank, toughest to easiest, based on premiership betting for the 2018 season.

    1. Warriors (234 points)
    2. Titans (226)
    =3. Sharks (218)
    =3. Bulldogs (218)
    =3. Wests Tigers (218)
    =6. Sea Eagles (216)
    =6. Knights (216)
    8. Cowboys (208)
    9. Rabbitohs (207)
    10. Broncos (205)
    11. Dragons (202)
    12. Eels (191)
    13. Panthers (190)
    14. Raiders (189)
    15. Storm (180)
    16. Roosters (170)

  7. rhugh89

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    Aug 12, 2012
    Newcastle Knights

    Teams they play twice:

    Sea Eagles, Titans, Roosters, Storm, Eels, Wests Tigers, Panthers, Sharks, Dragons.

    Teams they play once:

    Raiders, Broncos, Bulldogs, Rabbitohs, Cowboys, Warriors.

    Starting point:

    Knights fans have been calling out for more clashes against Manly at McDonald Jones Stadium and they'll get their wish with a Round 1 blockbuster to start.

    Newcastle have been made to travel to Lottoland in six of the last seven clashes between the two sides.

    With eight new signings on board for next season, a traditional rivalry first up shapes as the perfect foil to welcome the new recruits to the Hunter.

    Tough run:

    As revealed by NRL.com last month, the Knights had the fourth toughest draw in 2017 and they'll face another tricky opening to the season with six of their first eight games on the road and three away trips in the final month of the regular season.


    Clashes against the Roosters, Dragons and Bulldogs at home draw strong crowds, while the Old Boys fixture in Round 25 is one not to be missed.

    The Knights will also take on the Wests Tigers at Scully Park in Tamworth for the first time in NRL history in Round 7.

    Origin impact: (Bye: Round 17)

    The Knights will face the Roosters on home soil three days after Origin I, and then meet Melbourne the following week leading into Game Two.

    With the side unlikely to feature too many players in representative football, it should give the Novocastrians a good lift with five straight home games during that middle period of the season as well.

  8. Simon Templar

    Simon Templar Matt White

    Jun 12, 2017
    Project Manager
    Northern Suburbs
    The draw is always a lottery, far too early to say who the improvers are or will be in 2018 just yet.
  9. slotmachine

    slotmachine Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus

    Apr 4, 2011
    Wouldn't be surprised if we have 6 wins or 1 win after 8 rounds.
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  10. mozza

    mozza Game on broheim

    Nov 24, 2007
    9 games in the worst time slot. You'd think the NRL would realise that Wests have taken over and that they can no longer treat us like crap to try and get us relocated.
  11. Still_Nutty

    Still_Nutty Kade Snowden

    Jul 25, 2016
    I must have missed the memo...is the 2018 season only 25 rounds and every team only gets 1 Bye?
  12. Billy

    Billy Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus

    Apr 16, 2008
    Six of our first 8 games away is actually a good thing.
    With so many new players it will take time for the team to form combinations, and they might as well do that in games we don't expect to win anyway.
    And when they do start playing well together, we should get a run of home games that we can win.
  13. member 2299

    member 2299 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus

    Aug 16, 2009
    Nambucca Heads
    Twenty five is right Nutty with each team getting one bye, and eight teams getting a bye in one round, the other eight in a later round.

    We are in the latter with our and seven others getting the bye on the weekend 7/8 July.
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  14. rhugh89

    rhugh89 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Aug 12, 2012


    — They have eight Friday night games with a 6pm kick-off.

    — They have no five-day turnarounds

    — Only have to play the Broncos and Cowboys once.

    — Knights face the Roosters at home three days after Origin I.


    — They play the top four teams from 2017 on seven occasions.

    — They have 14 games against teams who finished in the top eight last season.

    — They face the Roosters, Storm, Panthers, Sharks and Eels twice.

  15. rhugh89

    rhugh89 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Aug 12, 2012
    2018 draw unveiled

    Thu 19th October, 10:05AM

    The 2018 NRL draw has been unveiled, and it’s set to be a thrilling schedule for nib Newcastle Knights fans with The Wests Group at the helm and a stack of new signings locked in.

    It has been confirmed that the Club will open their 2018 season at home against rivals the Manly Sea Eagles, making Round 1 an unmissable game for Knights fans who want to see their new-look team in action for the very first time.

    Old Boys Day will see the red and blues host the St George Illawarra Dragons in Round 25, while the team will also play seven of last year’s top eight clubs at home.

    The Brisbane Broncos come to town at 7.30pm on a Saturday in Round 5, reigning premiers the Melbourne Storm visit at 2pm on a Sunday in Round 15 and the Parramatta Eels play at McDonald Jones Stadium at 7.50pm on a Friday night in Round 18.

    “The Club always welcomes home matches against the stronger sides in the competition,” The Wests Group CEO Philip Gardner said.

    “These matches draw strong attendances, and also provide our developing team with the opportunity to test themselves against the very best.

    “In 2018 we’re really aiming to get as many Members and fans through the gates as possible, and create an engaging game day experience around this draw.

    “Our Members can secure the cheapest reserved seats in the NRL in 2018, so it’s never been more affordable to be a Member from just $12.50 per game.”

    The Knights also travel to Tamworth in an away game against the Wests Tigers in Round 7, which will be a great opportunity for red and blue fans living in northern New South Wales to see their team in action.

    The home schedule features five Saturday games, two Sunday games and five Friday night games.

    “We’re excited about the season ahead, and we’re eager to see how this young team develops over the coming months with plenty of strong signings brought in,” Gardner added.

    “With the draw now finalised, we look forward to sharing 2018 with our Members, fans, corporate partners and sponsors.”

  16. rhugh89

    rhugh89 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Aug 12, 2012
    2018 NRL draw talking points

    Thu 19th October, 04:36PM

    With the 2017 season draw announced on Thursday morning, take a look at some of the features of the schedule for the nib Newcastle Knights.

    Rivalry resumes in Round 1

    It’s an exciting way to start a new season, as the Knights take on old rivals the Manly Sea Eagles at McDonald Jones Stadium in Round 1.

    Scheduled for 6pm on a Friday evening, Members and fans will be treated to their first look at a red and blue side with plenty of fresh recruits.

    With this set to be just the second time Manly have played in Newcastle in the last six years, it’s a must-watch fixture for 2018.

    Get your 2017 Membership HERE to make sure you don’t miss out.

    Six away trips in first eight games

    The Club arguably has one of the more difficult starts to the season, with the three games after Round 1 all away trips.

    The team then returns to McDonald Jones Stadium for just one match against the Brisbane Broncos, before jetting off to Melbourne and then playing the Wests Tigers in Tamworth and Sea Eagles in Sydney.

    It’s a tough opening to the season for a team that will still be looking to build new combinations, but the challenge provides an opportunity for growth.

    For Knights fans living in Sydney it also presents a good opportunity to watch the team early on.

    The Sydney Membership is new to 2018, and provides three tickets to any Knights away games in Sydney.

    Knights head to Tamworth

    With the Wests Tigers taking one of their home matches to Tamworth in Round 7, Knights fans living in northern New South Wales will have a great opportunity to watch the team at Scully Park.

    This will be the first time that Tamworth has hosted a premiership match since the NRL’s inception and will almost be a home match away from home for the red and blues, who enjoy strong support in northern New South Wales.

    Block of five at home

    After a tough start, the Knights will get to enjoy a run of five home games in a row, with the last two separated by a bye.

    The Sydney Roosters, Melbourne Storm, Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, Parramatta Eels and Gold Coast Titans all come to town over the months of June and July.

    This segment of the schedule will also see the Club play three Saturday afternoon matches and one game on Sunday, providing plenty of opportunities for young families to come to the footy.

    Travel time

    The team is set to travel 11,382 kilometres in 2018.

    While that sounds like a lot, the NRL average is 17,106.

    The Knights’ advantage in this area comes from plenty of away matches in Sydney, and just two trips to Queensland.

    But while the Knights won’t be spending so much time north of the border, the team will be hosting a meet-and-greet with Queensland Members.

    Become a Queensland Member to enjoy all the benefits.

  17. Kurriboy

    Kurriboy Clint Newton

    Aug 24, 2016
    Brutal on the fans 6 out of 8 away at the start. Will feel like we are hardly getting out to see the team play. We start the season hardly getting a home game, play 6 home games in a row with a bye, and then hardly play at home to finish. Going to hurt home crowd numbers with a mass of games together.

    For a team that has really struggled to win away the NRL hasn't done us any favors with the start of this draw. Sure, it could mean we get out team to gel a bit in games we don't expect to win, but it could also go a ways to hurting that process with wracking up losses, pressure from media which I think the team will get more of next year. We could appear to just be losing those close matches again like last season.

    Also of note that the majority of the sides up the more difficult end of that comparison are lower ranked teams, and the easier end of the draw is where all the premiership faves are. How does the NRL do the draw, is there some sort of seeding system they employ?
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2017
  18. member 2299

    member 2299 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus

    Aug 16, 2009
    Nambucca Heads
    They cook it old mate, and just look at lucky donkeys draw playingThursday/Friday nights.

    The NRL cater exclusively for the big end of town.
  19. slotmachine

    slotmachine Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus

    Apr 4, 2011
    It's kind of hard for the storm or roosters to have a hard draw because they don't play themselves...

    Just won third consecutive spoon. NRL don't own the club. Not sure why anyone expected any favours.

    In terms of TV ratings we are irrelevant (like the raiders). Don't fall into the Sydney/Brisbane market but get lumped with "regional". As long as 500 000 slack jawed QLDers tune in for every broncos game they will get the best TV slots.
  20. member 2299

    member 2299 Danny 'Bedsy' Buderus

    Aug 16, 2009
    Nambucca Heads
    lol slots spot on.

    Reminds me of going to Sun corp years ago to a SOO game in a Blues jumper. You want racism, bucko, go to Suncorp for a SOO game. I would swear 80% came from Gympie and North!!!!

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